ICC Presidency
Posted on July 18th, 2011


ICC president post is currently rotated among blocks of countries and Sri Lanka is paired with India.
Bangladesh who is paired with Pakistan has objected to change of the policy at the recent ICC meeting until their turn begins.
It is disappointing that a much newer member of the ICC is going to have the honour and the privilege of this post, Sri Lanka never had.
 Will Sri Lanka ever be given an opportunity to hold the privilege in future by India when the rotation returns? Has the Sri Lankan boardmade a covert agreement with BCCI not to ever claim the post in return of some bilateral series etc to fill the coffers.SLC has never declared its intention on holding this post.
Rotation policy seems the best way where each member will have an equal opportunity of claiming this prestige but us being bracketed with India practically means Sri Lanka will never enjoy this glory. Will the new interim committee shed any light on its agreement with BCCI on this issue? In this regard is it not better if the SLC requests them to be grouped with both Pakistan and Bangladesh so that at least there is one in three chance of enjoying the post with this group in future.

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  1. Nanda Says:

    Regardless of ICC Lankan cricket is doomed.
    Kulasekara and Silva are selected again.
    Wonder who is the Big DHead behind these two big pandamas.
    The big DHead should be caught and shamed to put SL cricket back on track.

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