An expression of  a suffering Sri Lankan
Posted on May 30th, 2023

Lankaweb Poetry Corner by Sunil Kumar

In the shadows of my weary soul,

 A haunting presence takes its toll.

A weight upon my fragile heart,

 As sadness weaves its sublime art.

Like an Autumn’s fading light,

emotions dimmed and veiled from sight.

 A somber melody softly plays,

as tears now dance in silent haze.

A tempest brews within my core,

unveiling scars of pain once more.

The echoes of a broken dream,

 reside within this saddened stream.

Each tear that falls upon my cheek,

 a language only sadness speaks.

Through desolate nights, I search for light, but darkness reigns with all its might.

Yet in the depths of sorrow’s hold,

a glimmer of hope begins to unfold.

 For in the tapestry of my despair,

 I find the strength to still repair.

Sadness, though a heavy weight,

 can guide me to a brighter fate.

For through its veil, I learn to grow,

to cherish joys that freely flow.

So let this sadness be my guide,

to depths of self I cannot hide.

navigating seas of pain,

 I’ll find solace and peace again.

For in the ebb and flow of tears,

 lie  seeds of growth for future years.

With courage as my steadfast guide,

 I’ll rise above sadness, side by side.

And though the darkness may hold sway,

 I’ll find the strength to face each day.

For within  depths of my own soul,

I’ll overcome, once more be whole.

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