Why Canada is trying to revive the LTTE
Posted on January 21st, 2011

Sarath Bulathsinghala

Let us look at the big picture. Ҭ

The Christian Church is already loosing its adherents in the Christian West. Having seeing their bigotry, pedophilia and unearned riches traditional Christians are leaving their churches by the score. Already the Churches in these countries are up for sale in many places. ҬCanada is a wealthy country where the Catholic Church is very powerful and extremely influential. Catholic Church has already declared that this century is for the conversion of Asia. They need new converts to counter the loss they are already suffering. In Sri Lanka they will use the LTTE to help them convert the Tamils in the North and East. This is why the LTTE is important for them.Ӭ

Elsewhere for the Western Christian powers their long term agenda is to balkanize the whole of South Asia “”…” India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma to enable them to exploit and have dominance over these countries. They too require the LTTE to make a toehold first in Sri Lanka as a stepping stone for the dismemberment of India. Balkanization of Pakistan is ongoing! “¨

The 13th Amendment + will give much power to the provinces in Sri Lanka. This is already proving to be a big while elephant, a burden to the ordinary Sri Lankan, serving only the interests of a favored few.  With the 13+ the Catholic Church will become very powerful in Sri Lanka’s North Western Province. Already the newly appointed Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has told not to change the demographics in the North and East and to keep them for the Tamils. What this means is that the Catholic Church wants to have a free ride in these provinces unencumbered to carry out conversions. Once converted they become easy pawns and cannon fodder for this misguided adventure of creating the greater Ealam “”…” a Christian nation friendly to the Western Powers.

As I have mentioned before these powers are the New Portuguese!ӬFrom its early opposition to the present government in Sri Lanka , within two years the Christian Church has jockeyed back and close to the President to have great influence over him. In this I am certain the Catholic Church has used family connections and other foul means at the disposal of the Catholic Church. Today Sri Lanka is soft peddling the Anti- Conversion Bill. The revival of the LTTE in Canada is to make whole of North Western, Northern and Eastern Christian and Catholic. They are already in the hill country among the poor and among the plantation workers. The plan is to achieve something even bigger than what Prabhakaran dreamed. Ҭ

The Hindu priests already have no say in the North and East. The land is free for the “ƒ”¹…”Catholic Black and Pink belts to roam. They are too engrossed in their caste ridden bigotry they fail to see the big picture. The Buddhist hierarchy the Maha Nayakas are not any better. They are too engrossed in their own welfare that they have hardly time for this big picture. They must get close to the President and not push him to the waiting hands of the Catholic Church. “¨

Only hope for Sri Lanka remains, with those that followed Soma Hamuduruwo and prepared the nation to end the first phase of the Tamil Terrorist war. Now they must come forward to save the nation from even bigger plot by the Catholic Church. Catholic Church is the main force behind the attempts to revive the LTTE and Tamil Racism. Their aim is to gain more power and wealth to the Church. The other Christian denominations are too in the fray. This is why Bishop Chickera too has something to say from time to time. Ҭ

If the Sri Lankan President fails to see the big picture “”…” he too will have the same fate of the King Buvanekea Bahu VI “”…” a  helpless pawn in the hand of the new Portuguese and an inglorious end to all his victories and achievements! It is up to the President to get the picture and not get fooled into submission by the Catholic Church and to give leadership to the people’s power that brought him to power. What is happening in Canada is only the tip of the Ice Berg that is Christian Domination of Sri Lanka.

Those who forget history are condemned to re-live it!

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  1. lal Says:

    I think the writer is naive to think the Catholic church is behind a conspiracy to sell the nation to the LTTE. Cardinal Malcom’s utterance that demographics of the North and East should not be changed has been misrepresented, ie he said that changes should not be made by government sponsored programmes. That does not mean that Sinhala people should not be permitted to settle in those areas by “natural means”
    One must not lose sight of present ground realities. Demographics of Western, Central and Uva has changed with large influx of Tamils. Sinhalese have been evicted from the North and parts of the East. A situation where Tamils can settle in any part of the coiuntry and whilst North and East is exclusively for the Tamils is not a proposition acceptable to the majority Sinhala community. Cardinal Ranjith needs to be educated on this situation. I am a catholic, but I am also a patriotic Sinhalese and as such I do believe a stronger Sinhala presence in the North and East is essential for security and economic development. Most if not all of my (catholic) friends have the same views on the subject. Catholics are just as patriotic as Budhists.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Someone (I forget the pen name of the writer) had written to the Lankaweb some months ago saying that when he asked Catholic people known to him, whether loyalties lay first with Lanka or with their religion, they had answered that their loyalties lay first with their religion. This means they will be loyal first to their Cardinal who takes his views from the Vatican, which is a foreign state within Italy. Rev Malcolm Ranjit will have to address this serious issue.

