SF betrays the Mother Lanka and sadly disqualifies
Posted on December 14th, 2009

Nanda Kodi from London

Nowhere in the world, patriotic leaders betray their motherland with disparaging statements made to the world media. Tony Blair knows he got it wrong when invade Iraq misleading the British public and insulting their intelligence with falsehood. In the illegal war in Iraq millions of innocent people killed and still being killed. True that he is being ridiculed in the UK press. Yet, no British pointed a finger at Blair and betray the United Kingdom’s interest in the world stage.

What about politicos in Sri Lanka, and their behavior in the world stage?  Do they have any concerns about their motherland or act responsibly? Will any patriotic Sri Lankan ever endorse General Sarath Foneseka’s utterly irresponsible statement that Sri Lankan troops shot dead surrendering Tamil Tiger leaders on the orders of the Defense Secretary? This is clearly unacceptable from a candidate who is running for the office of the President of Sri Lanka. No one actually knows the credibility of his statement, yet people never expect this kind of damaging statement from someone campaigning for the highest office of the country, particularly at a time the western powers waiting for an opportunity to destabilize Rajapakse regime. 

SF’s conduct is appalling and somewhat similar to “great betrayal” committed by Ranil in 2002 when he was the Prime Minister. The Special Presidential Commission, which inquired into the busting of a key hideout of the Army’s top-secret Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP), blamed the then Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, and several police officers for the act, which it described as a “great betrayal”.

It is very unfortunate that General Fonseka who fearlessly led the military offensive against the terrorists became an utter flop so fast. There are so many issues he should have addressed in the election campaign and his failure to identify the real issues has proved that he is not the right man but another ordinary man, like the mutt RW, with no vision or leadership.  It is good that if SF step down immediately without causing further havoc.

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