American Public Schools: Indoctrinating children with LGBTQ : Prevent it coming to Sri Lanka
Posted on April 26th, 2023

Shenali D Waduge

Sex education in public schools: Sexualization of children & LGBT indoctrination” by Cathy Ruse needs to be read by all to understand what parents are up against. It’s a far more dangerous agenda than groups of LGBTQ or their paid activists appearing in public & appealing for rights & drawing attention to discriminations. How can their way of life” be imposed by force on kindergarten children upwards? Is this not a violation of the child’s rights? How can parents be omitted from deciding fate of their children’s education? Is this not a violation of parents rights? How can LGBTQ primarily due to those that fund their movement, pressure governments & schools to impose their way of life curricula on innocent children? What stops the same template from being imposed on Sri Lanka. The first hurdles being removed are the calls to decriminalize LGBTQ, repeal Penal Code 365, 365A and 399 as well as kickstart the school program by introducing gender neutral/gender equality textbooks (all funded by obviously the same parties)

Cathy Ruse has taken examples of schools across US & the sex-education being indoctrinated to American children via well funded international groups aiming to ‘sexualize children’. This is the new norm. Who decides what is appropriate for the children? Foreign funding lobbies, schools pressurized by funding lobbies, govts pressurized by funding lobbies or parents?

Cathy Ruse says studies reveal school sex education is a failure.

Well-paid campaign is to teach LGBTQ history – courtesy of Southern Poverty Law Centre under campaign Teaching Tolerance”.

All public schools in California, New Jersey & Illinois are legally required to teach children LGBTQ history. Teachers are trained to put a queer” spin to every event that has occurred in US history.

US Courts are providing no relief to parents:

US Courts allow legal abortion for teens & schools are promoting such in school lessons even without informing parents. There are even organizations set up to provide even lawyers for free (who is funding such initiatives)

Health impact (physical & mental) to Children

PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis is a prescription drug taken daily to reduce risk of contracting HIV,given initially to men having unprotected anal sex with multiple/anonymous sex partners. PrEP is called a ‘party drug’ by Michael Weinstein the founder & director of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

PrEP is being promoted by school boards. Fairfax County school board voted to promote this daily sex drug to high schoolers though it was not legal for minors.

Schools are being pressurized by well-funded pressure groups like Human Rights Campaign & GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) and demanding policy changes.

The situation has gone to such extreme levels that Mary Hasson & Theresa Farnan have written a well researched book Get Out Now: Why you should pull your child from public schools before its too late” – but where can parents put their children & why are these campaigns targeting public schools?

In 2020 – Human Rights Campaign gave grants to LGBTQ advocates in Sri Lanka,

The damage to children

The minds of children has been indoctrinated to embrace LGBTQ form of sexuality. This is what those funding LGBTQ movement want & are funding schools to teach.

New LGBTQ vocabulary is being forced down people & the education system. 

sex assigned at birth” is the transgender activist language to support view that one can change one’s sex. That a male-bodied person can have a female brain. Psychologists are also been paid to push this view & influencing the minds of innocent patients coming to them for advice. Some have even undergone sex change surgery as a result & face a lifetime of regret.

Thankfully the American College of Pediatricians calls this psychological child abuse. However, when entities like Planned Parenthood are part of the problem, who can parents trust with their children. It is definitely alarming news to parents.

This was how funding turned the gay movement & transgender into a ‘new normal’ in public schools & to society at large.

It is not the LGBTQ that are being bullied or being subject to psychological torture but straight children who are being forced to study subjects that aim to confuse their young minds & indoctrinate them into becoming what they are not simply by tweaking their brains & flooding them with LGBTQ material. Forcing LGBTQ on children who are not LGBTQ is a human right violation.

You should now be able to understand how children have been incrementally programmed towards sexuality. The American ordinary citizens are just as victims as the rest of us.

Clearly, a global program is in place to target children & teens & lure them to becoming LGBTQ by impressing upon their vulnerable minds to question their sexual orientation & encouraging them to explore sexuality by sexualizing them with porn and psychological reconditioning techniques & statements like I used to think but now I know”. A well-calculated psychological game is being played on preyed children/teens.

Sri Lanka is in an envious situation – we must look at the situation as a result of allowing a carte blanche to the international-politicized LGBTQ movement & strengthen the laws to protect Sri Lanka’s citizens in particular the children, not weaken them.

Shenali D Waduge

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