Posted on October 30th, 2009

By Walter Jayawardhana

A NDTV television broadcast said 78 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers , who are determined to reach Australia on board an Australian cargo ship have refused to step on Indonesian soil and adamantly refused to do anything else than going to Australia.

In the ship the Tamils, who are mostly Tamil rebels fleeing away from the Sri Lankan authorities have refused medicines and refused to allow any identity checks by the Indonesian authorities.

The people were rescued by an Australian ship when they were heading towards Australia about 10 days ago.

Indonesian authorities said they are now working to find a place for the Tamil asylum seekers . At a local detention center there is no room for them , they said.

Asylum seekers coming by seafaring vessels have become a political problem for Australia.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said detention and processing them in Indonesia will prevent more coming to Australia risking their lives.

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