What Happens to drugs seized?
Posted on May 31st, 2023

By Dr Tilak S. Fernando

The Central Postal Exchange Division officers of Sri Lanka seized parcels addressed to Borelesgamuwa, Wellawatte, Minuwangoda and Thalamgama areas sent from the United States and Canada. A person came to collect the packages. When the customs officials inspected them in front of the person who came to collect the parcels in the presence of the Police Narcotics Bureau on May 16, these parcels contained Kush”, and the person was handed over to the police for further investigation. ‘Kush’ is a new drug in Sri Lanka, as Ice” is quite dangerous and is the ‘popular’ drug that speedily spreads among schoolchildren and adults.

On another occasion, a man and a woman were arrested with 1.65 kgs of Kerala Ganja” in their possession. According to the Police, the 33-year-old woman was a resident of Magazine Road, Borella, Colombo 8, and the 41-year-old was a resident of the Division of the ‘T Wattha’ area. The raid had been conducted on a tip-off to the Officer in charge of the Colombo South Narcotics Division. Information about the drugs was received from a female.  The suspects were arrested from the Borella from the ‘T Wattha’ area, and the 1.65 kg of ‘Kerala Ganja’ were seized from the man’s house.

The investigation further into the drugs stated that the drugs (seized) belonged to a different group of people engaged in large-scale trafficking of Kerala Ganja. The man and woman had been involved in trafficking ‘ICE’ before and were released on bail. This time they were involved with Kerala Ganja. The drugs were wrapped in individual 500 kg packs.

Minister Tiran Alles

The Minister addressed the media and revealed that, according to intelligence reports, there was a threat to his life. The eradication of the Minister’s life came from the underworld. Everyone should support Minister Tiran Alles by removing political bias because drug abuse has been outrageous, and murders occur for the slightest reasons. It is reported that, on average, five killings were happening in this country, primarily related to drugs.

If the Minister wants to end drug offences, he must first find out the connection between big fish or Drug Lords, who dabble for money and do not care a damn about human life! The ex-President Maithripala Sirisena was seen on television, with men in Khaki uniforms, placing stocks of drugs into the fire. These days we are unable to see such things on TV.

Critics say the Police produce samples to court, and only God knows what happens to the rest! If the critic’s theories are accurate, some rotten eggs in the police force circulate these excess drugs back to the drug loads and peddlers. It shows the fate of what is happening in the present climate! Do they recycle them back to drug peddlers and drug Lords? If so, it is disgusting as the younger generation is in peril.

Murders Galore.

Presently, the majority of murders are carried out by motorcyclists wearing helmets. The police are typically responsible for maintaining public order and safety. The police must uphold the law and prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activities. Critics version it is not a healthy sign and ask if there is any truth behind such an accusation. There is imminent danger to the younger danger to the younger generation in the future.

Opponents say that some politicians are involved in drug operations. If this is accurate, drug-busting operations should go simultaneously, as the rotten eggs in the Police Force should be recognised and sacked as the whole of the Police force’s name would be tarnished.

The police may face severe odds in fighting to encounter dangerous criminals. Unlike in the past, committing murder has no fear of the police anymore, and freely available sophisticated guns and pistols are added to increasing crimes.

The widespread killings are committed by motorcyclists wearing full-faced helmets to evade identification and not to be easily recognisable by CCTV cameras. At the same time, the police force should not enter into politics similar to international influences. At present, some politicisation infests the police force. In this connection, Minister Tiran Alles has already confirmed what he means by removing some of the Police Officers (OICs) appointed by political influence. Similarly, the writer agrees with Public Security Minister Tiran Alles to fight against drug peddlers, gangs and criminals.


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