Why Finland? The Happiest Country in the World! 
Posted on September 10th, 2023

Prof. Hudson McLean

Despite the difficult language, and drastic severe winter freezing weather, Sri Lankans in Finland, as Students or Workers enjoy a decent life.

Finland Needs Nurses – Care Workers – IT staff!

Finland was voted six (6) times – The Happiest Country in the World.

Honest – From the President to Average Citizen!

Education is 100% FREE to citizens.

Safe – Hardly any crime.

Healthcare – One of the Best in the World.

Húnger – No Citizen complains of Hunger.

Homeless – No homelessness.

Beggars – No Beggars.

Tax – Every worker pays Tax at Source.

Here are the main reasons.

                        Global Index

Happiest – Uncorrupted – Democracies

Top 5 Happiest Countries in the World for 2023





5.The Netherlands

Corruption Index Top 5 Uncorrupted Countries

90  Denmark         1

87  Finland            2

87New Zealand     2

84 Norway             4

83 Singapore          5

Top 5 Countries by Quality of Democracy

1:       Denmark               0.958

2:       Norway                 0.956

3:       Finland                  0.946

4:      Sweden                  0.946

5:       Germany               0.944

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