I challenge anyone to prove that the Tamil people have not been treated as equal citizens and are still not treated as equal citizens and have lost their dignity and self respect as Sambandan cry?
Posted on November 25th, 2011

Dr Sudath Gunasekara. President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara 23.11. 2011.

 This is absolute false and typical baloney of vituperative and communal Tamil politics. Before they point the fore finger at the Government on these stale issues they must first understand that every time they do so at least three fingers in their hands directly point at them and their conscience, for they know that they are lying.  So the more they accuse the Government the more it boomerangs on them. It would have been better if Sambandan had told us as to in what specific areas they are not equal as citizens of this country, supported by concrete data. I also do not understand as to what he means when he says that they have lost their dignity and respect. Like any other politician when they behave in undignified and treacherous manner like this little realizing that they are only reaping what they have been sowing over the past few decades. Things like dignity and respect after all are things one has to earn in the hard way. But when they behave like monkeys I wonder how they could earn the dignity and respect of others. They must first be respect worthy and dignified in their action and behavior if they want to be respected and accepted as a dignified lot. If you want the other man to respect you, first, you must respect him and show him that you honestly respect him both by action and word. Without you first smiling at a person I can assure you that you will never see a smiling face in this world.

I invite Sambandan and his click or any other who thinks the way they do to look at the following simple facts

There has been no bar for any man or women irrespective of his race, language o religion to rise to any position in this country. The only two positions these people have not been able to reach are the posts of President and the Prime minister for obvious and very valid reasons created by the very Tamils communal politicians (but not by the ordinary Tamils). Had they been given the opportunity this country would have been an EELAM long time ago.

For example can anyone deny the fact that Tamils like any other have held the following positions ever since this country gained independence from the British rule in 1948 except that there has been a reduction in certain areas due to the loss of lopsided privileges they enjoyed due to gross discrimination against the majority community Sinhalese, by the colonial rulers, to keep the eternally suppressed.  

1 Politics and Public service

Ministers in the Cabinet, Chief Justice, Justices of all courts, Attorney Generals, Auditor Generals, Secretary to the Treasury, Inspector General of Police. Army Commanders, Navy Commanders, Secretaries of all Ministries, Heads of Departments, Government Agents of places like Kandy ,Colombo and almost all other Districts in the South, Doctors and engineers all over the Island, University Professors and even Vice chancellors of Universities , Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Pilots. But even today they protest for appointing a Sinhala man as GA Mannar. That is the difference between them and the Sinhalese

2 Property ownership, freedom of movement, employment, residence and social mobility

Anyone can buy property and do businesses, get employed or settle down in any part of the country and even form ethnic and religious enclaves; they can intermarry without any discrimination. If you take Wellawatta south of the Colombo it is a mono Tamil enclave and Colombo City which is the Capital of the country, though outside the predominantly Tamil areas of the North, where majority are Tamils. So much so Wellawatta is called little Jaffna for a long time and certain parts of Colombo in Petta and Kolonnawa area are even called Tamilnadus indicating their dominance (in spite of the fact that they have killed or chased out and others and never allow a Sinhala or Muslim man to engage in business or work in the public or private sector.


3 Education

Anyone can go to any school or university anywhere in the country (in spite of the fact that they have killed the Sinhala students and chased out others who survived from the north and the east. Education is free to everybody irrespective of ethnicity, language or religion up to the highest level.

4 Political privileges

Tamil politicians enjoy all the extravagances and privileges enjoyed by the other politicians and sometimes even more. What is more is these communal politicians get  their salaries, privileges and even their pensions from government funds against which they  talk, act both at home and abroad and commit acts of terrorism and thereby violating even the Constitution of the country. (Can Sambadan or any one of his mad communal outfit name any other country in the world where any citizen enjoys this kind of privileges while going against the Government and the country by violating the law of the country)?

5 Language

Both Sinhala and Tamil are given parity status under the Constitution and any one can study in their mother tongue up to the University level or even beyond.

