Posted on July 18th, 2011


Honorable Congressman Heath  Shuler
(11thCongressional  District)
Washington,  DC Office
422 Cannon House Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20515.

 Dear Honorable Congressman, Heath Shuler,

 It is with great deference that I wish to compliment you, on your  intellectual attitude, on the subject of Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International-USA screening a controversialdocumentary about Sri Lanka.

 All beautiful Sri Lankans appreciate your profound understanding of,the great deal of mis-information and debate about what occurred during the final days of the Sri Lank’s War. Suffice to say, it is the floating rump of the LTTE Terrorists and Terrorists Sympathisers  around the major cities of the world, that are on a crusade to vilify the Government of Sri Lanka. Your wisdom, is explicitly laudable, when you say, ” SRI LANKA IS THE ONLY DEMOCRACYTO HAVE DEFEATED A TERRORIST  ORGANISATION IN RECENT MEMORY.

The Tiger Terrorists have amassed a great deal of wealth, by collecting funds from the Terrorist Sympathiser Diaspora. They use these funds very liberally, and very lavishly,  to fork out to those who are ready to spread mis-information about Sri Lanka. They are masters at deception and lies. USA declared that the Tamil Tiger Terrorists were the most Ruthless Terrorist Organisation in the World.

Yet, Tigers are roaming about in USA in sheeps clothing, feeling confident that it is a free country, where Tigers can roam, where the skies are not cloudy all day.

 A TAMIL Doctor, residing in Australia, among other non violent Tamils, is Dr. Noel Nadesan. He has given  a FULL ACOUNT of Tamil Tiger Atrocities in Sri Lanka. I annexe four folios of his write up, which is self explanatory. You, Honorable Congressman, would be devastated when you read it. It would be your endeavour to ensure that no tigers roam in USA, thereafter. They have acted like barbarians, chopping children.

 It is my fervent wish, that you invite Our  Sri Lanka Ambassador, JaliyaWickremasuriya, and Sri Lankas Deputy Permanent Secretary to the UN, Major General Shavendra Silva, whenever you are in Washington, to view and enlighten yourself about the Channel 4 controversial Video. Your unbiased  understanding is vital to clear the name of Sri Lanka in any wrong doings.

 It is also my wish, that you have a hard talk with Massachusetts Democratic Congressman, Jim McGovern, and enlighten him of your thoughts about Channel 4, and about the Boat Load of information, about Tamil Tigers Brutal Atrocities, which Dr. Noel Nadesan has exposed. Please suggest to him to get off the Tamil Tiger Gravvy Boat, if he is allegedly on it.

I suggest that you Honorable  Congressman  invite Dr. Noel Nadesan for a Media Meeting in USA, where he will tell live to the whole world who Tigers are and their doings.  Let our afore-mentioned Ambassadors be present too. HE should Appear on FOX NEWS TOO.

Honorable Gongressman, Heath Shuler, I plead with you to go back to Sri Lanka, accompanied by our Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Secretary to THE UN, JaliyaWickremesuriya, and Major General Shavendra Silva.respectively Then, please meet with our Defence Secretary, and travel where ever you want to go and see theNOW  smiles on the faces of our citizens. Their smiles are as mellifluous as your smile.

 We need You Honorable Heath Shuler to be our formidable American Congressman Bastion. to negate all mis-information spread about Sri Lanka, all over the world. People of Sri Lanka will want your help in every way, and it will be reciprocated with Sri Lanka Love and Hospitality.NO Congressmen has yet shown an iota of decency and courtesy, when referring to Sri Lanka.


As a Sri Lankan born AMERICAN CITIZEN, I believe in you and trust in you to shield Sri Lanka from all vile crusades from the LTTE Rump. A second serious look has to be taken to extradite many of them to face Justice, in Sri Lanka. Their Dollar Banks have to be frozen.

Finally, Dear Congressman Heath Shuler, I would greatly appreciate if you get this letter  photocopied, along with Dr. Nadesans Attached write up of 4 folios, photocopied, and handed over to all the Honorable Congressman, and Representatives, both Democratic and Republic. I cannot do so, due to financial constraints. THANKS.

