Dan Mathson: Your interview with Manjula Selvarajah
Posted on August 21st, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

 August 20, 2010
Dan Matheson
CTV News:
Dear Dan Matheson:
Here’s my response to  the Canadian Tamil Congress spokesperson Manjula Selvaraja’s defence of the Sea Sun illegal Tamil migrants during your interview.
You asked, why  had these Tamils paid so much of money to get on that ship when they could have easily got on a plane to come over to Canada.
Her response was that these people were so desperate to get out of Sri Lanka and that is why and that they had no option.
My response is :  Of course they had an option.  Without flying out of Sri Lanka to get on that people smuggling ship in Thailand, they could have easily gone to their Mother India just 22 miles away from the shores of Jaffna where 66 million of their brethren Tamils live in Tamil Nadu in South India.  Why didn’t they?
Did they find that Tamil Nadu wasn’t green enough than the greener pastures that they were seeking in Canada which is almost 20 thousand miles away.  What was their motive?  Are they indeed economic refugees and had n patience to stay in line with the rest of the 4,000 applicants to immigrate from Sri Lanka?  Or did they know that they would  not have a chance in hell to get into Canada legally on a point system basis?
But the question that is going begging is, how did these 492 illegal Tamil migrants find millions of rupees to fork out for that passage. They had paid $45 thousand each which when converted into Sri Lankan rupees are in the millions four times over.  If indeed they say they were poor, how come they became millionaires over night.  If they admit that they are not millionaires, not gem merchants, not owners of tea estates,  not share holders of multi-national companies, not bank robbers, not drug traffickers, nor credit card fraudsters, then who was it that  paid for their passage to Canada?
The above is a good question which the RCMP should probe to choke this global human trafficking million dollar net work and the RCMP should start probing by questioning Manjula for starters who may or may not have some answers.
Manjula was mourning with disgust that the Sri Lanka’s  highest representative  in Canada had not commented on these people who are Sri Lankans.
If I was the High Commissioner my answer would have been easy.  “Listen Mr. Matheson, if all these people say that they are Sri Lankans and if they can prove that they are Sri Lankans with valid documentation, then please send them back to Sri Lanka in a ship or a jumbo jet.  We would love to have them back as they our people and  I can assure you that they will live happily ever after like the rest of the over a million Tamils who are living in Sri Lanka who are not complaining of persecution.
“You know what, Mr. Matheson, 41% of the population in the capital Colombo are Tamils, and no one wants to get on an Ocean Lady or a Sun Sea to float towards the Canadian shores, 54% of all Tamils live in the South of Sri Lanka, and 700,000 live in the highlands,  and I doubt that if they are millionaires that they would want to leave their lives of luxury and get on an Ocean Lady or a Sun Sea and float for three months to land on the shores of Canada.   Seventy-five percent of the prime real-estate of Wellawatte a suburb of Colombo, which is really Ottawa’s Rothwell Heights is owned by Tamils, and they are happy.  Please, if they are indeed Sri Lankans, send them back.  They could have a good life in Sri Lanka like the rest of the Tamils.”  That would have been High Commissioner Asoka Weerasinghe’s response.
However,whichever way Manjula wishes to cut the the pie to sweeten the mouth of the Canadians seeking their sympathy for her 492 illegal Tamil migrants who arrived on Sun Sea, over 60% of the Canadians have  already told the Government very loud and clearly in a Leger Marketing poll, to “BOOT ‘EM”.
I am available for an interview so that your listeners could hear the flip-side of the story for them to be judge and jury having  heard Manjula Selvarajah’s take on this illegal human trafficking crime.
Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Sri Rohana Says:

    Asoka this must be racist tamil tiger terrorists last ship to Canada I guess. Canada has to take some sort of action very soon to stop this menace. Now tamil bogus refugees cannot go anywhere in the world. Ask from Europeans they hate tamils. Even their best friend Eric Solheim’s Norway and Anton Balasingham’s country England don’t want tamils anymore. They tried to go to Australia by forced, anyhow Aussies took the correct action and not allowed them to sail even in international sea. At last they came to Canada. If not Canada takes the proper action a fleet of tiger ships will come very soon. If Canada wants some more bogus refugees there are 1.8 million tamils in Sri Lanka and 65 million tamils in tamil country (tamil nadu).

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