Posted on January 18th, 2010

Malin Abeyatunge

I wrote this letter on 5/12 2009 and this was published in patriotic websites like Lankaweb, Sinhale Hotnews and is in the public domain.The most recent news that SF group has tried to bribe National Freedom Front Member of Parliament Mohamed Muzzamil MP is only a tip of the iceberg. Wimal Weerawansa also mentions that a foreign country is involved in this transaction. What I have said on 5/12/2009 is becoming true and I hope you will re-publish this letter to bring the matter into focus again..

Now the race has begun and how Sarath Fonseka’s election campaign WILL BE FUNDED may be an interesting thing to wait and watch.  As Sarath  Fonseka claims himself to be Mr. CLEAN and Mr. INTERGITY and  contesting the presidential election to weed out corruption and nepotism,  no one thinks that he has enough funds on his own to run the presidential race. Being Mr. Clean Mr. Integrity , I don’t think he would have accumulated so much of wealth whilst being the Army Commander. So, who is funding his race? Are the five stooges Ranil, Mangala, Somawansa, Hakeem and Mano or their parties have enough funds to run the race? I doubt very much.

 Now the race has begun, there will be sterling pounds, American, Canadian, Australian and Euro dollars  flooding into the Presidential Election campaign specially for UNP-JVP led alliance. Of course, it may boost our FX reserves. The international conspirators comprise of  overseas organizations, INGOS, individuals and even some state agencies   want to see the end of Rajapaksa’s rule having miserably failed by other means like war crimes, IDP issues etc. The international conspirators will see that the Common Candidate Sarath Fonseka’s  election campaign will not run short of funds.

Incidentally, Somawansa has just returned from a trip to Europe and his agenda  would have been presumably to raise funds from state agencies and INGOs  who are partners of the international conspiracy.

 I believe that the Central Bank has a role to play to see that laundered funds from overseas do not finance the presidential election campaign of Sarath Fonseka. Any funds coming from overseas to these parties henceforth should  be monitored like the CB keeping a tab on TRO Funds.  CB also should track the flow of funds to this Presidential election campaign be they ruling party or the opposition candidate. There should be transparency of the funds received from overseas thro various state agencies and INGOs specially to SF’s election campaign may be even from the LTTE supportive Diaspora who likes to see the end of Rajapaksa regime for having defeated LTTE militarily on Sri  Lankan soil.

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