C O R R U P T ac T I O N ?
Posted on June 9th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne      

Corruption is the dirtiest word in every country in the world. Politicians and the big coporate boses are the most corrupt guys in any country. Our main issue was corruption during the past elections and the President promised that he will do his best to eradicate corruption from our society as soon as he can the same way he end the war of thirty years. President should not wait too long to take ACTION to wipe out this menace. He should create a special department  and appoint a strong bipartisan individual with extraordinary powers as head to catch the culprits and to bring them to face justice. If he  can do this for the sake of our beloved country he will be the man to get the Nobel Peace prize in the near future for ending terrorism and bring peace to a devastated country and wiping out corruption.
Everywhere we go we hear corruption in Politics, sports, education, hospitals, corporations, ports, Airports etc. Any place you can think of is corrupt in our society. We cannot say every individual is corrupt but there is some who dosent do any work without  a bribe we call it “SANTHOSAM” to get a tender passed or to get your child admitted to school, to get a job from a politician, pass through the customs, to get an electric line or telephone line to your new house and many more. We need to clean from top to bottom not the other way around, to do that we need the cooperation of every citizen in the country whether in public sector or in private sector. No excuse for corruption it’s a crime against humanity. These sharks rob another man’s money and they have to pay the price. There should be hot lines availble to the public to complain any corruptions in our society to the man who is in charge. The president should appoint a person like Wimal Weerawansa or Basil Rajapaksa to oversee such a department as they were both hard working and honest politicians we have today. If any politician involved in any corruption should be sacked immediately from his posts whether he is related to the president even. If all the politicians get together and clean their houses from top to bottom we can be sure to have a decent,clean,honest society in the near future. It’s not easy to eradicate at once but we can try like the same way we cleaned up the terrorists from our soil.
UNPers were the most corrupt party in our country,they were accusing others as if they were the cleanest of them all. They were bribed by foreign elements to sabotage our forward march during the election time. Millions were paid to the former Retired General to tell lies against our war heros and to topple a democratically elected government Those traitors were kings of corruption and still they act innocent in front of the people blaming President and his family for corruptions. Their leaders were very well looked after by our enemies within and outside. NGO’s, Foreign governments and former terrorists groups etc. We all know that big sharks are out there always in Government ranks and in the opposition who steal public funds which was meant for the poor masses. Peoples representatives was elected to serve the people not to rob them therefore every single M.P. should collectively help the President to eradicate corruption from every area of our society. They should be an example to the country as a whole and get rid of this dirty habbit once and for all. I know we can do it and President can do it as the leader of our beloved Motherland. Let’s make our people stop all corrupt practices by educating them and at the same time identify the corrupt guys and expose them to the public. After the independence we had some genuine politicians who actually worked for the people like D.S.& Dudly Senanayaka,W.Dahanayake,Philip Gunawardena and some like them. We cannot talk same about leaders like,Chandrika,Ranil, Premadasa and many more like them. Some of them even robbed temple tresures and now talk about corruption in the governement. These shameless hypocrites dont have a place in our society though they represent some section of our society.
The Government servants are there to serve the people not to rob them.They should be responsible people and help the poor masses when ever they come to them for any services without harassing or demanding payouts for their services. If we want to clean up our society there should be some strict rules and regulations.The poor masses cannot afford to pay santhosam to every dick and harry to get things done. It’s not fair at all the politicians should get together and do something as they are the leaders of this country. People blame the politicians because of their behaviour. As soon as they get the power to their hand they abuse it by ignoring the poor voters. So Mr.President like you end the war with a well organized plan with your brother and your team of die hards please get rid of this bad habbit which destroy our society and be MR.CLEAN in this 40th anniversary of your political life. We know who you are and your family but there are your enemies out there to sling mud at you in every opportunity they get therefore please live up to your standard and be an example to our Motherland as well as to the whole world a man who eliminate the most ruthless terrorists group in the world and eliminate the most hated word CORRUPTION from our society. Take action before it spreads more like a virus. This issue should be the priority of your agenda if not poor masses will suffer and the rich will get richer and richer. Dont forget Mr.President this was a promise to the voters in both elections. So do it for the sake of the poor masses and the country we love so much. May Lord Buddha gives you strength and courage to end all evil habits from our society and to make our Paradise nation A JUST SOCIETY.

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