Dilemma of the Boat People and Mighty Australian Prime Minister Mr.Rudd!
Posted on November 6th, 2009

Vajeeragnana Warnakulasuriya, Melbourne Australia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Honorable Mr. Stephen Smith
Federal Government of Australia 

 Dear Mr. Smith,

 Dilemma of the Boat People and Mighty Australian Prime Minister Mr.Rudd!

Non of these people left Sri Lankan shores to set sail to Australia, it is now abundantly clear that they have been living in Malaysia and Indonesia for some time and they seized the moment to sail to Australia with concocted stories of harassment, genocide, killing etc as plausible stories for the countries in the West to believe.

The bearded Tamil, who said he picked up his American accent while working at a call centre, refused to reveal his full name, saying he feared that if he identified himself, his family in Sri Lanka, would be targeted. But according to Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry, he is Kulaendrarajah Sanjeev, a 28-year-old people-smuggler who worked out of a base in India & wanted in Canada. The other people smuggler Abraham Lauhenaspessy, known as “Captain Bram”, is also on this boat. So this is a well-organized boat trip.

 Unfortunately Mr.Rudd’s attempt to arrest the arrival of the boat people has misfired and now he is left with no choice, but to give residency to the entire lot. Knowing the weakness of the Australian administrators, they have now issued the government an ultimatum; we are staying aboard come what may.  Excellent choise, which in fact a sailing three star Resort as Mt. Joe Hocking MP said.

 Eventually they will be brought to Christmas Islands or some Australian shores. Why is that? because of the threats! Or else we shall fast unto death, or commit suicide! So when they are brought to an Australian jurisdiction, how is the assessment going to be, lets take the only scenario, Okay only you, you and you are eligible as refugees, the rest has to go back to Sri Lanka! Will they accept that, it is an emphatically NO!

 Now the Australian HEARTS will bleed in the country, Mr.Rudd who appears to be the smartest of them all Prime Ministers thus far, cannot afford to be the first one term Prime minister on this issue, while Mr.Howard kept a record being in the office for the longest period.

 What will be the solution then? in the absence of ordering them to go back to wherever you came from is the Hobson’s choice? Absorb the lot to Australia!

 This attitude of the boat people is the result of the coaching by their counterparts who live in these countries that make even the coarse hearts to bleed. The West has now become compassionate having shed their barbaric past, so much so they have become gullible to believe blatant lies of unsuspecting “respected“ LTTE Tamil supporters in the West. This is so obvious due to the fact that even with glaring evidence of these lies been exposed by their own making; the gullible West is prepared to embrace them with over flowing milk of human kindness. If they are prepared to believe these stories, it is nothing but sensible to get down the entire IDPs totaling 160,000 now, let alone the 68 awaiting in Oceanic Viking in Indonesian waters.  

The options that the West (including Canada) has with regard to this issue is either to turn and send them back to where they came from making it a lesson for others or take the lot to avoid genocide as they claim.

 Either way, whether its’ due to boat people or ETS if a double dissolution of the Government is to take place, the Australians of Sinhala origin will not favour the current government. We cannot afford to buy favours of the influential Voices nor Hearts of the country, as we have not extorted money from the Sinhala community unlike the Tamil LTTE supporters anywhere in the Globe for cheap verbose! 

 Yours Sincerely,

Vajeeragnana Warnakulasuriya,

2 Responses to “Dilemma of the Boat People and Mighty Australian Prime Minister Mr.Rudd!”

  1. ubaya Says:

    Dear Vajeera,

    Your letter is excellent and looking forward to more such contributions from you.

    From Nande, Singapore
    e-mail: [email protected]

  2. Raj Says:

    I am ashamed to be a Tamil because of some of the diaspora tamils. This is the result of LTTE education and propaganda over the last 30 years. Most tamil persons under 35 years has the mentality of LTTE implanted in their heads. They have been completely brainwashed, and beyond repair. Not only the LTTE brainwashed the Tamils, they managed to brainwash some influential Westerners as well.

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