Posted on November 1st, 2011


We can say with absolute certainty that the dead detainee in the Vilawood Detention Centre is a Sinhalese and not a Tamil.

His name is Dayarathne Jayasekera.

This is a Sinhalese, Buddhist name.

Mr Jayasekera was 26 years old. His body currently lies in a morgue in Sydney.

Tamil Separatists in Australia are using his death to promote its ongoing fight for the division of Sri Lanka and create a separate state called Tamil Elam within Sri Lanka. They say Mr Jayasekera committed suicide by drinking poison, and it was because he was refused permission to attend a Hindu Cultural Festival (Diwali).

During the CHOGM, the Tamil separatists and their allies used the death of Mr Jayasekera to apportion blame on Sri Lanka and the visiting Sri Lankan President. As usual, because the victim was “ƒ”¹…”Tamil’, the Australian media gave much publicity to the news story. Some even advocated that, due to the incident, the current mandatory detention for all asylum seekers, cleared as genuine by Australian  Immigration and waiting for the refugee visa to be issued, must be abolished. 

With Mr Jayasekera being a Sinhalese, there was no reason for him to attend the Hindu Cultural Festival, Diwali.

The website, Refugee Action (, continues to depict Mr Jayasekera as Tamil, this is an insult to a dead person. Tamil Separatist websites call the dead person “ƒ”¹…”Shooty’, no one dares to disclose his real name (Dayarathne Jayasekera), then, they cannot capitalize on the dead person.

It is disappointing that the Australian media has also refrained from publishing his name. Is it because the news will have less value if the dead man is Sinhalese?

Showing Mr Jayasekera as a Tamil by the Tamil separatists  further adds to the massive scale of lies and deceptions so freely and so easily propagated by them in Australia, with the assistance of the Australian media, especially the ABC. A few of such recent lies and deceptions are the blatant attacks made against Sri Lanka using Ms Meena Krishnamoorthy (in 730 Report) and Mr Jegathiswaran (Lateline 1030 pm), both of whom are alleged to be either Tamil Tigers or  their very close associates. These affiliations were not disclosed to the innocent Australian public by the ABC. Then, Mr John Dowd, who filed a complaint against the Sri Lankan Government and the Sri Lankan High Commissioner, Thisara Samarasinghe, had spoken in a meeting in 2005 under the huge portrait of the deceased Tamil Tiger separatist leader, Prabhakaran. In at least the last 10 years he has actively worked against Sri Lanka  and has closely associated with Tamil separatists in Australia. To our knowledge, he has very close links with Sri Lankan Tamil Separatist activist Ms Sam Pari. But, in the eyes of the Australian media, Mr Dowd speaks as an impartial, independent jurist. For how long should the innocent Australian public be fooled by the ABC and other Australian media? Especially the ABC, who are employing purported reputed journalists in this country,  have nothing else but a clear-cut agenda to attack Sri Lanka at any cost whatsoever, disregarding the Australian media laws and ethics.

It is believed Mr Jayasekera obtained the refugee visa in Australia masquerading as Tamil. He may have made a bogus refugee claim alleging that he is Tamil. This is the only way for a Sinhalese to obtain a refugee visa in Australia.

As outlined in our previous media releases also, the only way a Sinhalese can obtain a refugee visa to Australia is masquerading as Tamil and making a bogus refugee claim as a Tamil person. Basically, it is very easy for any Sri Lankan Tamil to obtain refugee status in Australia. It is alleged that there are syndicates of Tamil lawyers/migration agents and other professionals who will advise the Tamils  on how to put in the best possible refugee application. It is believed Tamils from South India and Malaysia have travelled by boats to Australia and applied for asylum claiming they are Sri Lankan  Tamils.

The reason for the delay in ASIO  obtaining information about Mr Jayasekera from Sri Lanka  for security clearance may have been because of his masquerade. He had come to Australia by boat with a false identity saying he was Tamil and this may have hampered ASIO  in doing his security checks. Only ASIO knows the truth.

Sri Lankans living in Australia have a suspicion that Mr Jayasekera may even have been murdered by Tamil detainees held in Vilawood Detention Centre. We must stress – currently,  this is speculation only. It is feared the Tamils in Vilawood may have been angered that Mr Jayasekera, a Sinhalese, had obtained the refugee visa masquerading as a Tamil person. In the Vilawood Detention Centre, the majority of Sri Lankan people held are Tamil.

It is only through a thorough, full-scale, impartial investigation that the truth can be found. If Mr Jayasekera did not commit suicide but was murdered, this must be found out and revealed to the Sri Lankans and the rest of the world. If it was a murder, the perpetrators and those who try to sweep the matter under carpet must be identified and those who committed the offence (if any) must be punished.

It is only through a full scale investigation we can know with certainty whether Mr Jayasekera committed suicide or died due to other reasons.

Over to you the Australian Federal  Police (AFP), to fully investigate the matter.

Mr Jayasekera’s body must not be disposed of until the full investigation is completed.

We ask anyone who knows the deceased, Mr Jayasekera, to contact us by email. It is of paramount importance that his family in Sri Lanka be informed of the death. If possible, the dead body must be handed to the deceased’s family. It is believed that the family members in Sri Lanka are not aware that Mr Jayasekera has died.

May Mr Jayasekera attain Nibbana.

Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples in Australia: where possible, please conduct religious observance on 2 November 2011, the seventh day after death of Mr Jayasekera; who may have travelled to Australia with so much of hope for a prosperous future in Australia.

Let us fight for the rights of Mr Jayasekera. Let us not allow the Tamil Separatists to obtain an advantage over Mr Jayasekera’s dead body.

 Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra

[email protected]



  1. nayomi Says:

    Quite true. One of my friend has an acquaintance with a Sri Lankan Lady working in the Australian High Commission attached to the Refugee section-Federal Police division. She had said that there was shocking evidence which has been concealed by the the Australian Authorities. This boy was poisoned and killed-it was not a suicide. She is Anne Sonali a good Sri Lankan but against President Rajapaksa and the Government. She had told her acquaintance who is my friend that this serves the SL govt right. I heard it myself at the Kebab shop during lunch time at Gregory’s Road. Sri Lankan’s working for Foreign Embassies think that they are foreigners. She should be arrested and questioned. Very bad and ugly.

  2. nayomi Says:

    She also attacked Gen Cyril Ranatunga, his grandson an Army Officer and got entangled in deep political talk. What a shame for the Australian High Commission to employ such people who have no respect for their own country. I was shocked-very unbecoming of a lady.

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