An Ura Kumara Calling Others Pig is Hilarious!
Posted on December 30th, 2009

– Kumar Moses

In local language “ura” means pig. An Ura Kumara of the JVP must take a hard and close look at his own genre, including the name his parents gave him, before calling others pigs. Unable to face the challenge posed to Fonseka over his son-in-law’s Hicorp and other arms deals, An Ura couter challenges with terms describing own self. It is not just the name there is more to it than meets the eye.   The JVP has been split into two. They are basically the Wimal fraction and the An Ura Kumara fraction. There are some interesting differences between the two fractions. Members of the An Ura fraction have gained weight enormously even though being in the Opposition! This is very unusual as generally the ruling party MPs tend to gain more weight than their friends in the Opposition. Not only An Ura, but also all his closest friends too have gained weight remarkably. Notable new fatty men of the camp include He-rat and Lal Kanta-Bonta. Of course there is one exception but all others have built mass over the past 3 years in a very strange phenomena unseen in Sri Lankan politics before.

They have made the JVP the laughing stock of the electorate. While the Trincomalee district JVP MP Wijesereka had the intelligence and a backbone to take a brave stand by the JVP’s past comrades, the fatty men are busy stuffing more and more. In doing so they have forgotten the enemies of the JVP, and have betrayed the JVP.

What the JVP should be doing is not to become the cat’s paw of their assailants but to plan ahead for the 2010 General Election where the JVP is likely to get annihilated.

where the JVP is likely to get annihilated.

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Anura Kumara, Vijitha Herath, and Lal Kantha are leaders of JVP-RK group (Ravi Karunanayaka) R.K is their secret ideologist and RK’s house is the secret place they have discussions with SF, Ranil, Mano Ganesan, Rauf Hakkim and other pro LTTE foreign ambassadors.

    Those three were very happily in the Chandrika’s cabinet whom the most corrupted and most inefficient political leader in Sri Lanka’s history. They never against her Air Lanka/Emirates scandal, Thawakkal Scandal, Petroleum scandal, Water’s edge scandal, Air Bus deal, Insurance cooperation deal, Distilleries cooperation deal, Arms and ammunition scandals and many other corrupted deals by then CBK government.

    Those three never utter a word against Chandrika’s peace agreement with Terrorist Prabakaran. Even her PTOM to give Eelam indirectly to Prabakaran they never objected. When Chandrika organized a meeting with her cabinet,donor country reps, NGO’s, INGO’s and parliamentarians at Kandy to finalize the PTOM. Vijitha Herath was on the stage with Chandrika and other PTOM architects the foreigners, NGO’s, INGOs. Only after JHU’s Ratana thero’s protest speech against the PTOM they realized that the majority of Sri Lankans were not agree with the PTOM’s secret agenda. Then only they made a U- turn and started to bark against the Chandrika’s Government.

    Even during the final stages of the patriotic war against LTTE terrorists, there were lots of interferences to save terrorist by NATO and their puppet countries. I never heard/seen any protest by JVP’s RK group or UNP/UNF (united napunsaka front) against the western interferences.

    Now the party leader is voice less and just a showman. He cannot say no to RK Group. If he say no to RK group Somawansa cannot go back to England after 27Th January 2010 to wash dishes at Ronnie Perera’s or Chandrika’s kitchen in London. That’s why Soma never ever criticized Chandrika’s corruptions or scandals. Other than support her favorite UNF candidate no any other option to Soma.

  2. kumara 1037 Says:

    Anura kumara made several mistakes in his political carier as well as Tilvin Silva and Wijitha Herath.All of them had common thing in mind was to handle MR govt like what they did to Chandrika Govt. The worst thing a political party can do to a coalition government is the JVPers Probationary govt.It is the greatest insult one can do to a govt.
    They had in mind to do the same or even worst to Mahinda Rajapaksa after the election. JVPers dressed Chandrika
    with “Jungi” and They tried to bring MR to the political platform in naked.
    Like Premadasa said in the time of impeachment, Mahinde is a well tempered man as well. He knew whats JVPers are trying to do by asking three days to respond to to the ministerial portfolios.By doing so they wanted to discredit new government as what they did to Chandrika Govt
    All predictions made by Anura kumara is wrong . Once Mr raised the buying price of the litre of milk to Rs 34 he asked how can the govt do that.
    In the East election he asked “What is the hurry” of going to an election now. After all they failed.
    Now they have realised that they are loosing along with Sarath Fonseka.No luck for him .

  3. Samson Says:

    Anura Kumara Dissanayaka is Somawansa’s yesman. He has come to the end of the road. But what I cannot understand is why all the other JVPers support Gonseka.

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