Calls For Caution Towards Presidential Safety Very Justifiable as The Dangers To His Safety Could Be Very Real!
Posted on August 24th, 2009

Insight By Sunil Kumar

August 25th 2009
There seem to be a spate of opinions about the adverse effects that will prevail on the Nation by the unthinkable displacement through violent means of President Rajapaksha so much so that it probably needs to be put into proper perspective.Hopefully it is the brainchild of paranoia but as the saying goes “better safe than sorry!”

While it is also fair to assume that there seems to be an apparent lowering of Presidential guard in the aftermath of the victory over the Tamil Tiger terrorists this does not coincide with the nature of the man himself who is an astute disciplinarian, takes strong lessons from the past relative to the violent means by which many of his predecessors met their end and surely knows how to conduct his affairs in public with extreme caution and the maximum security available to him and there really should be no doomsday predictions necessary towards his personal safety if all the measures set in place to safeguard him became fully operative to the fullest capacity if they already haven’t! However,to reiterate better safe than sorry is definitely the punch line here towards the posterity of Sri Lanka where this President above all others has all the qualities of someone who will lead from the front and guide Sri Lanka further into the 21st century now that the LTTE are no more.

 While there must be much credibility in the reports of a female suicide bomber lurking around Colombo,where it has been reported that a bomb was found buried in the ground where the President attended a rally and a ‘Sinhala ‘ individual is said to have been arrested for plotting to kill the President there also needs to be wisdom relating to  prudence applicable by all concerned with Presidential safety towards preventing any mass hysteria and paranoia that such reports could create within the Nation and the exercising of confidentiality relative to such reports could be a viable consideration towards maintaining calm in the Nation where there can be no more fallout through backlashes and violence the releasing of such information to the public could result in.

 That these are very trying times in Sri Lanka is putting it mildly where great caution needs to be exercised as the road ahead seemd laden with perils where the caution factor seems imperative and exactly what the messages of warning seem to be trying to convey!

 However to suggest (quoting a recent item )  that ” As the saying goes, they need to be lucky only once and chances are that they will be lucky soon unless the President takes his security seriously.” is somewhat of an overkill (stamping out any pun) while perhaps providing ladders to the harbingers of evil but considering the extent to which Presidential security is fortified the phrase “they who will be lucky ” perhaps inapplicable as long as the President does not indiscriminately and recklessly venture out into public places for at least a period of time when the all clear sounds that the terrorist element as well as any lurking subversives have been dealt with in their entirety.

A objective the Armed Forces and Law enforcement agencies within the land have now made a top priority! Even after this great caution needs to be exercised in the best interests of Presidential safety as this is one President all Sri lankan’s need to guard with their very lives for such is his value in the greatest service he has rendered to all Lankans namely ridding the Nation of the Tamil Tigers!

There is also the latest report of suicide bomber material and weaponry which have been uncovered in an area where trhe President’s brother and top Defence Advisor was intending to visit where the timely discovery is probably fortuitous towards a worst case scenario being avoided although in this instance too it has been expert surveillance, defence intelligence and the efficiencies of the Security Staff that has played the major role towards the discovery and as long as this kind of momentum is maintained without a break and accurate to the minutest detail the subversives and enemies of the State will surely have no means towards their objectives and consequently be crushed!

 The pressure to eliminate them insamuch as was exercised towards the same task relative to the LTTE has to be a foremost priority where Sri Lanka can ill afford any lapses in security for which there could be a heavy price to pay and what the advisories towards presidential and high dignitaries’ safety measures are emphasizing need to be taken seriously without permitting any paranoia to set in!

 Something of any concern towards Presidential and National safety if made an issue is all this talk about the powers of Lieut Gen.Sarath Fonseka being deliberately weakened through Presidential resolve and being circulated throughout the Nation as well as globally and something which needs to be viewed objectively towards rescinding by the status quo if there is even a semblance of truth to it as it has to be remembered that it was this person almost singlehandedly who eventually demised the LTTE with obvious assistance from the rest of the Armed Forces but his strategy which prevailed overall. It is deserving of a lifelong contract to his office without reservation!!!

Any ursurpance of the Lieut. General’s powers could be a weakening of the guard and could be viewed by the Nation’s enemies who would welcome such a move towards their objectives whether Eelam or any other means of overwhelming the Nation towards their objectives and with dire reprisals for Sri Lanka!

In conclusion it has to be said that the global hue and cry over the need to discontinue and disperse indiscriminately the Internationally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camps needs contestation as ludicrous where they have been established as a breeding ground for elements who are hell bent on recussitating the LTTE and that there are possibly at least 10,000 such miserable albeit Nation Harmful individuals and these too could pose a very serious threat to Presidential as well as National Security if they are not isolated and dealt with according to the law and consequently it seems all systems go that the measures to safeguard the President entails a high degree of priority as called for where no stone can remain unturned towards

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