Leash this Despicable Traitor and Rip His Medals
Posted on December 13th, 2009

Kumar Moses

Fonseka becomes desperate every passing day. His hatred for the Motherland is now in graphic display. His latest low is to implicate the Sri Lanka army, its Defence Secretary and one of its best commanders in war crimes. Sunday Leader on 13th December 2009 carried an interview with Fonseka where he despicably alleges “Gota ordered them to be shot”. In his own dirty words, “Later, I learnt that Basil had conveyed this information to the Defense Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa “”…” who in turn spoke with Brigadier Shavendra Silva, Commander of the Army’s 58th Division, giving orders not to accommodate any LTTE leaders attempting surrender and that “they must all be killed.”


 These false allegations are vital ammunition for LTTE terrorist remains and other separatist elements around the world to allege war crimes on war heroes.

 This enormous hatred has a reason. Details are found here

 – http://sundaytimes.lk/091108/Columns/political.html.

 In short a close relative of Danuna Tillakaratne had got entangled in a club brawl. A few days later the club owner had received threatening calls. These calls were traced to the Panagoda army camp. Major General Shavindra Silva, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and Major General Mendeka Samarasinghe were involved in a successful investigation that resulted in identifying the wrongdoer who is a major. Then the wrongdoer had complained to police that he was threatened! Due to this second wrong act he was suspended. Fonseka upon arrival in Sri Lanka in November 2009 took up the matter with the Defence Secretary but to no avail.

 Can the nation tolerate this type of treacherous behavior from the biggest traitor this country has seen for the 2,552 years of Sri Lankan history? What would he do if left unleashed?

 This traitor must be leashed and punished according to available treason laws.

 However, it must be done after the close of the nominations period. Otherwise another traitor will emerge on his shoes and run for the office of the President.

 Patriots must never forgive this traitor for his latest act of treason.

 – Kumar Moses

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  1. alpha Says:

    Thanks, Kumar. And now the politically dead Pawnseka should be exiled from the country. You are right he should be treid for treason, but has Sri Lanka ever done that? If it did, Ranil Wickramesinghe would be long dead.

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