Ali Sabry’s Photo with son at UN fuels nepotism outcry
Posted on September 22nd, 2023

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

A picture of Foreign Minister Ali Sabry with his son at an event on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly has sparked criticism with people questioning as to why such privileges are offered to the relatives of politicians.

The picture posted on X formerly known as Twitter is doing the rounds on social media with public questioning as to why Sabry’s son is part of the official delegation that has travelled to the UN in New York.

Earlier, the government was taken to task by curious citizens as to why five non-ministerial MPs from the ruling party and the opposition were included in the presidential entourage headed to the UN in New York.

Nepotism, cutting across the political divide, is rampant in Sri Lanka. It has become customary, if not expected, for the leaders to give such joy rides to their close aides.   Currently, even key diplomatic postings are held by non-career diplomats or politicians’ children denying the chance for the gifted Sri Lankans to scale up the ladder.

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