Tamil Terrorist LTTE Remnants seek Justice in USA?
Posted on January 29th, 2011

Prof. Hudson McLean

Tamil Terrorists LTTE Remnants Barking at the Wrong Trees!

For over thirty years, Tamil Terrorist LTTE suicide bombers shed blood of thousands of innocent civilians. Now the same rotten murderers are attempting to seek legal justice in USA, of all the places under the sun, against the Government of Sri Lanka.

Have these mindless squatters given any thought to what USA did in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and other sovereign States during the past fifty years?

Kicking poor innocent Vietnamese Women & Children into pits and throwing hand-grenades! Blood thirsty intoxicated US Marines raping women & children?

Treatment meted out in jails to alleged Islamic terrorists, in Iraq and Guatanamo, as aptly demonstrated in WikiLeaks documents.

Everytime a suicide bomber (innovated by LTTE Tamil Terrorists) destroys innocent lives, such as in Moscow this month, we all thank President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government for the annihilation of the scum and bringing in Harmony, Peace & Security. 

If Americans wish to avoid incidents similar to 9/11 in the future, perpetrated by Islamic militant suicide cadres, right on their door-step, USA should kick the LTTE Terrorist Rump of Vermin from USA soil.

Do Not encourage Terrorism or patronize any one involved in Terrorism!!

President Rajapaksa and his government has never inflicted any harm on USA, EU or any other country in the world. HE only defendent the Sovereign Rights of the Citizens of Sri Lanka. HE, in his goodness, even smiled and shook hands with the double-faced Erik “Dosai” Solheim!

Should they even consider sparking any form of revenge on President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in or out of USA, then to be fair, Americans should Forgive & Forget the Islamic militants including Osama bin Laden, invite him to USA and blow him up in midair Altantic Ocean.

Then would the British government consider to invite him to Buck House to tea and elevate him to the House of Lords, as Lord Osama bin Laden of Manchester?
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11 Responses to “Tamil Terrorist LTTE Remnants seek Justice in USA?”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    With the noose tightening around LTTE criminals living overseas, the LTTE diaspora is desperate to white wash themselves and transfer allk gruesome crimes committed by the LTTE under the direction of the diaspora during the 30 years of conflict. They went a step further and manufactured purported crimes (like the BBC Channel 4 video released 6 after the end of the war and since being expanded with additions) to tarnish the image of SriLankan security forces, which not only rescued over 300,000 tamil hostages, kept by the LTTE as a human shield, but also liberated the entire nation from the threat of suicide bombers, truck bombs and general unrest in the country. Bruce Fein does not care for human rights of the SriLankan people, as long as he knows his client is desperate, wealthy and could be hoodwinked. USA must uphold justice and investigate lawyers involved with groups trying to destroy other nations from USA soil.

  2. Patriot-but-not-racist Says:

    Dear Lanka Web Frequent Writers.
    In USA anyone can file a law suit under Federal & State laws, without getting abducted by white van crew members. US judges will give the verdict according to arguments brought forward by the lawyers of both sides without getting threatened by the politicians. What you have to do is to get the services of a competent law firm & to prove that neither MR nor Sri Lanka government is guilty of these charges. US justice will be delivered to MR thousand times better than Sri Lanka justice delivered to SF. Please do not just bark. Take the appropriate action.

    “Nahee Verena Veranee”- Lord Buddha

  3. Samson Says:

    Racist not patriot

    Stop talking rubbish here. Tamil Tiger terrorists hiding in toilets in the west cannot achieve anything by their modaya behaviour. They are digging their own grave again and again. The best thing we can do is to lend them a spade.

  4. ranjit Says:

    We dont bark as Patriot says we are just angry with these L.T.T.E murderers for what they did to our country and still doing it. SF is a traitor same like the LTTE murderers.It’s true he is part of the heros who won the war for us but he was a revengful and dangerous man who wanted to take our Leaders and Heros in the Armed Forces to courts in Hague. He deserves the punishment If I was the President I would have hanged him for treason then and there. He and his family did more harm to our country than our enemy L.T.T.E and the Tamils. These traitors should not be pardoned at any time because they are poison to our Motherland. You see how this family callaborate with the LTTE Diaspora now and try to do evil things to our Leaders and the country? Didnt he tell about the white flag story to the world? Those who supports blindly this guy Sarath Ponnaseka too is a traitor in my eyes. No place for another bloodbath in my homeland again for L.T.T.E murderers or traitors in UNP,JVP or any other. We will keep our eyes open for those cowardly murderers and traitors of Tamil or Sinhalese. We need a peaceful country to live peacefully and all the patriots and the citizens should get united to save it from all evil Diasporas Tamil, International community and our own.

