Report Of The Huge Arms Shipment from North Korea To Sri Lanka Put Into A Logical Perspective
Posted on December 13th, 2009

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial
Dec.13th 2009

The Reuters Report that a plane headed for Sri Lanka loaded with heavy artillery which was detained and its crew taken into custody at Thailand’s International Airport at Don Mueang may have dire ramifications for whoever is found to be a direct link from within Sri Lanka and there will in all probabilities be such despite only foreign names presently being offered perhaps as a cover up as there seems to be a deeper plot to it all!

 This will surely be revealed if the investigations are carried out meticulously and all those connected need to be subjected to capital punishment for treason as there are bound to be Sri Lankan Nationals involved.

 Ironically these are dangerous times for Sri Lanka where it is becoming more and more apparent on an ongoing daily basis through the rhetoric of certain ambitious candidates particularly that of former Army head Gen. Sarath Fonseka that he is hinting at a stop at nothing mentality in his quest for the Presidency and with his former clout as a powerful military leader nothing could rationally be beyond his ambits and woe be unto him if he is ever found to have even a smidgen of a link to this arms shipment which is reported to have originated in North Korea.

However, for the present he must be deemed innocent until proved guilty although there are two issues that needs to be put into proper perspective and related to this incident perhaps although said hypothetically and speculatively!

There is no reason to even assume that the Government of Sri Lanka has any connections with this as it is not only totally illogical and as a sovereign Nation Sri Lanka has every right to import arms for whatever military purposes it envisions through normal channels of purchase and furthermore the nature of the weapons such as rocket launchers and surface to air missiles to name some are not conventional military hardware needed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and suggests some insurgent hand in the whole suspicious matter.

 While it also seems far fetched to assume at this stage that Gen. Fonseka would be so foolhardy as to have a connection with this shipment, he has already put his foot into it by suggesting that he would even seek help from the LTTE residue remaining in Sri Lanka as well as around the globe towards his quest for the Presidency if the interpretations of some of his statements are to be taken at face value( this being an example) so he has implicated himself and is not exactly above board despite the incredulous nature of any speculation towards his objectives having any related link which would then have imbecilic intonations towards his psyche and level of intelligence!!

 There is also the speculation involving a clique of Armed Forces deserters who are said to be housed by him as part of his personal security entourage although their presence according to some analysts suggest more of a personal mini army intended for a more sinister purpose than mere bodyguarding in one of his residences in the Capital which once again if proven could have dire ramifications towards his credibilities as an aspiring Presidential candidate and may be more indicative of someone planning anti government skullduggery so the once reputed General seems to be on a sticky wicket which could lead to his political demise in the not too distant future and shatter all his ambits to helm the Nation of Sri Lanka which by itself sounds somewhat ambivalent where a once fine General may not necessarily equate with a fine future President as there seem to be a few chinks showing in his armour!

 The more credible assumptions as to who may really be behind this alarming development however would point to this new group of “Tamil Freedom Fighters ” calling themselves the PLA who have had the nerve to present their dastardly manifesto to the world and are vowing to take up the Eelam cause for Tamil secession and are said to be banding themselves in the North and East of Sri Lanka where verily they need to be rounded up and the back of their organization broken towards National Security as well as Sri Lankan posterity and their presence alongside any ambitious Tamil insurgent wannabes disrupted, smashed to smithereens and eliminated regardless of the pro Tamil Eelam lobby which the PLA veritably supports alongside their ungainly rhetoric which suggests that the LTTE or their so called ‘Phoenix’ in whatever form will rise again and if this is permitted Gen Sarath Fonseka’s war efforts would have been in vain as it would now pose a huge conflict of interest if viewed through the proper looking glass!

 Case in point ~ Gen Fonseka should now tread very carefully about how he presents himself to the Nation using language such as Nation Liberator from the Rajapaksha axis of patronage, corruption and wrongdoing where the term axis of evil has been carefully ommited albeit alleging it nonetheless in all his entreaties to the Nation that the Rajapaksha Regime needs to be toppled which he has been suggesting ever since he offered his candidacy and funnily enough with backing from the likes of the egregious opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe, the mainstream JVP with its big mouthed braggart Somawansa Ameresinghe who runs off to the UK whenever his actons and words demand investigation, the TNA as well as all the power hungry “hounds of Colomboville” whose ambitions will probably never be achieved!

 The perils of what may lie in wait for the Nation of Sri Lanka through the many conspirators against the Rajapaksha Regime which has done more good than the falsely presented evil to the Nation will be dire if preventive as well as stringent remedial action is not taken post haste and the perpetrators brought to justice!

 The Reuters Report is as follows:

 A plane heading from North Korea to Sri Lanka with weapons onboard was detained together with its crew in Thailand today, the Thai media reported. The Thai authorities found massive numbers of the shoulder-launched missile weapon including rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), anti-aircraft SAM (surface to air missiles) and ammunition.

According to the Thai media authorities had detained five foreigners who crewed a mystery aircraft which made an emergency landing at Don Mueang and impounded 35 tonnes of heavy war weaponry that were loaded on the plane.

More than 100 Thai security personnel searched a Russian-built IL-76 military air transport bearing the designation AWG 732 when aircraft, which flew from North Korea asked permission to land at Bangkok’s domestic Don Mueang airport to refill fuel.

One Belarussian and four Kazakhstani nationals who were on board were arrested.

The Thai authorities said the airplane was believed to be carrying the weapons to Sri Lanka, where a long civil war recently ended.

According to the authorities, the plane earlier arrived at Don Mueang airport once in the morning for refueling before departing for North Korea after it had loaded with the heavy weaponry and asked to refuel again at the airport at 4pm.

The move was the result of cooperation between Thai and American units as the Thai authorities were informed by the United States that the plane was carrying heavy weapons which had led to impounding of the airplane and weapons.

The five suspects were sent to Thailand’s Police Crime Suppression Division for questioning while the impounded weapons were reportedly transferred in the military trucks to a depot in Nakhon Sawan.

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