6 Freedom of religion

Anyone is free to profess his or her religion without any discrimination or restriction.

7 Freedom of speech, public meeting, expression and right of association

Who can say that there is discrimination in this country on any of these rights against any particular ethnic group as a community? The fact is that the Tamils being a minority enjoy more privileges than the Sinhalese. They even blatantly violate the 6th Amendment to the Constitution with impunity, for which they have to be thankful to the Government and the general public for not taking them for task.

Now let us look at how they behave and Sinhalese behave

      Tamils Communal Politicians                            Sinhalese
1They hate both Sinhalese and Muslims They don’t hate anyone on a communal basis
2They either killed and often butchered in thousands at times including women children, the pregnant and the monks or chased out all Sinhalese and Muslims from the North and the East and obliterated all Buddhist religious places, engaging in an ethnic cleansing campaign with the object of creating a separate mono-Tamil state in the North and the East comprising 1/3rd of the total area and 2/3 of the coastal belt of the Island for merely 2.5% of the total population of the country that is about 5 million Tamils who are supposed to be living there.

TNA wants balance 95 % (other than 2.5 % Tamils living abroad) as given in the other column to share the balance 2/3 of the country and 1/3 of the coastal belt.


Both Tamils and Muslims live among the Sinhalese live in the south without any problem

The balance is distributed as follows

Sinhalese                          75 %

Estate Tamils                      6 %

Muslims                              7 %

Tamils living in the South  6 %

Tamils living abroad           2.5 %

Others                                  1 % 

( According to DNA leader Prabha Ganesh now the estate Tamil exceed Sri Lanka Tamils)


3They want a separate homeland exclusively for Tamils in the North and the East while t the same time enjoying the right to live in all other parts of theIslandwith all the privileges which members of other communities don’t have Sinhalese never agitate for such communal ends or a separate State


4They talk only of Tamils and that is also those in the North and the east ignoring even the Tamils living in other parts of the country But Sinhalese never do that. They talk and act on behalf of all citizens in this country
5The name of their political party is Tamil National Alliance which means it is confined to the Tamils only. Formally it was Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi which means Tamil state Party.  All political parties (over 13 of them) representing them are communal There is not a single political party by the name of their race, Sinhalese
6They always talk of a separate Tamil Home land in the North and the East


Sinhalese never do that though in fact it had been their only Homeland from the inception of history. They talk of one nation and one country. all their political parties are national
7They talk of Sinhalese encroaching on the Tamil country and protest when the State settles Sinhala and Muslims on empty crown land in the North and the East. But Sinhalese never protest when Tamils are settled in any other part of the country. There are no Sinhala and Tamil lands in this country. Country belongs to everybody.
8They have murdered or chased out all Sinhalese and Muslims who lived the North and the East. 8Sinhalese have never done it except in few unfortunate cases in protest against mass scale killings carried out by the Tamil terrorists
9They oppose Sinhala or Muslim  people settling in the North or East and are against all such moves that leads to social integration that lead to one nation 9Sinhalese have never done  so  
10 They don’t allow Tamils to learn Sinhalese and acquire Sinhala cultural practices. Even a name board in Sinhala is smudged with tar in the north and the east. 10Sinhalese don’t do that. They also acquire Tamil and Hindu cultural practices without prejudice and discrimination


11Tamils regard and worshipIndiaas their motherland while subsisting on the resources of thisIsland 11Sinhalese never do that though they are also supposed to have come fromNorth India 
12They run toIndiaand seek military  and other assistance to overthrow the Sri Lankan Government 12While Sinhalese die to protect this country for everybody including these traitorous  Tamils       
13Their ancestors never defended the country against foreign invasion (Other than few enlightened Tamil leaders like Ananda Coomaraswamy and Arunachalam Ponnambalam in the early 20th Century). 13Only Sinhalese have died in millions throughout history to defend this country against foreign invasions
14They go toAmerica,Canadaand other countries  and represent matters gains this country 14Sinhalese never betray their country like  that


