Posted on April 26th, 2023

Shenali D Waduge

The LGBTQ movement are welcome to live as gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals or even transgender but when they attempt to fiddle with the sexuality of children, we must all rise & object. The LGBTQ movement exists due to funding & support that comes from a handful of people who serve to benefit by turning people into LGBTQ. It is for this purpose that US became the launchpad to roll out LGBTQ via public school syllabus. The domino effect of this was to have clueless kids identify themselves as gender disoriented and agree to seek medication & move on to sex change, becoming patients for life. Is it a surprise that those that fund LGBTQ promotion have stakes in big pharma & profit from changing children from boys to girls & girls to boys!

This globally-promoted new agenda has multiple goals in mind

  • Remove the womanhood in females / Remove the manhood in males
  • Discourage heterosexual marriage & birth (depopulation agenda)
  • Break the concept of traditional family. Distance children from parents (this process begins by drilling into minds of little children to question their birth sex & lure them to think they are the opposite sex, infest their minds with sex & even teach them techniques – behavior questioned by parents are next used to demonize parents in the minds of the child & subtly distance them from their parents & home, where they become prey & lose their childhood altogether) – the LGBTQ school curriculums that advance these objectives will shock all.
  • Break the concept of shyness/embarrassment – allowing boys to use girls bathrooms simply because a boy says he feels like a girl!
  • Destroy traditional values, religious beliefs & create a new generation of youth who have no attachments to family, culture, history, religion or even nation (a nation with citizens not interested to defend & protect the nation is left vulnerable to the enemy)
  • Teaching sexuality to children before their minds are ready will have lasting effect on the child. No child is the same & many children are likely to be subconsciously traumatized by the type of teachings imparted especially when schools are told to keep these secret from parents. (undermining the rights of the parents & even child) Why should normal children be subject to learning LGBTQ concepts. LGBTQ are funding Teachers to create the ailment & pave way for the medications too. How did LGBTQ curriculum become the Bible of global studies when schools should be teaching love for animals, warning about narcotics & other vices. Just because LGBTQ comes with heavy funding & propaganda can normal children be made victims?
  • LGBTQ movement tapping psychologists are manipulating the child (via books, drawings, LGBTQ fairytales etc), molding them into accepting what the movement & the brains behind the movement want.
  • The movement is full of contradictions but decked up in fancy language – Winsconsin ‘equity, diversity, inclusion’ teacher training advises to keep parents in the dark about their children. parents are not entitled to know their kid’s identities”.
  • This dangerous trend in denying parental rights is being allowed simply because of the power of funding & funded activists & pressure groups who are paid to carry out propaganda in support of LGBTQ.
  • Having initially promoting men to become gays & women to become lesbians & thereafter encourage bisexual relations, the next stage is the transgender movement. The program behind this is to create boys wanting to be girls & girls wanting to be boys. They’ve even come up with a new word for it – gender dysphoria. This is the latest medical new kid on the block & enough & more doctors are happy to declare girls/boys gender dysphoric & kick start medication. Biologically, this can never happen. Transgenders are increasing, but not naturally. Transgenders are increasing after indoctrination inside schools.
  • Children below 18 prescribed PrEP (a drug given to male-male sex to prevent HIV) side-effects include osteoporosis
  • Stage 1: Children put on puberty-blockers to suppress puberty. For girls it can be given as early as 8years old & boys at 10 years. Males taking puberty blockers will stop/limit facial & body hair, deepening voice & growth of Adam’s apple, broadening shoulders, growth of testes & erectile tissue (penis) – removing the manhood from a boy. In US, males wanting to be females are more than females wanting to be males. This has a major long term impact on procreation. Girls taking puberty blockers will stop/limit breast tissue development, broadening hips, monthly bleeding – removing the womanhood from a girl. Puberty blockers for both males & females will stop/limit growth in height, development of sex drive, accumulation of calcium in bones, fertility. In 2008 the Endocrine Society approved puberty blockers for transgender adolescents as young as 12 years old. (Is it a surprise that the Society receives funding from billionaires promoting LGBTQ global movement)
  • Stage 2: Children diagnosed as gender dysphoric” being put on hormone therapy – leads to fertility & long term physical & psychological health problems.
  • Stage 3: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health said hormones could be started at age 14 (2022) Currently over 3000 doctors, social scientists & others are involved in this sex change project. Gender affirmation surgery is the last step in the medical transition & is irreversible as your genitals have been removed.
  • Children are not given time to develop, school curriculum kept secret from parents encouraging children to change sex & then put on puberty blockers with risk to bones, or put on sex hormones naturally produce mental distress in children bordering suicide (which is credited to bullying by the LGBTQ lobbyists instead of considering the physical distress the child maybe going through having to keep changes secret from parents) but quickly encouraged to undergo transgender surgery having 24×7 being drilled LGBTQ propaganda only. How reliable are the data? These internationally renowned agencies too are given grants & funds by the very promoters of LGBTQ & leaves much to our imagination about its findings!

While adult men & women can decide to be gays or homosexuals or bisexuals or even transgender, this concept cannot be put into minds of children via school syllabus, where teachers are being trained to hide indoctrination programs from parents. This is a violation of the child’s rights as well as parents rights & this is what we find fault with the LGBTQ movement & all of its supporters in particular the bogus child rights activists who are unashamedly promoting LGBTQ in Sri Lanka.

Shenali D Waduge

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