Corrupted Politicians And A Disgruntle War Hero
Posted on December 31st, 2009

Nihal Perera Toronto Canada

It was just six months ago, we were jubilant as we had finally seeing the end of 30 years of Tamil Tiger terrorism, which devastated Sri Lanka – economically, socially, and destroyed a generation of youths on both sides.

 The same people who made this historic and unprecedented victory possible are now engaged in a bitterly divided political battle – jeopardizing the victory, and making a mockery of all the hard work and sacrifices made by our brave young men and women of the Tri-Forces.

 Also, just six months ago, Sri Lankans were ecstatic and optimistic realising that Sri Lanka finally has a golden opportunity to move forward economically, socially, creating prosperity and peace that was long over due.

 Unfortunately, that was a very short-lived dream, thanks to unscrupulous bunch of corrupted, and self-serving traitors and politicians, who found a disgruntle and a vindictive ex-army general, willing to be their common candidate – who so far does not seem to have any viable policies, or a vision of his own, other attacking MR and his brothers with corruption charges, which seems his only election platform so far.

 Almost half way into the campaign now, he has yet to reveal whose policies he plans to implement if he gets elected – Ranil’s, JVP’s, Mangala’s, Mano’s, or Hakeem’s….?? Results: confusion and uncertainty – a sure recipe for political instability, and disaster for the country…

 SF does not seem to realise that he is now a part of the very political party (UNP), and the culture which introduced corruptions and political dictatorship thirty three years ago by JRJ – carried out faithfully, even today by Ranil. It is ironic that SF promises to eliminate corruptions – by joining the most corrupted politicians and traitors in the country..!

 The biggest problem facing Sri Lanka today is the rapidly gaining momentum of the pro-Eelam forces, backed by the West, with re-newed demands for war crimes investigation against Sri Lanka, thanks to allegations made by SF, against Gothabaya and the Army Commanders. Sri Lanka is again on the radar of the Human Rights crusaders in the West – such as HRW, AI and UN, who have been relentless in their quest to punish Sri Lanka, since the defeat of the LTTE.

 No matter how much SF denies it now, he has already done the biggest damage to the battered image of Sri Lanka, by opening a can of worms – mainly due to his own stupidity and vindictiveness towards Rajapaksa brothers…. He may be the self-appointed crusader of the government corruptions, which will be a non-issue if the country gets divided by the Eelamists, with the help of the pro-Tamil international forces. In other words, there is no point having a corruptions-free country if there are two separate states, and one is called “Eelam”….

 It is extremely upsetting that we Sri Lankans, are even unable to take full advantage of our biggest victory after 30 years of misery – thanks to utter stupidity of our self-serving politicians, combined with a mis-guided, and a disgruntle War Hero..

3 Responses to “Corrupted Politicians And A Disgruntle War Hero”

  1. aravinda Says:

    On 26th of January 2010, Sri Lankans will DISCARD Ranil, Hakeem, Mangala, Mano with their Grand Plan to HIJACK Sri Lanka in to the DUSTBIN of history. They will fade away in to footnotes of our history books along with other traitors who damaged our nation. We shall forget them and our children will not utter their names.

  2. jayawardena Says:

    All thief’s who rob public wealth and rake them into their personal confers will end up, not in dust bin but in Venezuelas fool Chavezas mental hospital in Jan 29 !!

  3. Priyantha Abeywickrama Says:

    jayawardena, you must be dreaming. Your id is in public. Definitely you have forgotten how you ran away without your clothing when people came after you. Stop making silly comments to vent your hatred just like one of the latest politicians for causing damage to your reputation and loss of lucrative job that you never deserved.

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