15They bred  LTTE and waged a war against the Sinhala nation and this country 15Sinhalese defended  and liberated the country for everyone to live including these traitorous Tamils and their children
16 They as an ethnic group have taken arms against the government of the country to achieve their racist and communal  ends and to divide the country on ethnic grounds 16Sinhalese have never done it except the JVP insurrection that was waged against economic and social injustice
17 All most all Tamil public servants who had held high posts under the Government have acted against the country and the government. Attorney General Siva Pasupathi,  Ambassador Luxmi Naganathan and some University dons are glaring examples. Having committed treason against theSri LankaStatealong with the LTTE they even continue to draw their pension from the Government of Sri Lanka 17Sinhalese have never agitated for a separate country of elimination of other ethnic groups. Throughout history they have  accommodated them with traditional hospitality so long s the parties don’t pose a threat to their existence   
18 All those Tamils who have migrated to other countries for employment and better prospects now calling themselves Tamil diaspora forced to leave the country against discrimination and genocide as they call it act against his country. They also provided billions of funds to the LTTE to carry out their terrorist activities against the Government of this country.  18Only people like Vasu greedy of the Minister maskata on this side thinks so
 19 They want two national anthems which will finally lead to acceptance of two nations idea in this country.  
 20 They even don’t want to call this country by its historical name Lanka. They call it Ilanka, little realizing that that too means only Lanka. That is the level of low and degenerated communal mental levels to which these communal politicians have fallen and to which they are sadly trying to drag the innocent Tamil people Most of all now they want the National anthem of the country also to be sung in Tamil. Tomorrow the Muslim will demand it to be sung n Urdu and others like Malay, Burger, Kapiri and Chinese will also follow suit. What a wonderful Sri Lanka will it be then?  

 Finally before I wind up for the day, I challenge Mr Sambandan or any other Communal Tamil Politician to name any country in this world or any other, where minorities are better off than in this country. Their eight decades of communal mantram has only brought destruction to everybody in this country and more particularly tor the peace loving innocent Tamil people. It is high time these mad politicians put an end to this path of disaster and destruction in the name of mother Lanka and her posterity.

This is only a short note hurriedly posted in protest against the statement issued by Sambandan to the Transcurrents. The prime aim of this note is to open a live debate on this issue. So I invite my readers to make their valuable contribution to give eyes and brains (which is impossible) to these rabid communal politicians who are trying again to set thisParadiseIslandablaze. In my opinion these rabid communal Tamils politicians who have neither eyes or ears nor brains or common sense to understand reality are solely responsible for this pathetic situation in this country sinceIndependence.

Finally I close this note with the following quote from the Transcurrents of Nov 21 2011 Dr Rajasingham had written since I think that perhaps is the best comment made by anyone in response to the Statement Sambandan had issued to the press.

“This interview should be read along with those of M.A.Sumanthiran elsewhere in Transcurrents. The recent statement of Suresh Premachandran should also be read. How can any government deal with such an entity? Aren’t these elements in the TNA working at cross purposes by giving different signals, while confusing the Tamils and other peoples in Sri Lanka. The TNA is confused. They do not “ƒ”¹…”Know’ what the Tamils need now and want to go now. The TNA has to find a new product to sell and learn to market it. They are at present trying to sell an obsolete product for which there is no mass market. “ƒ”¹…”Gopal tooth powder’ has no mass market in an age where tooth pastes have come to the fore. However, people will reluctantly use the tooth powder (some of course will seek it out, out of habit!), when there is no tooth paste available. The TNA is like the “ƒ”¹…”Gopal tooth powder’ of old

Dr.Rajasingham Narendran says:

November 21, 2011 at 12:00 am

6 Responses to “I challenge anyone to prove that the Tamil people have not been treated as equal citizens and are still not treated as equal citizens and have lost their dignity and self respect as Sambandan cry?”

