LTTE Referenda Pose a Grave Danger to Unitary Sri Lanka
Posted on December 17th, 2009

– Kumar Moses

 Many brushed aside LTTE referenda held in Norway and France as hoaxes. They ridiculed those efforts as trying to create Tamil Elam away from Sri Lanka. However, little that they realise this is a very dangerous move by the new LTTE to get world opinion on their side to force Sri Lanka accept “ƒ”¹…”Tamils’ right of self-determination. Tamil Elamists plan as many referenda around the world as quickly as possible. Whereas the first referendum was held while the LTTE was alive, they held 2 already and there will be totally 4 within 12 months. Another referendum is planned on Saturday in Canada. Tamil Elamists plan these extremely well. They get the participation of independent officials of those countries in the voting and counting process. They strictly follow the election rules and practices of those countries although it is not required. By doing so they want to convince the international community that these referenda are free and fair and the outcome is therefore represents the true wishes of the Tamil Diaspora.




Self determination is not a new concept. It was there for a long period. UN member nations were recognised based on their right to self determination. Apart from them, a community with a geographical demarcation can exercise their right to self determination. Going by this concept Kosovo declared Independence. It was accepted by many countries although the UN failed to accept. However, Kosovo functions as a separate, independent country today. Same goes for South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The fate of Sri Lanka and Tamil Elam will be the same unless some concrete action is taken without delay to defeat this plan. Tamil Elam need not have the sanction of the UN or all the countries for powerful sections of the international community to put pressure on Sri Lanka to accept the Tamils’ right of self-determination.


Clearing confusion about Tamils’ right of self-determination

There is wide spread confusion about Tamil’s right of self determination. From the time of the ITAK (Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kachchi) Tamils’ right of self determination was discussed. However, it received wide spread support and emerged as the only Tamil political movement in 1977 following the Vadukkodai Resolution (VR) of 1976. VR is another masterpiece that falls in line with the concept of self-determination today. LTTE too took up the Tamil’s right of self determination as one of its main slogans. It gave maximum popularity to the struggle around the world.


Many would argue as to how the Tamil right of self-determination be discussed in the north east alone. More Tamils live outside the north east. True, but what matters is the north east having a vast majority of Tamils. Most populous districts of the north east being Jaffna and Batticaloa are almost exclusively populated by Tamils. Whatever may be the reason for this distribution, it is a fact that these two districts and the other districts have an overwhelming majority of Tamils.

Self determination is sought in relation to the north east of Sri Lanka. So what matters is the population and aspirations of Tamils in relation to the north east. This criterion is therefore fulfilled.


Some others argue that Tamil Nadu best qualifies for Tamil self determination. True; but once again there is no demand to create a nation in Tamil Nadu; at least not as strong as the demand to create a Tamil nation in the north east of Sri Lanka. Therefore the Tamil Nadu factor is irrelevant in discussing the Tamil right of self determination with reference to the north east of Sri Lanka.


Presidential election interpreted as a referendum in the north east

Miliband demanded that all IDPs should be allowed to vote at the upcoming presidential polls. What does he got to do with that? He knows very well that IDP votes cannot change the government and IDPs are indifferent between the only two candidates who have a chance of winning the election. But he is after something else, instigated by the Tamil Elam lobby.


Tamil Elamists are encouraging Tamils in the north east to vote for either of two candidates who recognise Tamil Elam, namely, Sivajilingam and Wickramabahu. If these two candidates together can score the majority votes in the north east, that would be interpreted by parties sympathetic to Tamil Elam and champions of the concept of self determination as a strong positive signal given by the majority people in the north east in support of self determination.


It is relevant to compare previous presidential elections to get an idea of the support champions of Tamil Elam would gain in the north east. The only comparable election is the 1982 election which was held before the war. In that a Tamil candidate contested and he won the Jaffna district and almost won the Batticaloa district as well. However, it must be emphasised that he was not a signatory to the VR. Also wide spread election malpractices were alleged. A more recent election and a more representative one would be the 2004 General Election. Although LTTE was engaged in election malpractices, it is highly unlikely that the outcome would have changed significantly by those acts.


