Guess mangala was right, this guy is not suitable to lead even the salvation army!
Posted on December 13th, 2009

J Wickramasinghe

When people like Jagath Jayasuriya, Shavendra, Prasanna Silva, Jagath Dias, Kamal Gunarathne retire, we will call them true patriots !

General SF, what a lousy loser you are!

Why are you talking about these now, and accusing the Defense Secretary?

You are a shameless, power-hungry, brainless idiot of a man. You would have been good as an army commander, but I will not trust you to run the country. You are as big-mouthed and loose-tongued as Ranil Wickramasinghe. No matter what you proclaim about your great military strategies, you would have achieved nothing without the Rajapakse brother’s giving the political leadership.

I don’t like the corruption done by you during your time as a army commander to support your son in law in arms dealings. I will not cast my vote for you. I will give it to president Rajapkase. You have lost whatever respect I had for you. No matter what happens to you personally, you should not be betraying the members of the team that stood together to defeat the most ruthless group of terrorists in the world.

Nadesan and Pulidevan were a part of that monstrous group, and this was not conventional warfare. They got what they dished out to the innocent civilians during the 3 decades of brutal terrorist activities.

Shame on you General, shame on you.

When You decided to sleep with dogs ! You know what will heppen Next?

I hope that you have a ‘landslide’ loss at the elections and keep your dog close enoigh to protect you.

Idiot – if you do not know what to talk keep your mouth shut!

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    Get this suckers anal screwed by a Tiger!! Clean the idiot up so that we can live together in peace. Piss off you fucking de-general!!!!

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