The Conservative Government & the Sun Sea Fiasco
Posted on August 16th, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe. Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester. Ontario Canada

16 August 2010
Hon. Vic Toews, P.C., M.P.
Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons, Ottawa
cc. Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration
 Dear Vic Toews:
Re: MV Sun Sea and 490 illegal Tamil Migrants – Canada has created a monster and it is slowly eating Canada up
Permit me to introduce myself. I am a card carrying Conservative (C11255047) and a Sustaining Donor of your party.  Prior to that I was a card carrying Reformist and then a member of the Canadian Alliance having dumped the Liberal Party of which I was a member for decades for the very reason that they were proxy killers of my Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka by letting the Canadian Tamils collect two million dollars a month for 11 years to buy weapons to fight their separatist Eelam war in Sri Lanka.
The way the Conservative Government has handled like a wimp the above issue, I have decided not to fork out any more dollars as donations from now on until I am satisfied with a creative and a gutsy remedy that you all will come up with to stem the future flood of Tamil boat people without unjust attacks on Sri Lanka.  I have also decided not to vote Conservative at the next federal election as a protest on this issue which is close to my heart as a Sinhalese Sri Lankan-Canadian.  These decisions are purely on principle as I believe that my party does not deserve my valuable vote when they support rogue Tamil refugee claimants and let Tamil Tiger terrorists into the country.  If you are feeling the wind of a back-lash on this very issue, then count me in.
The deafening silence by all other Conservative parliamentarians speaks volumes, that your caucus colleagues are now scared of intimidation by the 250,000 resident Tamils.  What is going through their minds, I am sure are, will we lose the Tamil votes at the next elections or will 50,000 of them walk the streets in protest in Ottawa and Toronto carrying Tamil Tiger flags harassing other Canadians and blocking streets as well as block the Gardiner Express Highway once again during rush hours by sending their grey-haired seniors, infants in strollers and pregnant mothers to lead such demonstrations to dissuade baton charges or water cannons being used to disperse these Tamil demonstrators.
You know, now that you have let the ‘Ocean Lady’ and ‘Sun Sea’ dock on our shores and let in these illegal migrants, Tamil terrorists and all, your chances are nil to turn the next two ship loads of Tamils waiting to enter Canadian waters, as Canada will be slapped with a billion dollar law suit by Tamil Tiger front organizations in Canada.  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are on their side and they will shame you all by reminding you how Canada rebuffed 340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims and 12 Hindus from Punjab, India, aboard S.S. Komagata Maru who in 1914 tried to immigrate to Canada.  And when on August 3, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared at the 13th Annual Ghadri Babiyan Da Mela in Surrey, British Columbia, to issue an apology for the Komagata Maru incident in response to the House of Commons motion calling for an apology and said, “On behalf of the Government of Canada I am officially conveying that apology.”
I know of a scam when I see one, but you and your colleagues aren’t able to see one as you all are blinded by the Tamil blood-soaked votes dangling in front of your eyes.  I remember quite well the shameless Emergency Debate on Sri Lanka which was held in the Parliament Chambers on the evening of February 4, 2009, which was a Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show when the Conservatives , Liberals and the NDP were clawing for the Tamil votes with Tamils chocker-block full in the gallery that evening watching you all performing and thrashing unfairly the Sri Lanka-Sinhalese and the Sri Lankan government and most of you, mainly the Liberals ended up as a bunch of no good bloody liars charging Sri Lanka of genocide and the Sri Lankan soldiers as rapists.  Remember, when Hilary Clinton charged the Sri Lankan soldiers as rapists she had to go down on her knees and apologize to the Sri Lankan Government and her disciplined soldiers by saying “I am sorry, this comment was wrong on my part…”  You all acted like a bunch of clowns that day. 