2004 election result “”…” all districts of north east   























ITAK scored over 56% of the votes and even without election malpractices it would have got more than 50%. In other words, most voters in the north-east endorsed the TNA/ITAK. The same result was arrived at in 1977. However, the 2010 Presidential Election would be different. Due to the strong nationalist appeal of both main candidates, a considerable number of Tamils and Muslims would not vote for them. Instead they would either cast a protest vote to the two pro-Tamil Elam candidates who cannot win or abstain from voting. Therefore the pro-Tamil Elam camp is likely to get even more percentage of votes than at the 2004 General Election. If pro-Tamil Elam candidates manage to get more than 50%, that would be interpreted by the champions of self determination as a clear signal to exercise the right of self determination by the voters in the north east.


Surely there would be a strong anti-Tamil Elam vote but that would be the minority decision (less than 50%). The outcome is even more important because this would be the first election without the LTTE.


This result has to be looked at in the light of outcomes of referenda held across the world where Tamil Elam (Tamils’ right to self determination) received almost 99% of vote approval.


Miliband and Blake cleverly manipulated the opposition to lose most Tamil votes and a large number of Muslim votes. If Ranil had contested he would have got Tamil votes. But Fonseka and Rajapaksha will not receive those votes. In other words, these votes will go to the two candidates with the Tamil Elam manifesto. Once they “ƒ”¹…”win’ in the north east Miliband and Blake will once again enter the scene with demands of federalism, etc.


It seems that the nation is blissfully unaware of the grave danger it faces from a very innocent looking quarter.


Colonization, the only practical solution

No number of hearts and minds campaigns can change this because they had ample reasons to reject Tamil Elam but chose not to do so. The good spirited hearts and minds campaign was exploited by them to extort anti-Sri Lanka favours. What is needed is to win over the north east people. This can be done by a process of mass colonization of the north and the east with people of all communities in the national proportion.


In the above table at least 10% represent the results of past colonization schemes. If not, the support for Tamil Elam would increase by another 10% to two thirds (66%). The only way forward is the tried and tested solution which is colonization which would change the total demographic imbalance in the north east for a favourable balance. There are plenty of fertile lands to go around and it will be a massive development process for the country. Just another 300,000 persons in the north east can shift the prevailing ethnic imbalance. 


It must be emphasised that, had the LTTE not carried out genocide (total wipe out of races from geographic localities) of Sinhalas and Muslims in the North, this imbalance would not have resulted. There were over 25,000 Sinhalas and over 50,000 Muslims in Jaffna district in the early 1960s. Vanni also had a larger Sinhala and Muslim population before the LTTE wiped most of them out. Had they survived there, the natural increase would come close to 300,000 by now.


Mass colonization mainly based on agriculture and food production must be done as soon as possible after the election. It must be sufficient to alter the outcome of future elections in the north and east. Thereafter at no election will pro-Tamil Elamists win.


Colonization has been used with success against racially prejudiced separatists in Malaysia, China, India, USA and Russia. However, the best example is Sri Lanka where the Father of the Nation succeeded in reducing the Tamil Elam rage long time before it reached violent proportions.


Colonization can also resolve the problems associated with food shortage, landlessness, poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment and ethnic integration. Economic contribution of a population of 300,000 with ample land to cultivate would be US$400 million a year which will be a gross addition to the national economy. This is more than twice the loss Sri Lanka suffers due to the withholding of the GSP+ facility. It will be a fitting reply to suspending the GSP+ facility.


There is no justification not to start large scale, state sponsored colonization schemes in the fertile north in a bid to avert future separatism endeavours.  


International pressure

International pressure is mounting on Sri Lanka to create some form of a federal structure. A federal structure means the creation of a Tamil Nadu in Sri Lanka.


Tamil Elamists know this very well and that is why they are in a mighty hurry to complete their referenda around the world as soon as possible. The race is on although Sri Lanka is very slow to respond. Colonization schemes should go in the high gear immediately after the elections.


Once the north east is adequately colonized to erase the traces of Tamil Elam, the worldwide Tamil Elam movement will die a natural death. They would not want, even if offered, a Elam of Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalas.


