Meeting with RCMP to nail LTTE activities in Toronto-Canada
Posted on December 6th, 2009

By: Kamala Chandrakurana

It was a Patriotic meeting called by peace loving Canadian-Sri Lankan community with RCMP National Security Enforcement Team (INSET)  and Toronto Police Unit Commander Director Mark Pugash & team on 5th December 2009  “Party Room” at 301 Prudential DR, Scarborough. Toronto.


It was attended by nearly 100 Canadian-Sri Lankan citizens (Including Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims and Burgers) who were worried about the threat to peace and harmony among our community in Canada since the pro-LTTE group invited “Nam Thamilar” (We are Tamils) movement leader, Tamil Nadu Cine industry personality and Very close follower of LTTE leader Pribaharan who had given a “Mavirar” (War Heroes) speech recently in Toronto. He called all young generation Tamils to become a human bomb to achieve dream land “Tamil Eleam”. Also he called to kill all Sinhalese in this world in order to get Tamil Freedom and Tamil home land “Tamil Eleam”


RCMP prompt action was highly appreciated at this meeting to deport this terrorist Leader immediately after his violence speech. However, concern was arise the Visit visa issued to him since he is a notorious LTTE leader. RCMP team has noted the concern and promise to be watchful in future all this group activities.


All credit has to go to Mr. Lenin Benedic and his team who were organized this meeting. It was necessary meeting to bring more confidence on RCMP and its law & order implementation. All participations were raised so many questions about LTTE activities in Toronto. RCMP Superintendent has told that he is aware of all the activities and their net work even he mentioned that this meeting was attended by some of them and they were transmitting every discussion through their “Blackberry” communication unit. ( CTC Spy & LTTE Spy’s )


It was a true statement by chief as it was very noticeable to everyone the person who was sitting in third row was kept switch on his “Blackberry” and transmitting the conversation. He is well known LTTE spy and member of Canadian Tamil Congress Mr. Vije. He was accompanied by some of other member of LTTE intelligent wing. They all were shocked by the remark made by RCMP Superintendent. They were watching who raising questions against  them.


However, some of participants were bolder and courage to come out with evidence against to LTTE operations in Canada. They told that they are no more fear about LTTE and they want to associate with RCMP to clean this anti-social elements to have peaceful and harmony in Toronto and all over Canada.


It is a strong message sent to all Pro-LTTE groups that every Canadian-Sri Lankan is joining hands without looking their race and religion. RCMP is welcome this meeting and show more credible attitude to crash this terror group.

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