  5. Ben_silva Says:

    Well said Prof. Please keep exposing wrong doers, so that we have Justice and fair play in the world.

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    Patriot-but-not-racist! Are you going to tell us that world’s most cruel nation U.S is a saint? How many lawsuits filed under Federal & State laws against their criminal actions in worldwide.
    Has any American filed a case against killing of 300,000 Japanese innocent in Hiroshima, Nagasaki with nuclear bomb? 1 million Koreans in Korean War, 3 million Vietnams in Vietnam invasion, During Vietnam War, in Phoenix Program the Americans has killed between 20,000 and 80,000 Men, Women and Children. Has anyone filed lawsuits against those killings?
    1 Million Iraqis or several millions Afghans killed and killing at this moment by Americans. Where is your legal system to stop those killings? Where are your American human right lawyers? Are they deaf and dumb? Is it legal to kill non Americans under American law?
    How many times they attempted to kill Fidel Castro? Any law suits against it. Any law suits against Chile’s Salvador Allende’s killing by C.I.A? Maurice Bishop of Granada? Che Guevera? This list goes to thousands.
    U.S.A is a curse of the world and Vampire of the world. But unfortunately some migrants in U.S.A think they are in a haven. “For a threadworm the world is anus”.

  7. thurai Says:

    most of the LTTE supporters are illegal Immigrants all over the rich countries in the world. To gain Asylum rights they had to show the war in Sri Lanka. Ltte has misused this Chance and profited. There is nothing on Liberation
    or Right of Tamils. All came from selfishness of Tamil and Sinhala politician. We are lucky the present Government and Mahinda Rajapakse brought the end to the most powerful Terrorist in the world.

    Now responsible of the rest of the world to take action against LTTE ,TGTE and other front Organasations which
    misuse the Tamil community abroad and cheating the whole world.

  8. ranjit Says:

    WELL SAID SRI ROHANA. Prof. you are great interesting topics to debate.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lanka is certainly arriving at a point to expose the whole ltte Game to the whole world, not just to USA.

    The headlines state:
    “US lawsuit filed against S.Lanka leader
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Members of Sri Lanka’s Tamil minority on Friday filed a lawsuit in the United States against the island’s president, seeking $30 million in damages over alleged extra-judicial killings.”

    Extra-judicial killings & killings during the war times were by the ltte itself. Civilians dressed in civilian clothes fought for the ltte. When they got killed, ltte blamed the army. Tamils who did not obey ltte orders too were killed by the ltte. All blame was placed on the army by the ltte.

    Now, when we consider the damage done by the ltte to the whole country and all its people, the numbers that died owing to the ltte atrocities, this may be good time to bring out all the gory details of the ltte, and sue the “Tamil govt.in Exile” for about US$300 Billion ?

  10. Naram Says:

    I liked reading your article Prof McLean. Of course US ambitions to reach all controlling world power started well at the very start of their institution. US Ambassador reminded us recently that US missionaries started work in Jaffna in 1820s. THe lawyer’s name representing theLTTE cause has a resemblance to the nae that appeared at one time as the representing Sri Lanka. Of course LTTE is very solvent and lawyers fees will make sure none of it reaches folks in the North and the East.

    I would not be surprised if the US court case were to prove those Katubedda University graduates and students who set off bombs in Colombo regions killing dozens at a time, one dressd as a Catholic brother who got caught in the act of transporting bomb, the one who masqueraded as beggars to set the bomb off in Akuressa were not from LTTE but another organization.

  11. sanath sirisena Says:

    You can do anything in USA as long as you have money to spend. The LTTE worms are in Canada and in USA still hanging on to damage our great country. good luck. the lawyers are waiting to suck everything you got.

    USA cannot dictate terms to us of our problem with dead LTTE. They could only give their suggestions only. First of all,may I suggest the USA to look after their own problems facing internationally and also to listen and get advise from us and all other small nations(as they call)to overcome their prblems

    Once again good luck LTTE.

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