SL police arrests Briton in connection with Channel 4 video
Posted on July 9th, 2011

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Sri Lankan police has arrested a British national for allegedly providing ”false video footage” to a British TV channel to produce a documentary that accused Lankan troops of war crimes. The court was told that 71 DVDs were recovered from his residence in Kandy, and were being probed.

 A Colombo magistrate on Friday agreed to a police request to detain the suspect, a British citizen of Sri Lankan origin named Kandanam Jegadishwaram in connection with the case, for a month and question him, the local Daily Mirror newspaper said.

The magistrate allowed the detention of the suspect, accused of providing “false video footage” to Channel 4, till August 2.

The CID had told the court in an application that the suspect “had caused disrepute to the country and the army by providing alleged videos to the Channel 4 television”, the paper said.

The man, who had been living in the UK for the past 21 years had been visiting Sri Lanka regularly, was arrested on July 4.

The Sri Lankan military had said recently that it had found the original video that was ‘doctored’ by the British channel. They said the original footage showed Sri Lankan soldiers being killed by LTTE men, and had a Tamil soundtrack rather than the Sinhala language heard in the ‘doctored’ version.

Sri Lanka has persistently denied that its troops staged any war crimes while battling the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who were crushed in an offensive that ended in May 2009.

Colombo has also accused Channel 4and Western nations of waging a campaign to discredit Sri Lanka’s human rights record by producing reports of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

4 Responses to “SL police arrests Briton in connection with Channel 4 video”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Well done! Things are getting very desperate for the eelamists: faking, lying, anything goes.
    This must be a “refugee” who obtained British citizenship. His ties to JDS and channel4 should be investigated.

  2. AnuD Says:

    He is a Sri Lankan Tamil moved to Britain in 1990? and he had a house in Kandy and that house had other Videos. that is what Tamilnut says.

  3. aravinda Says:

    I always wondered, when people like these live 20 years in England, do they become Englishmen?

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    This could be the link most viable towards falsifying the Channel 4 Video which needs to be rubbed in the faces of those who broadcast it and legal action taken by the GOSL for damages against the source which first posted it on TV if proven false beyond reasonable doubt. This action in all probabilities is being set in place right now.
    There were so many discrepancies and graphic alterations noted by specialist analysts in the Channel 4 Video and related material yet the countries who used it as a platform to suggest investigating Sri Lanka have probably done so callously and flagrantly in an attempt to discredit Sri Lanka based purely on the instigations of the Tamil Diaspora with global sympathisers who are the Devils Advocates needing global exposure and punishment. The aprehended man needs to be sentenced to capital punishment if proven guilty.

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