The Next LTTE Hub! Multiple Choice, Win-Win Solution
Posted on November 9th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

The Lucky Devils! LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists have multiple choices to set-up their Hub of Terrorism, Round Five.

With several hundreds of millions of US Dollars in their kitty bags, the Rudrakumarans of the world of LTTE are now contemplating where the remnants of LTTE Amoeba or Kalanduru aka Cyprus Rotundus, should regenerate.

With high knob sympathizer like the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of USA taking a kind matronly position, others such as Canada and Australia are two other options to start breeding the epidemic, well supported by the generous Diaspora.

As usual Norway is playing the gentle Harp behind the scenes, with its own Tamil Tiger LTTE Diaspora, orchestrated by the Minister Erik Solheim, the blue-eyed Dosai gobbling fan of the late Velupillai Prabhakaran. (A story goes that after a delicious Dosai lunch at Saraswathi Wellawatte, Erik had an emergency landing to relieve himself from a bout of diarriah, behind a bush in Vihara Maha Devi Park, aka Queen Victoria Park unill SWRD changed the name).

Come to think of it, why cant the Australians and Canadians send all the Tamil floaters in LTTE cargo ships to Norway? They have confirmed that the floaters do detest the little Island Paradise Sri Lanka, and their very own Homeland Indian Tamil Nadu would prefer to turn a blind eye. Let the Flotsam and Jetsam float the Globe as long as the rubbish do not land on Indian sea shore. So much for “Blood is Thicker Than Water”!

The vast landscape of Norway sports a dwindling population of over-rich, over-paid, infertile, spermless, impotent, drunken Vikings, who are incapable of natural reproduction. Norway with beautiful Fjords, lovely blue-eyed, blond haired virgins (Yes, there still some left in some undisclosed corners of our world) allow them to have some comfort from a rampant Tiger dick. Its a win-win situation for all.

The girls get their pleasure. Norway gets their deserted Fjords with dozens of screaming kids with jet-black hair and Blue eyes. The remnants of Tamil terrorists enjoy more pleasure than pain, singing Tamil songs. Canada and Australia get relief from a massive influx of Terror bugs. And President Mahinda Rajapaksa can run into his second term in comfort and concentrate on the economy. General Sarath Fonseka can enjoy his retirement fishing in Negombo. And Gota can relax in his sarong, singing Baila, as he wanted.

The two British colonies Australia and Canada, might invite one or two of the under-employed British Royals to Govern the colonies and Rule the new generation of Tamil Canadians or Tamil Aussies, and let the rest freeze their testacles in Norway.

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    H..e..y, Prof you have said it again!!!! Well done !!!!!!

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