UN War Casualty Figure is Made Up of Annihilated Tiger Brigades
Posted on July 3rd, 2011

– Kumar Moses

Casualties of the final phase of the war vary from 7,000 to 150,000 depending on who is giving away the numbers. Even the UN figure changed from 7,000 to 18,000 which is rather odd given the wide difference between the two. Claiming these to be civilian casualties does not make any sense. If they were civilian casualties, what was the LTTE casualty figure? Any estimate of casualties should have all three casualty figures for it to be complete – SLDF casualties, LTTE casualties and civilian casualties.

 Strangely, the UN casualty figure directly corresponds to LTTE casualties. All the LTTE brigades were annihilated in the war. Only a few thousand recent recruits surrendered refusing to battle the armed forces. They have been rehabilitated and released to the society. If each brigade was made up of 1,000 to 2,000 cadres, the ten (10) brigades of the LTTE would have had 10,000 to 20,000 cadres who died fighting.

 The following LTTE brigades were totally annihilated in battles in the last phase of the war.

  1. Malathi Brigade – annihilated
  2. Sothiya Brigade – annihilated
  3. Charles Anthony Regiment – annihilated
  4. Imran Pandian Regiment – annihilated
  5. Jeyanthan Brigade – annihilated
  6. Sea Tigers – annihilated
  7. Suicide Bomber Brigade – annihilated
  8. Victor Artillery Brigade – annihilated
  9. Kutti Sri Motar Brigade – annihilated
  10. Air Tigers and other ancillary brigades – annihilated    

 Obviously they had thousands of cadres and they perished in war leaving behind the new recruits who opted to surrender. 

 Killing terrorists in war is no offence but a noble act. Thanks to their demise, twenty million people get to live and look forward to another day. No peace loving Sri Lankan should have a problem with the total wipe out of LTTE terrorists in war. Good riddance!

 Those who give crafty numbers must be challenged to give the total casualty figure broken down into combatants and civilians. If they cannot make a distinction between combatants and civilians, they are just being creative. Unlike them, Sri Lanka security forces did make a distinction between combatants and civilians and hence their figures have the authority and validity.

6 Responses to “UN War Casualty Figure is Made Up of Annihilated Tiger Brigades”

  1. Samson Says:

    Never knew LTTE had so many brigades with funny names. They are no more. With so many “brigades” “annihilated” how can there be no LTTE casualties? According to Tamilnet they just disappeared and only civilians died. Someone told me Tamils are Tigers and Tigers are Tamils. They are one and the same. Load of crap but this is what they believe. So their numbers are LTTE fighters termed as civilians.

    More importantly we should avoid war in future.

  2. AnuD Says:

    In most of the pictures, except for senior cadres, every one else is wearing civilian cloths and a black belt, some times even wthout the black belt.

    On the other hand, to which brigade the truth tigers (filming crew that went every where to film it) belong ?

    LTTE say, they filmed everything. If they filmed everything, there should be more videos.

  3. Cyril D Says:

    Good work Kuma M.

    Yes, we remember how all these BATA brigades fought in civilian.

    Here’s an example for the ITN/Channel 4 News to ponder:


  4. Leela Says:

    I thought one important LTTE brigade is missing here. That is the ‘makkal padai’ of LTTE. We had seen their images rehashing over the TV. Some carried real guns, others mocked ones. They didn’t looked rather feeble.

    It was something like the British dad’s army of WW11. But unlike the dad’s army, ‘makkal padai’ hadn’t donned any uniforms. They wore sarongs and skirts. They had been used as rear guards. Nevertheless, they carried guns and bombs as all other LTTE fighters.

    With all other brigades ‘makkal padai’ too would have been wiped out in the cause of the war. But their relations might be claiming that they were civilians. With sarongs wrapped around their dead bodies, HRW, AI, ICG and etc transformed makkal padai to be civilans.

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Gordon Weiss first invented a figure of 7000 dead and after he did not get an extension to his UN spokesman position in Colombo, he increased it to 40,000.
    Even if he counts Prabakaran and other combatants including SriLankan soldiers, his figure seems a figment of imagination just to nail the victorious armed forces for the “crime” of annihilating the terrorists leadership.

  6. AnuD Says:

    Another women’s Brigade was Akhila. Besides, that, Makkal Padai, Illai padai and home gurads were there and some of those groups acknowledged as terrorists because they planted IDs here and there. If you check there will be more.

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