In Kandy, Roads are closed , flyovers in other areas. A9 is also open.
Posted on February 13th, 2010

Sri Lankan

In other words prelates in Kandy are very keen to topple a democratically elected government with an 1.8 Million majority through  a military conspiracy.

Prelates expect General Shravidra Silva, General Prasanna Silva , G. Gallage and all other war heroes to be brought in-front of an international tribunal and executed.

 Prelates are for the planing to Kill the president and government elected ministers with the help of a private army. And the prelates openly interfere with independent  judiciary.

They also keep the roads closed in Kandy despite recommendations of the President and all citizens living in Kandy to make the government unpopular and achieve thier political objectives.

Prelates also recommend abduction and disappearances of media personnel. Prelates do not mind releasing all sensitive military news and plans and military strategies to LTTE and other countries.

No country in the world allows thier military hierarchy to release sensitive information on military operations.

Prelates recommend keeping illegal weapons and illegal armies of army deserters with lethal weapons. Are they actually living in this country, and what have they done for the Sinhalese Buddhist community overwhelmingly voted for peace and freedom in this country?

No wonder there were no people for the funeral possession of the Funeral of the Previous prelate who was known to be consuming various types of beverages and expired recently.

What about the president and the government which still save this country from disintegration, Don’t they have fundamental rights. What about the fundamental rights of over 6 million Sinhalese living in Sri Lanka.

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