Here’s what bothers me Vic, which is the reason why I decided not to vote Conservative the next time around, not that I will be voting Liberal or NDP:
1.   These 490 scammers are liars when they say that  they have been persecuted, when over a million Tamils live peacefully in the south amongst the majority Sinhalese, happy as clams, and now the liberated Tamils in the north and east are getting comfortable and are smiling as they now have houses to live in, schools for their children to attend, hospitals and health clinics to visit when they are sick, farm land to farm, seed money given by the government to restart their small businesses and the Tamil Tiger planted landmine terrain and roads cleared to walk without having fears that their limbs will be blown off.
All this happened since May 19, 2009 after the Tamil Tiger terrorist butts were whipped by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and defeated for good in their own game of blowing up bombs and shooting bullets, and 30 years of holding onto one-third of the country bordered by 60% of the coastline as a de facto Tamil separate state, Eelam.
The ground reality in Sri Lanka is that all citizens irrespective of their ethnicity have exactly the same political and civic rights, including parity of status for Sinhala and Tamil languages. That is the only reason why over a million Tamils live happily in the south amongst the majority Sinhalese with 41% of the population in the capital Colombo being Tamils.  And according to the CIA-fact book only about 5% of Sri Lanka’s 22 million population are Sri Lankan Tamils.  Yet, more than 10% of the members of  the Sri Lankan parliament are Tamil-speaking.  So why are these 490 Tamils say that they are being persecuted?
Moreover, they have their political leaders, Karuna who was the Tamil Tiger commander in the east and now the Junior Minister in Cabinet for Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation.  And Piliyan, a former Tamil Tiger child soldier is the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province.  Both are democrats who now believe in ballots rather than in bullets.  For the Conservatives to believe these 490 scammers and open the flood gates to come into Canada says how vote hungry and foolish you Conservatives are. 
2. For these illegal Tamil migrants to say that they paid $45,000 to get a ride on ‘Sun Sea’ to Canada amazed me for a couple of reasons. The first was that $45,000 for someone who had been under the administration of the Tamil Tigers for 30 years and not getting paid handsomely for whatever this person was employed at, or even if these Tamils were working in the south where a Doctor’s salary for a month is around $2000, I wonder where did they find such bundles of monies.  They seem to be very rich Tamils, millionaires in Sri Lankan terms, and not poor Tamils by any means, as they would like the Canadians to believe.
Secondly, all these migrants know that if they had $45,000 and multiplying that by 100 rupees for each dollar that they could buy a decent home and live comfortably for the next 20 years without raising a finger to earn a living.  And that is a fact.  So why should these Tamil millionaires come to Canada by-passing their Motherland, which is Tamil Nadu in South India where 66 million of their Tamil people live.
If these funds are ill-gotten monies, is Canada going to be concerned to find out how these millionaires managed to fill their pockets with Rs.4,500,000.  Are you interested to find out whether they are a bunch of bankers, entrepreneurs, share holders of multi-national companies, crooks, bank robbers, rogues, thieves, drug traffickers, credit card cheats or extortionists?  Or does that matter to you at all?
3.   You and I know that human trafficking is a million dollar business and you are trying to curb that business.  But I am disappointed that you have not targeted another aspect of this million dollar business, and that is the immigration lawyers who are waiting like vultures to get these people into the country, and their services are not sold at a penny for an hour.  There are many Mafioso in this human trafficking equation.  The Canadian Government should not act like a  bunch of intimidated patsies and go after every Mafioso in this global criminal network, thriving out of the remnants of the defeated military group of the Tamil Tigers.
It is said that the human smugglers behind MV Sun Sea may have pocketed more than $20 million for ferrying these 490 Tamils.  And it is not a packet of pea nuts that is handed free on an Air Canada flight.  The question that you Conservatives have to answer is, if you all had taken in Capt.Vinod who was the Deputy of Capt. Kamalraj Kandasamy, both former Sea Tigers, of the Ocean Lady that brought in 76 illegal Tamil migrants last October and charged and put  them behind bars for human trafficking after confiscating the ship, he wouldn’t have gone back to Captain MV Sun Sea and bring these 490 Tamil illegal migrants giving you and us this insurmountable head aches and anger.  The Conservative government is up to their waist deep in trouble and sinking fast  into  the black hole of stupidity showing up how intimidated you all are by the Tamil refugees and immigrants who are already in Canada.  And that is a reality check for you.
