National Language of Sri Lanka – Why Options?
Posted on January 18th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

May I take this opportunity to commend and agree with the factual article below-;

What has Hindi-dominated India given Tamils?
Shenali Waduge (LankaWeb – 18/01/11)

Would you, or any other sensible human being offer a part of one’s property, heritage, house, belongings to a guest or a squatter, whom you have given a fair and generous treatment, but in return massacred your family and set fire to the house?

As Shenali Waduge has aptly described, Tamils in Sri Lanka have been walking in their sleep, misguided by scavangers of their own kind, into exploiting Tamils to fatten their own greedy stomachs.

Tamils have shown no gratitude or feelings of loyalty to Sri Lanka and to the Sinhala population. Period! 

I am fully aware that I am generalising. But deep in the heart of any Tamil, there is no love lost between the Tamil and the Sinhalese.

There is an old saying, “Whether a Tamil is cooked in oil or in milk, the Tamil, is a Tamil!

Many have expressed their feelings about the Homeland of 70 million Tamils, is Tamil Nadu, a State within the Indian Republic. As the treatment of the Indian government demonstrates, the 70 million or so Tamils have to learn Hindi, the National Language, if they wish to be employed by the government of India.

That is how the Great Mother India treats her Tamil sons & daughters!

America where English is the accepted main language has no National Language, whereas Canada has both English and French.  The United Kingdom of Great Britain which comprises of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the official and National Language is English.

An Asian example, Malaysia where there are Chinese, Tamils, and several other ethnic minorities, the National language is, Bahasa Malay!

And there are dozens of other similar examples where ethnic minorities are expected to accept the National Language of the majority or the Founders of the State.

The preferred option for Sri Lanka is to make Sinhala as the only National language but to promote English as the Business Language and the medium of common communication.

Why create Options?

PS: Thank You Shenali for a well presented factual document.

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11 Responses to “National Language of Sri Lanka – Why Options?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    I agree with you Sinhala shall be the only national language.
    But you like Singapore rather than Malaysia where corruption is rampant.
    What is Singapore national language ? English or Malay ? They sing “majula singapura” in Malay but everything else is in English except for sign borads Malay ,Chinese and English.

  2. jayt Says:

    Thank you a lot Prof. Hudson McLean. You have described it exactly what is in Sinhalese heart. Of course, there are good Tamil people but conspiracy always have come from Tamil side

  3. Sri Rohana Says:

    Professor McLean it is absolutely correct what you have written. In England they say, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian”. But honestly we cannot tell even “The only good tamil is a dead tamil”. We better say, “The only good tamil is an unborn tamil”

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sinhala Language has to be the MAIN Language in Sri Lanka. The National Anthem must be sung in Sinhala. There is no other way ! How can any other way be ever justified ?
    English must be the link language between Sinhala & Tamil. This feels so right.

  5. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Is this stupid prof follow the nasty UK and USA who are behind the terrorists along with the Catholic Church and UNP?

    Better come out from your closet to accomodate everyone. If the Tamils study in Tamil medium, what the heck they can do after their school? Does this prof expect Tamils to go back to a Sinhala school?

    I hope this prof tries to destroy the legacy of Bandaranayake and ask SL people to follow Americans and British to be slaves again!

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mudali : If we go to the west and insist on studying in the Sinhala or Tamil medium, would we ever get a job there ? As they say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. If in Lanka, have at least some knowledge of the language of the country i.e. Sinhala, and have some knowledge of the link language, English.

    You say : “Tamils study in Tamil medium, what the heck they can do after their school ?”. To get a job Tamils will have to learn some Sinhala & English too.

    In Tamil Nadu, the Tamils can get jobs without learning any other language. Therefore, those who insist on working in Tamil only may have to go back to Tamil Nadu.

    No one needs to be a ‘rocket scientist’ to figure out this simple formula ….. getting angry will not solve any problem. Use logic.

  7. cassandra Says:


    You have said that “There is an old saying, “Whether a Tamil is cooked in oil or in milk, the Tamil, is a Tamil!”. You have not told us, though, among whom there is this saying.

    The saying is crude and offensive and is patently racist, and is not the sort of saying I would even have seen fit to recall in these columns. Now, people who make such derogatory remarks of others may well consider they are being smart. But I wonder if such people often stop to think that others may be saying something just as derogatory about them! I wish they did stop to think, for it will be sobering to realise that the sentiment could well be mutual.

  8. jimmy Says:

    I am a tamil and I am hurt
    I agree with Cassandra
    Neelan kadhirgamar and Neelan Thiruchelvam will weep from the Grave after reading your article
    I thought honestly Professor you are a well educated Gentleman . I was wrong
    Let the younger Generation lead the beautiful Lanka
    Please do not spoil it


  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Oh dear ! but the good Prof. sounds so Brit !
    We have all got used to imitating our ex-Colonists, and so well too. The Brits & Portuguese (Catholic religion) vie for the top place !

  10. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Why cannot you go to Vatican or Portugal? Tamil and Sinhala are the Official Languages and mediums of Instrution also.

    Why cannot you become an Appuhamy or Appiah in Sri Lanka? “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. First you change your name and religion. Then bark.

  11. lanka Says:

    The professor is right on the dot in his analysis of the Tamil problem in SL. I would myself not classify all Tamils to be in this category. To me the problem Tamils in SL are those who have an inferior superiority complex molded, fostered and spoiled by European colonial way of thinking as a master race. For a start they became Christians and (Loyal to the Vatican) shunned their own Hindu brothers(This applies to Sinhalese Christians too), if not they believed they were of high cast and shunned the low cast Tamils. Because of this mentality they were not prepared to be ruled by a Sinhalese majority. These are the Tamils who spurred on trouble by creating a mythical homeland for Tamils in SL. Well they always had the choice to go back to the real Tamil homeland, Tamil Nadu, but alas, India want put up with a separate homeland crap.

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