About Time Sri Lanka Knew Who Were Behind the LTTE!
Posted on May 23rd, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Now that the LTTE Terrorists Leadership are no more and the North East is cleared of vermin and squatters, the GoSL should now publish all information acquired from the captured, defected LTTE, including Colonel Karuna.

The most important for the ciizens of Sri Lanka to know who were behind the military capability, training, supply, and other sources both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Which countries supplied military training?
Which countries supplied weapons, technical know-how to build submarines, assemble aircraft, train pilots, logistics etc?
How did the LTTE Terrorists get to other countries, by-passing Sri Lankan immigration?
Which countries facilitated immigration & emigration without entering into the territory legally?

There should be a Name & Shame campaign and wherever necessary legal action against these supporters of criminals should be taken.  Supporters of LTTE are criminals by default and by association.

It is very likely, there are moles sitting in the Sri Lankan Parliament today, who supplied information and very likely were compensated by the LTTE Terrorists.

Similarly, it will be interesting to publish the exact roles of officials, Lawmakers, and citizens of Norway, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, USA , India, Israel, who supported the terrorist activity in Sri Lanka.

Colonel Karuna might have a wealth of information since he was right next to Velupillai Prabhakaran.  And there are others now under SLDF custody who might volunteer to give valuable information.

Although by now GoSL might have a clear picture, the citizens who suffered and sacrificed their blood, have a right to know.

This is part of the healing process which the GoSL should declare with immediate effect.

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3 Responses to “About Time Sri Lanka Knew Who Were Behind the LTTE!”

  1. sensir Says:

    There are people who have been wholeheartedly behind this great victory apart from direct GoSL raising voices against the terrorist menace that plagued our motherland for three decades. It may have been otherwise difficult for brave forces to accomplish what they have achieved singlehandedly. In this regard the writer, under the name of Prof. McLean (and the likes), did a fantastic job bringing in credit for GoSL with credible arguments in his works in brief with information also often filled with humour.

    While taking this opportunity to congratulate and thank the President of SL and his dedicated team for achieving such a remarkable victory with so much of courage, due appreciations should not stop reaching those who worked hard with their voices from behind the actual theatre. Contributions of this nature have also been supporting-pillars of strengths for valiant soldiers in doing the job they engaged. Everybody will agree with the fact that it helped show what our beautiful country means not only ourselves but to the rest of the world. Now the time of no-fear is dawned it opens a platform for us to work honestly and selflessly to create a new culture (A NEW socio-economic & relationships) that every person in the world will be proud to witness.

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Professor Hudson McLean, I am offended by you including Israel as a country that helped LTTE! It was Israel who sold the Kaifr jet and Dovra attack boat very many years ago. They helped to set up the military intelegence unit. Then under late Lalith Athulathmudali. When no one sold military equipment to Sri Lanka, only Israel and Pakistan came to help out. Who wants to implecate Israel, sorry to say it is the Catholic church in Austarila.

  3. k k Says:

    Well said Proff!!
    kit athul ,
    may be u were too young to know that Israel traind Ltte on one side and GOSL armd focers on the other side, but it was not for any other the reson, It was just a business deal for them! Thats all. I belive all countries do things to take care of them selves.

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