The recent news item about the arrest of the JVP student leader transporting weapons
Posted on February 3rd, 2011

Henry Jayaweera

The recent news item about the arrest of the JVP student leader transporting weapons brings forth a deja vu response from those who lived through the madness of the early seventies, when university students who probably did not deserve to be in the universities in the first place, joined up with their weird counterparts in the political scene to wreak mayhem on the country, followed by the equally disastrous events of the  90’s. All we remember of those times is the the senseless destruction of human life and property, the suffering and misery brought upon like a blight on the people. Nothing good ever came out of it, for the JVP knew nothing about where they were going or what they were doing.
At the college I work here in the USA, I was talking to a student, a young Iraqi police officer who had been captured by a pro-Taleban group in Baghdad and released after the family paid the group a huge ransom. (He now resides in the US) Talking about the terrible experiences that he had gone through at the hands of his captors, he said, “I can look back without any rancour at those guys, and can even forgive them. However I cannot forget the fact that those guys simply are ignorant yokels who don’t know what they are doing. They don’t even know why they captured me, except their leader had asked them to hold me, and make me suffer until the family paid the ransom. Other than that they knew nothing.”
I couldn’t help but see the parallel between them and th JVP. Do they know what they are doing? Did Rohan W. know what he was doing except amassing wealth for himself while sacrificing the poor ignorant youg mena nd women of a generation ago?

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