Open Letter to JVP, Weerawansa and Weerasekara 
Posted on January 30th, 2023

By Engr. Kanthar BalanathanDipEE (UK), GradCert (RelEng-Monash), DipBus&Adm (Finance-Massey), C.Eng., MIEE, Former Director of Power Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd, Consulting Electrical Engineers

Please pass this on to the MPs with no ‘O’ level qualifications. An explanation is given in terms of the number of staff and expenses. I am writing this open letter to JVP, Weerawansa and Weerasekara as you two (Weerawansa & Weerasekara) have been noted as the most racial and fanatic (insane) politicians with no background education and intelligence. Weerasekara is a champion in killing and murders in the Navy and you are another racist in SL. I know when you came to Victoria to work out a scheme against Tamils. The system with the PCs and without PCS.

Now let us discuss the pros and cons of PCs. Governance has only two sets of governing in small underdeveloped poor nations like SL. Sri Lanka has no natural resources and people have not yet trained in hi-tech technology. SL has a minimum number of small industries. Even to put up an industry politics plays an important part. Like Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Matale airport and the Hambantota harbour.

For the last few years since independence, SL has been governed by two sets of governance. People when they accumulate money get greedy and avidity for power and more wealth. More Ministries and State Ministers are examples. What do the State ministers do? They have a car, security, a house and money. A proverb: We have lots of Chiefs but no Indians to work”.

Just think:

If you have PCs, SL will have nine PCs. You (Weerasinghe” stated that if Tamils are given PC, then Tamil Eelam will be born. A blood path will occur. How about the seven other PCs? Do you think they will not want a separate country for the Yakkas”?

I have followed the war for the last 37 years. The SL military was a lazy unintelligent fool. Why could not they finish Prabakaran before 1980? It was prolonged for a war. Why is that? The Sinhalese themselves had split groups. How was the LTTE able to get information about Colombo? Now that the war is over SL has been pushed into poverty and bankruptcy. Why do you want to have nine PCs with nine Chief Ministers, 36 Ministers, Secretaries, Cars, Houses for the CM, and the Ministers etc? This will drain the SL coffer, and the dirty politicians will grow with wealth. If you notice Tamils are taking boats.

The action you need to do:

  1. Revoke the 13th amendment of the constitution in another amendment 22 as the President stated. This will be beneficial to SL in lots of monetary value, and the savings can be noted liability for salaries and payments. There shall be no other form of government. This means that we are eliminating the middle section of governance. The country will benefit.
  2. SL has 24 Municipal Councils. Why do not you think of augmenting the powers of the MCs? We do not need to provide police powers, except maybe land powers which the MCs already have to a certain level. The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor can be given certain powers like that of the UK and the USA. If the number is too much, then merge some MCs and reduce the number of MCs. You can work it out. We need not fight among ourselves for this. The Pradeshiya Sabas can be brought under the MCs.
  3. Remove the State Ministers. Appoint Permanent Secretaries to do the functions. Permanent Secretaries are government staff and discipline can be taken against the PS at any time. Carefully think: What do the State ministers do, apart from campaigning for the party? Party politics is not everything for the country. The country should have food and technology for the people to survive.
  4. Open the University of Moratuwa and other leading Universities like Colombo University to international students. Earn some foreign exchange.
  5. Convert Anuradhapura into a city of Digital Technology”. Let foreign bodies come and invest in IT and Computing and Computer manufacturing. Maybe India is the first case. Sri Lankans are leading IT specialists overseas. Both in hardware and Software. We do not need Lotus tower and Port Cities.
  6. Give up racism, please. How long are you going to play racial politics at the expense of the country’s growth?
  7. Tamils shall learn a lesson: For the last 75 years, what have they achieved? Nothing but cheating Tamils. Made Tamils take boats. Sambanthar and the politicians are quite rich.
  8. If they want to enjoy power, then they should join the governing party and get a couple of portfolios. Quite obviously Tamils will be better ministers than Mervin Silva and some goons at present.
  9. Think about what type of investment will give growth.
  10. Do you know the Central Bank issued Rs 95 billion notes on the 18th of January 2023 and 120 billion on the 25th of January 2023? This may lead to another form of indirect privatisation.
  11. Please move a resolution to revoke the 13th amendment forthwith.
  12. Seriously postpone the local government elections and review the powers to be invested in the MCs. Review the local government governance. We already have local government governance. Do not need new things.
  13. Someone files a case to postpone the local government elections in the high court. No one can blame anyone.
  14. Just think and analyse the wasteful expenditure because of the PCs and state ministers.

Comrades: This island was ruled and developed by great kings

King Pandukabhaya; The first king established Anuradhapura as the capital. , King Devanampiya Tissa/King Dutugamunu / Parakramabahu /King Vala gamba /King Mahasen / King Dhatusena/ DS Senanayake / Dudley Senanayake.

Let us not leave the country to go to animals and become bankrupt and people leave the country. Please give a hand to President RW and build this nation. Let us be patriotic and truly contribute to building this nation. JVP: You have a responsibility to protect this nation. Let us not believe and support behind doors to the people who plundered this country through bribery and corruption. Please do not trust the Rajapaksas.

There shall be NO Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka. Two levels of governance are adequate.

29th January 2023

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