You raising the flag of the banned notorious terrorist organization LTTE in Brampton
Posted on December 5th, 2023

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

4 December 2023

Hon. Patrick Brown
The Mayor of the City of Brampton

Dear Mayor Patrick Brown:

I have just read the concerned letter by the President of  the Sri Lanka Canada Association of Markham (SLCAM), Jaliya Wickremarachchi, on your Tin-God-of-Brampton stunt, “Raising the flag of a banned terrorist organization – The Liberation Tiger of Eelam (LTTE), of November 29th, 2023″.

Wow! Patrick, that letter proves positive, of my identifying You as “Patryk Broun, you are a foolish Tamil Tiger Clown.” of many moons ago, when You and Paul Calandra lambasted the  Sri Lankan Government for not giving you visas to enter Sri Lanka to visit the Tamil refugee camps up north of Sri Lanka, after the Tamil Tigers buttocks were kicked and were annihilated on 19 May 2009,

they who started the Tamil Separatist  Eelam War. which lasted 30-bloodying years  I asked you two in a letter “Patrick and Paul, who the hell are you to demand visas, when the Canadian Government had refused entry visas to Canada to several Sri Lankan parliamentarians.  Some were Cabinet Ministers”   Remember?

That letter from Jaliya gives me another opportunity to regurgitate my challenge to you of many moons ago for a Public Debate on your love-ins with Tamil Tiger terrorists’..

My sweeteners for you to accept my challenge still stands with slight modifications

1.  That I am prepared to pay you a debating fee of Cdn$500 from my wallet  But this time I will up it         with an extra dollar making the debating fee $501.00;

2.  If you felt that the fee was not adequate, I told you that I would send a hat around the audience to        collect  the additional fee and you can have every cent that was dropped into the hat;

3.  That at the end of the debate, I will give you the privilege and luxury to let every Council Member of yours who gave you a thumbs-up for your foolishness that I don’t trust, stand 30 feet away from me to pelt me with rotten tomatoes and eggs for 20 seconds.   But I will need to wear a helmet in case there will be  sneaky lapidary-granite eggs thrown at me;

4.  I will let you be sandwiched by two Tamil separatist-activists,  now preferably Vijay Thanigasalam and Rathika Sitsabaiesan as prompter’s and I will stand on my own facing you;    

5.  You can have the moderator of the debate of your choice;

6.  And I will be at your venue of your choice for the Public Debate, preferably the City of Brampton       Council chambers with festoons of singing- Jaffna cowbells and whistles.

Well, Patrick, are you going to accept my challenge?  Come on, show me that you are a true lover of Tamil separatism, and I will try to blow that persona of yours asunder. and that you are the “Patryk Broun and a Tamil Tiger Clown,”  as Asoka thinks you are.  And that you know sweet-bugger-all about the 12% Tamils who were the privileged minority for 131 years of colonial rule, compared to the 75%  of the Sinhalese wronged majority for 131 years of colonial rule, and that you are a Canadian political Humbug of the first order, swinging-high and swinging-low like strings of Masala-Wade from a Jaffna-Tamil Kanji-boutique along the Main Street of Valvettithurai, Your Tamil Tiger terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s hometown..

Let me make you feel good to accept my challenge and that you are at a strong handicap as I am no political debater like You. I am just a simple Geologist, Palaeontologist and Museologist,, who is still romancing his Mother Lanka who nurtured me for the first 19 formative years of my life,  and on a Mission, that no one, and that includes Patrick Brown who wants to hurt her. by silking and spinning the words of lying separatist Tamils in Canada.

Come on Patrick.   Take me on!  It’s OK  if you want to intimidate me by wanting to meet me with symbols of a  Bare bodied Snow-Tiger, with a Janai string tied diagonally across your bare upper-torso, three horizontal Tripundra stripes of Ponds talcum powder across your forehead and the Hindu crimson sandalwood paste moon between your eyebrows, Go ahead as nothing intimidates me.  

Make Yourself comfortable, even if you wish to  arrive  for the Public Debate walking with a plate of Tamil-rice, spooning it into your mouth wanting to insinuate

“I am the Tamil Tiger’s clown

 Patrick  Brown

 eating  Tamil curry in a hurry,

I am the White Snow-Tiger from Barrie.”

Go ahead.   But let’s get on with the Public Debate.


Asoka (Weerasinghe), Mr.

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