Posted on April 23rd, 2023


It is reported that the Indian population will be surpassed a high volume than China in mid-year of 2023, this estimation has done based on the estimation of the UN, which is a broader and more realistic estimation considering people currently living in India and China, however, Indian and Chinese population may change if it adds Indian and Chinese (ethnic) people living in other countries. For example, Sri Lankan people, Sinhala and Tamil are ethnically considered Indian, surrounding countries Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh are included as ethnic Indians, and many Malays and Indonesians are ethnically included as Chinese.  It is not a race, but a truth about the ethnic identity of the world population that could be considered as Chinese and Indian origin. This further shows that Indians and Chinese are the major ethnic groups that make the highest contribution to the world population and development.  Despite this truth, the poorest people in the world are believed to be a combination of Indians and Chinese ethnic people.  Out of the contribution of Indian and Chinese, many Western people have achieved good economic outcomes and the Western people so far have not expressed a voice to give justice to Indian and Chinese people

The vital point concerning the population statistics is both the Indian and Chinese communities have not been given adequate economic comfort except the insults of classifying these people either as Indians or Chinese and making remarks based on ethnic origin. Is it justifiable animadvert Despite these true statistics, some countries in the modern world suffer without an adequate population for development purposes? This deficiency should be fulfilled by the Chinese and Indians. However, the population policy of many countries that suffer without adequate population for development activities would not be willing to fulfil the population gap between ethnic Indians and Chinese based on racist attitudes why UN disregard this situation?

In addition to the above points, it needs to consider what kind of actions should be taken and help to give justice to these two ethnic groups rather than insulting them by mentioning the ethnic base of Indians and Chinese. Justice considers justice to everybody without discrimination, but it is observable that when there is reported a breaking law by a person included in either ethnic group is highlighted by public media what do these media people expect from such a highlight?

The symbol of hardworking ethnic identity is Chinese and Indians and the world needs to open a debate about what kind of policy action should be taken to give justice to Indian and Chinese ethnic groups. This does not mean that the law-breaking of the people included in two ethnic groups should be ignored, the law is the law that should be equally applied to everyone, but people need to get away from the bias application.

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