    The Tamil people of Dalit origin will convert easily to Catholicism, as then they can gain access to other Catholic countries, including Canada (and Australia) both of which have Catholicism as the dominant religion there.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    I am yet to come across any organized attempt by the Catholics anywhere whether in Sri Lanka or abroad who took up issues with the Catholic Church over its covert and in many cases overt support of the LTTE and the call for separatism. We invite all ‘patriotic Catholics wherever they are in Sri Lanka or abroad make and organized effort to take these matters to the Cardinal and through him to the Pope in the Vatican. It is not good enough just be patriotic by oneself when it comes to issues of this nature. Please get organized and make representations so that others who never lost faith in winning the Terrorist War can see your bona fides.

    Throughout the 30 years of Terrorist war in Sri Lanka the Catholics I know ‘ ran with the hares and hunted with the hounds,. They were always vociferous in highlighting ‘Tamil rights’ and the impossibility of winning the war. Those abroad were members of churches that collected funds for the Terrorist war machine. I am yet to come across a ‘patriotic christian’ who fronted their church on this issue.

    Influx of Tamils to North and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka did not happen by voluntary movements of people. In the first place large concentrations of Tamils in the North and East happened with under the Portuguese and the Dutch. They brought these people to tend their tobacco plantations. They were brought in initially as indented labor and who used to return to India periodically. In order to give them a sort of ownership in Sri Lanka and to prevent them going back the Dutch instituted the Thesawalamay law – a Muslim hereditary law practiced in South India. In subsequent years the initial influx to Northern Sri Lanka was followed by another influx to the Eastern coast also to tend the tobacco plantations.

    This is not to say that there weren’t Tamils in Jaffna. There were Tamils holding high positions For a brief period in the long history of Sri Lanka there were kinglets who were the local rulers of Jaffna who administered over mostly Sinhala people. They always submitted themselves to the suzerainty of the King of Kotte or the King of Kandy. There were occasions when the King was weak these kinglets exercised a degree of independence bordering on ceding from the authority at the centre. On many occasions these unruly elements were brought back to be on line, and into submission to the Emperor of Sinhale wherever he held court in Sri Lanka. Historians record that during the Dutch period there were ‘more foreigners in Jaffna than the natives’ – natives they were referring to were the local Sinhalese. The present day Koviars of Jaffna are the Govi Sinhalese who have ‘become Tamils’ over the years. The Sinhalese presence is evident in the place names in the Northern and Eastern provinces which were subsequently Tamilized during colonial times. The Tamils in the hill country – the tea plantation sectors were brought in by the last colonial ruler – the British.

    Therefore as Lal contends the Tamils in the North and East are not by any stretch of imagination those settled by ‘natural means’. They were settled in these areas by the marauding colonials mainly because the local Sinhalese refuse to work for the foreigners. In the Eastern Province there was a dearth of people due to genocide carried out by the Britisher subsequent to the 1818 rebellion and those that are left refused to work. The Britishers robbed the Sinhalese of their land under the infamous Wastelands Ordinance and sold these lands to British companies to establish initially Coffee and later Tea plantations. Today the Sinhalese are deprived of even a land to bury their dead in the hill country. There is hardly any voice for the Kandyan peasantry who live in pockets of reservation land surrounded by large estates which have become now the land of the recently brought Indian Tamils. They do not even have a proper approach road to their villages. Indian Tamils not only received citizenship they now exercise authority over the land they occupy too.