You will receive this through USPS Mail.




  1. Vis8 Says:

    Thank you, Congressman Shuler, for explaining to your colleagues the true reality in Sri Lanka today. It is good to see one politician with integrity, and one who has not fallen to the lure of ‘campaign donations’ and promised votes by Tamil terrorists. Good for you, and good luck!

  2. Kit Athul Says:

    Honorable Congressman Shular, as a Sinhala American I thank you for your brave stand against the Bosten Tamil Sangham funded Senators and congressmen. I would very much like to come to Washington DC and meet you, but my health does not allow it because I am in my 70s with a heart condition and do not have the financial means to do so. I would strongly suggest that you visit Sri Lanka and report what you saw to the congress. Also to read SL constitution and the founder president, Late J.R. Jaywardena’s master piece, the 6th amendment.
    Kit Athul, Florida, USA

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Lorenzo ! I am a stickler for spelling. Sometimes the finger may strike twice and make spelling mistake. The only spelling mistake that I see is ‘Gravvy when it should be Gravy. Typos. Do you see more ? Let me know what mistakes you see.
    I have my style of writing with Emphasis,Bold, Capital letters etc, and I have no intention of trying to imitate someone else. My presentation is my origin. I have a Diploma with distinctions from the English Speaking Union to teach English, signed by Win Parker, the British president of the Union. Digressed from the subject altogether.

  4. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Susantha Wijesinghe! ……..Glad to see ur write up about congressman Heath Shuler. I too sent a note congrgualting him.

    As you are US Citizen living in the USA, you are best to advice, rally other like minded citizens in USA, both Sri lankan born & all other peace loving ppl. I am doing my small part in responding positively about Sri lanka, as there must be people who are interested in the TRUTH.

    Not Chanel 4, Tamil net or other propaganda machines of EVIL DOERS as George Bush use to call them. Even as we speak DUTCH, GERMANY & SPAIN are investigating how these remnants of evil doers, collect funds to spend lavishly on half truth & other propaganda against their MOTHER LAND.

    Please continue your good work, so that we are enlightened by your thoughtful comments & action.

    All the best in your endeavours……….Thanks again.. Gamunu Alahakkone. PE(USA)

  5. Vis8 Says:

    Dear Mr. Shuler,
    As you can see from the ‘ratings’ to the above comments, many Tamil terrorists are keenly watching every move that peace-loving Sri Lankans, be it Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim, Burgher, etc., do, and would blindly negate anything rational and peaceful. Many of these terrorists are hell-bent on discrediting Sri Lanka just to remain as “refugees” in the green pastures of the West. Extorted terror-money is being spent lavishly to bribe media to broadcast fake propaganda, just like the infamous “channel-4 video” where Tamil terrorists, having donned Army uniforms of disrobed soldiers, are killing surrendered Army soldiers at point-blank gun range.

    Once again, thank you for your stand for the truth. Fake terrorist propaganda are more than due their returns of karma. With British media like channel 4 who have gone long ways to support this Tamil terrorist agenda for a quick buck being exposed under bright lights today, it appears that karma has decided that it is time to give a deserved return to the terrorists.

  6. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Ch-4 video is just a film and not a documentary as it is not factual and the actual producer still not known.
    I am glad there are many humans like Mr Schular not willing to be dragged down to the level of apologists for terrorism. Today we see a circus of LTTE terrorists who escaped to foreign lands and their partners in crime, taking around a fabricated film (fraudulently claimed as mobile phone video clips taken by soldiers), trying hard to mislead well meaning people in Western nations. We know, justice will prevail and their criminal acts are sure to backfire.

  7. aravinda Says:

    Great work Susantha, I am sadden to see someone has found an error in your article and wants us to know about it. Susantha, you have the power to write anyway you want. It is what you say, and not the way you say it!

    If these learned gentlemen read Classics, they will find hundreds of spelling and grammar challenges in all of them. English is a living language, and those who use it will keep on changing it.

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