Why Stop Tamil Boats?
Posted on August 3rd, 2010

Prof. Hudson McLean

Why the hysteria of Sri Lankan authorities about Tamils attempt to enter Australia, Canada and elsewhere?

Sri Lanka is a democratic country where its citizens and visitors are free to Enter and Exit at their pleasure, subject to Immigration Laws of the Island.

I have not read of any other country who are trying hard to prevent Legal or Illegal Exit from its own territory.  With or without passports, any living soul wishing to leave the shores of Sri Lanka should be allowed to depart.

The President of Sri Lanka has “bent-over-backwards”, done his utmost to accommodate all the Tamil IDPs, refugees, even Terrorists, into safety and affordable comfort.

Those who participated in terrorism are being rehabilitated into civil society.  Mine fields created by the very own Tamils have been cleared to provide safety for the returning Tamils.

Even the Terrorist Mastermind, KP, the “King-Pin” of Prabhakaran is treated well and held in safety and comfort.  Who knows, KP might end up with a Ministerial Portfolio to encourage Inward Investment of Tamil Diaspora.

The families of the ex-terrorists are awarded equal status available to all Sri Lankan citizens.

So if any Tamil wishes to leave in Tamil refugee boats, after spending thousands of dollars, should be allowed to sail.  Its upto the Governments of Canada, Australia to decide how to accommodate their newest “excess baggage”.

The SRI LANKA SUPPORT GROUP  should realize that they are now being undemocratic and unfair to those Tamils who wish to settle down in Australia or in Canada.

IDPs denied right to return to original homes “”‚ TNA
August 2, 2010, 9:37 pm – Island

After a 30 year war, won by a great deal of bloodshed, should never be allowed to return.  Therefore the Government, in their wisdom has decided that, “Prevention is Better than Cure”.

Therefore, it is totally acceptable that the Government has decided to establish Defense hamlets and arrange that the families of the military are housed in certain strategically defined areas. The North and the East is a part & parcel of the Island of Sri Lanka and any citizen should be allowed to settle in any part of the country.

Those who argue that these actions are changing the Demographics of the Northern and Eastern landscapes, should consider that over 40% of the Colombo regional  population is Tamil.

And allowing the Sinhala population to be allowed to settle in those areas which were brutally controlled by the Tamils and their Terrorist brethren, in a new Free and Fair Democratic environment, is non-negotiable.

Furthermore, any Tamil who recognize the Freedom under Sri Lankan government policy should welcome the  Sri Lankan Defence Forces in their midst, to provide them with security.

The question about Indian Consular Office to be opened in Jaffna, should be given careful consideration.  In my opinion, the Indians seem to have a hidden Agenda.

As President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Defense Secretary Gothabhaya Rajapaksa have taken-up with considerable seriousness, the Defense of the Sri Lankan maritime territories must be given Top Priority.

Mannar, as a Maritime Gateway to India, demands High Security Protection to prevent illegal flow of Tamil elements bearing “Gifts of Terror”. Trincomalee is already manned by the Sri Lanka Navy and equal security is now being awarded to the Ports of Colombo and Hambantota.

The astute strategy of Balancing Political See-saw between Indian and Chinese interests have been cleverly handled by the President, which commands Top Marks!

In my humble opinion, Sri Lanka is on the Right Track whether the Island wishes to be another Singapore or Switzerland. And both are equally possible.

Let the Australians and Canadians handle their own internal politics and a Deaf Ear to IDA.

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