All patriotic forces around the world must encourage the government to carry out a large scale decisive process of mass colonization of the north east with the same determination and urgency that was shown in the war to wipe out the LTTE.
– Kumar Moses

3 Responses to “LTTE Referenda Pose a Grave Danger to Unitary Sri Lanka”

  1. anura seneviratna Says:

    Tamil Nadu for Tamil national self determination is not irrelevant but it is the ONLY land legally and morally qualify for such a claim. Otherwise, it’s tantamount to invasion by immigration or an undercover invasion of the sovereign national island of the Nation of Helas/Sinhelas. It is not that the 70 million indigenous Tamil nation of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) is unkeen for Tamil Nadu’s self determination but it is mighty hard to clash with the Indian subcontinent. It is also the very reason why they opted for Heladiva(Sri Lanka) as an easy prey for this barbarous intent as Hela/Sinhela nation is vulnerable with the only 14 million manpower.
    It is a fundamental error to use the term “colonization” against the Island Country’s indigenous nation of Hela/Sinhela people choosing to live in the north and east of their national motherland. It is the non indigenous Tamils of Tamil Nadu national origin are the colonizers.

  2. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    Dear Editor, this is an interesting article. I am attaching a comment made on an article that appeared at under the heading “Tamil politics and elections 2010”, December 13, 2009, By Dayan Jayathilaka, an indirect supporter of Tamil Separatism. I wish you could publish that article at your website. Alternatively you can publish the following extract as an article at your website under my name, as it deals with a very significant issue. Refer Kumar’s use of the word “colonisation”, it should be corrected as “resettlement” of Sinhala community. The solution to the pressing issue of Tamil colonisation of Sinhale’ is the development of Brute Force to beat the barbarians and to control our compassion, a serious weakness introduced by Hindus under the disguise of intellectual religious wisdom, the poisoned chalice. By the way, we have recognised criminal states (English colonies) as our equals. So the concept of country or whatever is lost forever. In such events, the rule of nature prevails and the dominant factor deciding the outcome is the Brute Force. We must get used to believe in it for our own survival during bad times and that there are individuals among us who can take the whole world head on. Please read the following for more detailed explanation hopefully in conjunction with the referred article.

    “I am making my observations following this article that relates to political upmanship reaching the brink displayed by two of the presidential candidates in addition to the continuing effort of this writer with regards to the 13th Amendment to the constitution, though the title appears to be on another subject. I hope that my comments would be given the same prominence as expected from Adaderana, in typical style of impartiality shown in the past.

    I am wondering why we need to hear form US about Tamil intentions as it is no secret that Tamils as an Ethnic group have maintained their objectives unchanged for a very long time, in fact, more than two thousand years to occupy the land with expressed determination of eliminating the Sinhala Ethnic group. Even the recent struggle for a separate Tamil Eelam (Tamil Sinhala Land) had all the features of extending their dream to cover other parts of the island. This idea had led to engage Tamilness to carry out a war of genocide against Ethnic Sinhala community in several occasions, with some success in wiping out the Sinhala people living in the northern part of the country. There are undeniable historical evidence to prove this fact though there are many attempts to hide history by inventions and assignment of history of others. A good example is the Buddhist history built by missionaries during Anuradhapura era that disappeared with the continuing war of genocide. Even today, this kind of re-writing history occurs in an English colony where I am resident, by claiming that the original inhabitants were migrants who came from other parts of the world.

    Quite contrary to many speculations, we have undeniable facts to confirm that Sinhala community was the original inhabitants of this land, more likely from the time humans lived in forest as part of nature. Even today, vast majority of many Sinhala people do not have the migratory character that could encourage them to move out of their places of origin. Blaming such an ethnic group as migratory is an insult to human intelligence. In other words, it is like claiming an animal living on land as an animal living in water. This is clearly evident from other ethnic groups that have a clear history of migration who carry such migratory characteristics. Unfortunately, changing ethnic values is a sort of gigantic task beyond our capabilities and demands acknowledgment as core values defining such ethnic groups.

