Open Letter to Hon David Milliband, MP Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.
Posted on May 7th, 2009

Ben Silva UK

Dear Mr Miliband,

Transparent double standards and hypocrisy


 Please visit USA and ask for an immediate ceasefire in Afghanistan and Iraq, to stop civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, now reaching record high levels, in excess of 1.2 million..



Many have been tortured in Iraq and subjected to sexual and physical abuse. I am sure you are well aware that USA bombed Iraq to terrorise Iraqis.


Any collateral damage in Sri Lanka is negligible, due to the Zero Civilian Casualty policy of GOSL.


Media reports indicate that  air strikes ,by USA, have killed civilians
Ref: Just like you tried to give a life line to the worlds deadliest terror group, please try and save the innocent civilians in Afghanistan by asking for an immediate ceasefire in Iraq and Afghanistan. At lease you will be saving civilians rather than the terrorists you tried to save, which is an immoral act.


If you do not ask for a ceasefire in Iraq and Afghanistan, your double standard, hypocrisy   and appeasement of terrorists  will be so transparent and visible to the world. Shame on you, that you cannot distinguish between a terrorist (LTTE) and the victim Sri Lanka who are struggling for survival.

There are 100 million Tamils in the world and only 14 million voiceless Sinhalese.

The blundering home office officials favoured Tamils, same as in the old colonial days, discriminated against the Sinhalese and gave 3000000  of them residency status. These bogus refugees are now demonstrating in UK showing their strength. The bogus refugees had a key role in funding the terrorist organisation, and UK should be held responsible, as it turned a blind eye.


Please visit USA and ask for an immediate ceasefire in Afghanistan and Iraq. “”…”It is well known that the British treat the LTTE sympathisers “ƒ”¹…”more equal’ than most of the other communities on her soil. This is most unfair and it is racial discrimination.


Please refer to to get an insight into the weapons purchasing  of  LTTE.

Also please watch  to get some idea of reality.



Shame that you cannot see the empire building mission of Tamils. Please have some values, morality and Principles.


Yours sincerely,


Ben Silva

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