    Therefore it is nothing but right that the current government in power correct the historical injustices perpetrated on the Sinhala people who are deprived of their land, by giving and settling in largely vacant government lands in the North and East. It is largely the Sinhala people who fought the Terrorist war to make it free for every citizen of Sri Lanka. Their right to live in any place in Sri Lanka should not be contested by the likes of a church cardinal. The government should institute infrastructure facilities that will enable for the movement of people into vacant government lands. As the writer of the main article has shown we the Sinhala people are very much cognizant of the agenda of the Western Christian Powers and that of the Church – that is to balkanize South Asia and for the Church to get more cannon fodder for their insatiable need to convert!

    Large scale settlement of Sinhalese in the North and East is the only way by which the Separatist ideology prevalent in the North and East can be handled. We do not want the Pope in Rome or his rep in Sri Lanka to be the judge and the jury of how we handle our local affairs.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Time and again, contributors to this Web site, have proclaimed that North and East should be multi ethnic, and to put back for a start, the Sinhalese and Muslims who were ethnically cleansed by Prabakaran, the Megolomaniac in 48 hours. It was 80,000 Muslims and 20,000 Sinhalese. Not even 1/10th of each community has been rehabilitated. Most of the Ministers care two hoots. Sarath, they do not know what the hell the BIG PICTURE IS. Neither are they interested in knowing what it is. All they want in life is their Car Permit, sell it for millions, and then look out for the next Bonanza. If anything goes wrong, they are there to blame the President.

    The TRI- Forces Commanders should take the lead, and give land and housing to all the troops, make their life permanent in the areas they are to perform their duties. We need Sinhalese and Muslims to integrate well in the Northern and Eastern sector. The talk about people settling down by ” natural means ” is stercus tauri. We do not want pink belts to tell the Government, what to do, and what not to do. The Church has done enough damage to this country by being hand in glove with the TAMIL TIGERS. There is no question of the Cardinals utterance being MISREPRESENTED. He is the main ACTOR behind the BIG PICTURE. He is the mason laying the foundation for the BIG PICTURE. People can read between the lines, and there is no mis-representation. We see tha malicious intentions, of the UTTERENCE.

    All legislators should come out of complacency, and help His Excellency to make Sri Lanka a peaceful country.

  5. lal Says:

    There is an urgent need at present to bring more land under cultivation to produce more food and to keep prices at affordable levels. There is the need for larger buffer stocks, to distribute during drought and floods, as they now tend to occur more frequently.There are vast under utilized areas in the Wanni, East and the Moneragala district that could be leased as small holdings for food production. The private sector too should be invited to participate.This is the obvious solution to face the food shortages and, to some degree of population redistribution. Also, such actions will enhance the security of the nation. The present population growth in cities of Colombo, Galle and Kandy are unsustainable. The discussion should be how to, rather than should we utilize this land on one country one people basis. The race based exclusive zones should not be entertained any longer.
    Susantha, I don’t think it is fair to accuse the Catholic church of promoting separatism or assisting the terrorists. Had they done that the govt had sufficient legal provisions to prosecute. Sinhala Catholics that I know were vehemently opposed to separatism and terrorism, and have organised and participated in demontrations and rallies against the LTTE In Melbourne and perhaps other cities. I agree, that the Catholic hierarchy would have been in a quandary as there are roughly equal numbers of Tamil and Sinhala members within it. Also, in Colombo it is probable that there would have been Tamil catholic clergy engaged in separatist politics as individuals, but I doubt the establishment would have endorsed their actions.
    Separatism flourished for three decades, primarily due to inaction on the part of successive governments. All Prime Ministers and Presidents were Sinhala budhists. Do you blame the individuals or their religion?

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LAL ! Are you telling me that the Catholic Church did not promote Terrorism for the last 30 years or so ? I was educated in a Catholic College, St. Joseph’s, and I respect the Church, just as you do. I have beautiful Catholic friends. Nevertheless, How the church helped the Terrorists is a foregone conclusion. The Catholic Church was involved in Bank robberies, with the Terrorists. They hid the monies from Bank heists in their Churches. Does Father Sinharaya, and Father Singhrasa ring a bell to you ? If no, you wouild have been a little happy child going to School then. So, with great deference, I will end this subject with you.

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