    Having introduced in brief some historical facts that rest in our conscience, the main driver of our actions, peddling of dangerous ideas such as turning migrant minorities to achieve equal status with the indigenous majority and grant them rights to exclude the indigenous Sinhala community have far greater consequences for both sides. The notion that the Tamil community should have the equal status as Sinhala community amounts to promoting of genocide of Sinhala community that had been pursued by this community. This is a world apart from talking of individual rights. It is well established that almost all the non-Sinhala members of the society were never invited by Sinhala community as misunderstood by some people overwhelmed by migration programs implemented by English community to use as labour in their colonies acquired by genocide of the native inhabitants. Rather, this should be correctly identified as settlers brought in by occupying forces that damaged the social fabric of the native community.

    Those appealing to minorities are also contributing to bring disaster to the same groups as proven during the recent separatist struggle by the migrant Tamil minority whose core values are tied to English than their brethren in Tamil Nadu. Though the cost to Sinhala people were directly attributable to the incompetence of the ruling elite, the damage to Tamil community was self-inflicted. Sinhala community has paid more than enough blood to ensure their survival and such power-hungry individuals who have nothing but greed, should be told that there must be an end to this evil conduct.

    The 13th Amendment to the constitution is an illegal change forced upon by a sworn enemy of Sinhala people, who carry out the ritual of hate annually for nearly six thousand years under the name of Divali, to the illegally enforced unworkable constitution, prepared by an illegitimate government that derives power from the invading English forces inimical to the local community, that occupied the land illegally.

    It is noteworthy to mention that the recent conflict in Lanka is highlighted by this writer as a sort of conflict between Sinhala and Tamil communities, which is far from the truth. All these were machinations of Tamil politicians who abused the ethnic identity to gain power that contributed immensely to bring disaster to their community. It is naive to suggest that the current regime is representative of the Sinhala community based on values and characteristics embraced by the ruling elite, who could be correctly identified as Sinhala speaking Burgher community, if the terminology of this writer is used in proper context. I wish to point out that the group identified as vast majority of Tamils are in fact Tamil migrants aspiring to follow English values as demanded by them since colonial times. The group identified as Sinhala are in fact ardent followers of English values and colonial heritage, thus indicating the misuse of the ethnic label. The stark reality is that the ethnic group that should be identified as Sinhala, the vast majority of the population, remains outsiders with nothing to support their ethnic interests, such as language, rules and cultural studies. This is a serious misuse of facts to mislead the readers. The war victory, as proven many times before, has become a part of political victory to mislead the native Sinhala community. This conflict was a direct result of the inaction and incompetence of the ruling elite who made the best use of it for their own advantage until it became a threat to their own survival. Obviously, those who fought were the native Sinhala people, delivering victory for two leading individuals to fight it out for power and position.

    Dysfunction English Democratic model practiced in Lanka is a proven failure with disastrous consequences. Whether with or without Tamil votes, nothing is going to change, as the fundamentals are retained firmly in the hands of those fighting for power. There is a serious lack of diagnosis as to the participants of these political exercises such as elections, where the majority Sinhala community remains uninfluenced by the naivety of the choices to be made. In fact, even this writer would not be interested to participate in this primitive model of governance, which is an insult to our conscience, I mean, selecting an individual to take over control of our lives for a fixed term.

    The article has all the ingredients of confusion by bringing in a religious dimension to what is essentially a political process. This writer fails to recognise the fact that the divide is evenly spread across all religions, though not hesitant to drag in an unusual identity called Sinhala Buddhist, a typical sign of vested personal enmity, reflecting a personified version of global events. If it is essentially a Sinhala entity representing Sinhala community, wooing Tamil votes is a non-event though the writer covers extra miles to show that the mainstream competitors are Sinhala, though they themselves struggle to stay with the part of Sinhala community that would participate in these election processes.

