Sri Lanka Presidential elections : What’s your problem?
Posted on January 30th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

January 30, 2010

Board of Directors  
Asian Human Rights Commission 
19/F Go-Up Commercial Building,
998 Canton Road
Hong Kong.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You people continue to amaze me, not for your moral decency in your genuine concerns about Rights violations in Sri Lanka, but for your constant invective stupidity in shadow boxing with Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his governing administrators.  What is wrong with you guys and gals to go into this constant bellyaching stupor?

Today’s Yahoo News says: “A regional rights group raised serious questions Friday over the handling of Sri Lanka’s Presidential election”¦The Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission cited counting irregularities”¦”. Aren’t you all a bunch of cry babies?

Elsewhere I read:  “Issuing a preliminary report the five-member Commonwealth team which was in the country since January 18 to observe the election process said the overall administrative arrangements for voting and counting have been well conducted.”

Assuming all you members of the Board of Directors have studied up top Grade 5 English, what is it that you do not understand in the above statement?  If you all do not understand simple English then all of you should vacate your chairs and stop being babies in diapers sucking your thumbs and complaining to your Mummies saying, “Mummy, this Sri Lanka man Mahinda Rajapaka with a red sash dropping from around his neck gives me the belly-ache!”

And if you listen to your Mummies carefully, you might hear them say, “Leave that man alone, he is a good man to his people.  What is your problem child?  Take that thumb off your mouth, go to the washroom and take off your diaper and put on some decent clothes and act like a sensible, mature man and a woman as I brought you up no other way.”  Listen carefully, and that is what you will hear.

And today I read that the : “Sri Lanka Election Secretariat has dismissed the allegations by the opposition parties that computer manipulation of votes took place during counting process of last Tuesday’s presidential election, the Island newspaper reported”.

Well what is it that you all do not understand in that statement?  Drrrrr”¦.!

Stop being a bunch of thumb sucking cry babies. Get your Mummy to put you to bed and ask her to sing her favourite Cradle Song:

“Rock-a-bye stupid AHRC babies/in SF’s tree top/when MR’s wind blows/your cradle will rock/when the bough brakes your cradle will fall/down will come you cry babies your cradle and all.”

Let’s hope that a good sleep will help you and when you wake up that all your cobwebs in your mind about Sri Lanka’s Presidential election will be cleared and that you will not have to suck your thumbs and cry anymore.

Good luck, my dear Ladies and Gentlemen and have a good sleep.  Good Night!


Asoka Weerasinghe

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