The Conservative Government acts like a bunch of wimps and the Canadian tax payers including you are paying  a Himalayan price for that stupidity.
“What would you may have done, Asoka?”  you may ask. I would have had one of the Canadian ships intercept the MV Sun Sea before it entered the Canadian waters, off load the 490 illegal Tamil migrants  into the ship and send them back in comfort to the port in Thailand where they came from.  And before  they disembark, I would give each one of them an application form to apply to get into Canada as immigrants and ask them to hand them over to the  Canadian High Commission in Colombo and request them to get to the back of the queue with the others who had already applied to immigrate to Canada.  And there are 4,000 of such applicants, I understand.
As for Capt.Vinodh and his crew, I would take them in and charge them for human trafficking.,  And as for MV Sun Sea, I would confiscate it, and  not be intimidated that it is owned  by the most ruthless terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers, and later sell it for scrap.
And if there are legal consequences according to International Law or whatever, then I would have our lawyers handle it.
Well, Vic, you all certainly got a problem in your hands, all for the greed for Tamil votes to try and win nine ridings in the Greater Toronto Area.  “Serve you blood right”, I wouldn’t hesitate to say to your lot.
But then there is one more option that the Conservative government could consider to silence the Canadian Bleeding Hearts who say that we are a vast country and we can afford to bring in these Tamils who say that they are being persecuted, and also to satisfy your wanting to bloat your voter bank in preparation for the next federal election seeking the support of the Tamils who are already here.
Negotiate an agreement with the Sri Lankan Government to send in Visa Officers to the North of Sri Lanka and have them process all the Tamils including the Tamil Tigers who say that they are being persecuted, and  have their applications processed and fill the Canadian Immigrant Ships and bring them over to the welcoming applause of our Bleeding Hearts, the Human Rights NGOs  who have nothing good say about the Sri Lankan Government, and Church Organizations and everyone else who wants to embrace these millionaire Tamil illegal migrants.
Empty that island nation by siphoning out the disgruntled Tamils who are really searching for greener pastures and believe that their Homeland, Tamil Nadu in South India where 66 million of their Tamils live, is not green enough for them.  And by the way Tamil Nadu is just a hop, skip and a jump from the shores of Jaffna which is just 22 miles away compared to the 20,000 miles to Victoria.  This certainly would be a win-win situation for both Sri Lanka and Canada.
Once you bring them over to Canada create a little Eelam in Scarborough or Markham, the Tamil stomping grounds, and call it Scarborough-Eelam or Markham-Eelam, and house them in that municipality.  Make them feel at home by renaming some of the streets like  Tamil Tiger Boulevard, Prabhakaran Street, Thamilchelvam Crescent, Pottu Amman Private, Canadian Tamil Congress  Road, et cetera. Since most of these millionaires may not speak English or French  have a special concession to have the names in Tamil script on road sign boards, and let them fly their Tamil Tiger flags alongside the Canadian flag.  And you know what, Conservative will have all the Tamil votes and you will have these new comers as friends of the Conservatives for life.
For those Canadians who will be against this move, perhaps you may wish to have this Tamil Boat people as a election platform issue.  Let these people vote with their conscience.  If they reject Prime Minister Stephen Harper like what the Australians did with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, then so be it.,  Let the dice fall where it may.  This is democracy at work.
But I can assure you one thing.  Although I will still be a Conservative unless you all will not entertain me as one of you in the future, you will certainly not get my vote at the next federal election, period.  You know what, Vic?  I am mad  as hell with the bunch of Conservative patsies.
Asoka Weerasinghe.

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  1. S de Silva Says:

    Well said Asoka! the situation here in the UK is not much better. Your letter would indeed be very instuctive to the Tamil supporting MP’s here for almost identical reasoning. Therefore would appreciate your forwarding under your own signature this letter to MP’s Keith Vaz, Simon Hughes & Ed Miliband and the Conservative Party – S de Silva – London

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