    The extension of political rivalry to power devolution as advocated by India, a virtual enemy of Sinhala community treated with suspicion and dislike, can lead the country to a new crisis. The constitution, a faulty and narrow concept borrowed from the west with assured failure, is already in a state of neglect due to its unworkability and the amendments such as 13 and 17 that are designed to restrain the majority opinion and to perpetuate control over actions by intriguing machinations employed through legal system. Unfortunately, what is in the text and what happens on the ground are totally different things. Those who think that they can do it by changing text should understand that it means nothing when the majority stands up against it. In any event, we are witnessing the gradual collapse of the Sinhala speaking Burgher community, of course, self-identified as Sinhala community by their own creations of defining Sinhala ethnic identity. Given the ethno-centric politics, it is a matter of time for the real Sinhala community to claim their rights though at this stage, there are only a few rumblings to this effect. Then, those minority migrant communities who clamour for more rights without trying to satisfy with what they got, which are many times better than what they could have enjoyed in their own lands of origin, may most likely end up with nothing. The clamour of this writer that native Sinhala community needs the support of the so-called international community lacks the proper and detailed understanding of the Sinhala history. They never need that kind of help, as they are more capable than many individuals who are living off their compassion.

    Those including Tamils who would expect more than what they deserve by asking for a lot more for their votes, would be the ultimate losers as the more demand, the less compassion, they will receive from Sinhala community, which will tip the balance at some point with grave consequences to those who try to ride over Sinhala people, who have survived under all odds where everyone else failed during the long human history. Tamils who demanded more have already paid a heavy price for their demands and insistence on their demands bring more misery to them. Neither anybody can expect from the Tamil community as long as they remain stuck with their cultural baggage that let them ask for more all the time they are about to get something thus leading to despair at the end with gaining nothing.

    Tamil community has evolved into many groups following the same objective of gaining land and continue to act under many guises. As proven many times in the past, it is a matter of time to see Sinhala people countering such organised attempts to deny their natural rights, which will result in more disastrous consequences to the left-over community after recent war fought for a separate Eelam. In fact, simple ignorance by the Sinhala community is more than enough to starve all these migrant groups trying to dictate terms and expand their footholds at the expense of Sinhala community. But, I see the need for a more formidable response taking into account of the neighbour hell-bent on interference with its own agendas as done during its long history of anarchy. Those who talk of destruction of Lanka and Sinhala community are daydreamers who have forgotten their survival skills amid all the troubles in this world. They faced much worse situations in the fast and the future is going to be less challenging as there are many other nations whose future will depend on that, including that of Hindus, the largest minority in the subcontinent.

    The ludicrous idea of Sinhalisation of the north is a total ignorance of the fact that north was Tamilised in the first place under the guise of migration during the long occupation of criminal invaders. Asking Sinhala people to recognise such deeds question the integrity of those proposing such fanciful ideas. It is also funny to see the extension of concepts promoted by English who have killed many and grabbed vast swaths of land to recognise their deeds as proper and to promise not to do such things by others. There is no such justice in existence that we should respect and, what one does by using brute force can be reversed by another who just has to employ the same kind of brute force. If Sinhala people employ such means, those crying foul today when Sinhala people claim rightfully what is theirs, should take the same line and support Sinhala people to hold onto their gains. If not for invasions and lack of government/monarchy support for habitations, even today the northern part of Lanka could have been fully booming with Sinhala people. But Tamilisation of southern parts is quite acceptable to these hypocrites carrying hatred towards Sinhala community. Sadly, there is a serious and well-organised campaign of colonisation by the Tamil community underway at this moment, which will be countered in kind in the near future by the Sinhala community.

    The writer carrying some prejudices has gone to create an identity called “Sinhala Ultra-Nationalists”, a hypothetical identity, in fact lewd in nature, as it is quite against the Sinhala value system. Most of the people this writer put in to this group are opportunistic Sinhala speaking Burgher community or others following English way of life who benefited from English occupation. What this writer does not understand is that Sinhala are the only ethnic group of that kind who have let Tamils to live amongst them, an inimical ethnic group that has committed so many heinous crimes against their fellow brethren over several millennia. The pain of their suffering surfaced in 1983 among a few of them though there were many who stood to save the ethnic Tamils. But, continuation of organised campaigns of hatred, vilification and unjustifiable demands can ignite the desire to respond in kind, unfortunately a justifiable outcome to the Tamil inspired campaigns against the Sinhala community. There is no other community in the world that let all sorts of migrants to stray among them though they would not tolerate anyone to deny their right to enjoy life in peace as they have done many times in their long history.

    Some of the ideas perpetuated by this writer are ludicrous as the conflicts in other parts of the world are drawn into address the matters affecting the local issues. Though the origin of conflict related to the Sinhala-Tamil-Hindu triad that lasted many thousand years are known, I am not in a position to explain that any further. The solution depends on action to be taken by Sinhala community, though their inaction or part-action has led to sustenance of this conflict for so long. However, there are indications that the solution is within sight though it may not be to the liking of many stakeholders. What is essentially a conflict created and perpetuated by arms and brutality, cannot be resolved amicably or favourably to all parties. The ultimate solution lies in the application of the same means to regain the ground loss to aggressors.

    Those political contenders engaged in dangerous games to appease minority groups should understand that there are serious consequences that may not only overwhelm these minorities but their own interests when confronted by the majority affected by these insidious dealings. Those who claim to be political scientists do have a solemn professional responsibility to see all sides of the coins they flip without becoming political activists blindly pursuing an agenda under the cover of professionalism. Such activists acting as educators do not produce a healthy educated community to find solutions that meet satisfactory outcomes to pressing issues. In fact, from an independent prospective, I see many other issues that should be advocated by professionals as there is no solution with a perfect outcome for a specific group of individuals, whether minority or of ethnic origin. Considering the separatist agenda promoted by Tamil minority, lead by a son of a migrant who dared to claim vast swaths of land that he never could claim, resulting in fatal consequences, I strongly suggest to those who care about humanity to consider resettlement of those who are not willing to live with Sinhala people back in their native countries, thus saving a lot of bloodshed. In a way, the division on ethnic level is itself a reflection of the unwillingness to cope with different ways of living, which should be respected by all. The notion that all ethnic groups have to put up together as equals under one-roof is a perception promoted by the followers of English community, who are the least tolerant to any other ethnic minority community living amongst them practicing their ethnic values. Do we have to follow hypocrites to earn serious consequences?

    This is the same writer who claims that Lanka belongs to all people of this country, Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Malays and all other communities. Being a political scientist, it is imperative to understand what they mean as they are different from an activist who utter slogans, for the sake of seeking attention. According to English imperial history, these Malays are descendents of those brought in by English to fight the Kandian Sinhala kingdom. It is also a serious injustice to put Sinhala community among other ethnic groups who have a distinct lineage to their countries of origin. I wonder what the writer could say about the ownership of Tamil Nadu, Arabia, Malaysia and other countries from which migrants might have come to settle down in Lanka. Do Sinhala people have any ownership rights to those countries? Isn’t this a hypocrite talking anti-Sinhala rhetoric along the lines of English colonial mentality, where settlers have equal or more rights than the native minority left in reserves or outright shanty towns. Are we a kind of English colony to hear the same polluted wordings from the leadership? Living in a country is one thing, but claiming ownership is a totally different thing. As a person living in an English colony, the notion that I share the ownership of that land is something that lies beyond my understanding and challenges the integrity of such claims. Do the thieves own the loot?

    Those who try to solve problems that they do not understand and have no clue of their origin may add more problems making things worse for those they go shopping for, as said by some in Lanka today. Those who have trouble grappling with larger issues should, instead, focus on more manageable issues. As an example, if I do not own my house, then, how could my brothers or relatives claim that they own my house while claiming that they own their houses too? Isn’t it designed to keep me out in the cold? What kind of justice is that? Though there are funny laws created by local politicians to appease Tamils just like 13A, plus etc. to transfer ownership on leasehold properties quite contrary to very English laws that prevail in English systems, it is the denial of natural justice that may lead to extra-judicial activities culminating with the quite opposite effect on the very people they try to appease. Such serious discriminatory conduct by the ruling elite and others who have been reaching out to the minorities under various guises demand proper responses in kind they could understand to stop such criminal conduct.”

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    This Tamil referendum (in Canada UK etc) must not be ignored. IT MUST BE STOPPED. Kumar Moses is absolutely right. If ignored, INDIA will take it up with the next president and demand EELAM to be established in at least in the Northern privince, then later as a republic. Sinhala ignored what was then called Kalla Thoney. The result LTTE total control of eastern and northern provinces. As Kumar points out clearly the next presidents job is to settle Sinhala in Point Padro so that in Point Padro the majority is Sinhala.

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