  1. Chintha Says:

    The EALAM project from start to now has been based on fraud, lies and misinformation. They are taking the Sinhala, easy going modayas for a ride. Pretending like wailing victims to the world these cunning schemers are almost successful in achieving thier goal fraudulantly. And the ignorant modayas still don’t realise whats going behind thier back.

  2. douglas Says:

    Mr. Sambandan – It is your turn now to reply this point by point and tell the world your story. But please don’t talk out of point. This is an invitation for all other “Separatist” organzations spread out in the world to make your submissions. Please face the challange and spell out your “war efforts” to the world.

    To all other world Governments who support the cause of the “separatist” movement – this include Western Powers, USA, Canada, Australia to give a very comprehensive reply. You have been amply briefed by these very organizations operating in your countries. So, now tell the world why you support this movement. We in Sri Lanka are waiting to hear from you. You can again consult your “constituent partners” operating under your patronage and give a reply, but remember, don’t speak bull.

    Over to all of you who bully us.

  3. nandimitra Says:

    sinhalese especialy the buddhists are the most discriminated in the country. they are gradualy beeing ethnicaly cleansed from colombo and kandy and economicaly marginalised. Until such time the sinhalese have a SNA like the Tamils have tne TNA and the muslims have muslim congress the sinhalese will be marginalised.

  4. S de Silva Says:

    What is true though is that Tamils after the Brits left lost their privileged position bestowed on them (arising mainly from the ‘divide and rule policy’ by the Brits). All citizens now have to fight for an equitable share of the National Cake. This fact of loss of privilege by the Tamils is cunningly converted and packaged by the TNA and others to appear as loss of basic Human Rights to get the attention and sympathy of politicians abroad who are unaware of the facts surrounding the issues – obviously if the Tamils uttered the truth that their principal complaint is that they have lost privilege after the Brits left, no one would listen!! So thank you Dr Nagendan for putting this bogus claim by the TNA to the test. – S de Silva – London

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    You have the answer.

    DIVIDE AND RULE TAMILS! For their own good!

    There are various divisions among Tamils that are UNBRIDGEABLE. It is more likely for a Tamil from one of these groups to marry a non Tamil than a Tamil from another group.

    1. Northern Tamils
    1.1. high caste Tamils (Valla-alla-la) (vote for TNA and racist parties) (no ministry)
    1.2. low caste Tamils (vote for EPDP) (has one powerful ministry)

    2. Eastern Tamils
    2.1 low caste Tamils (vote for TMVP, SLFP, UNP) (has a chief minister)
    2.2. high caste Tamils (vote for TNA and racist parties) (no chief minister no ministries).

    3. Upcountry Tamils (who the northern Tamils call K* a Tamil word). (vote for SLFP, UNP). (powerful ministries).
    4. Colombo Tamils (vote for UNP). (no ministry). (no colombo mayorship).
    5. Other south Indians who used to be classified as Tamils but not Tamils.
    8. Muslims who used to be classified as Tamils until a few decades ago.

    These 8 groups must be DIVIDED and ruled over. LTTE brought some unity among them which made the LTTE the enemy number one.

    Divisions that have been created MUST be maintained.

    If anyone tries to merge these groups, he/she must be eliminated quickly.

    If government gives into their BS demands, that UNIFIES these groups which is the most foolish thing to do.

  6. Ben_silva Says:

    Dr Sudath Gunesekera has produced an excellent article with facts and stats. Number of other contributors have also provided useful information. Whole of Lanka was the home land of the Sinhalese. The situation now is that the Sinhalese have lost a large chunk of the living space.. The North, East, hill country and large chunks oh major cities have been lost. Further, foreigners are able to buy large parts of tiny Lanka.
    Tamils on the other hand, not only try to keep the North and East only for themselves but have spread all over Lanka. Economic power is also in the hands of non Sinhalese. Further, Tamils overseas are very rich such as Raj Rajaratnam in USA and could have considerable influence, both overseas and in Lanka, due to their financial power. It is the Sinhalses who should complain and not the Tamils. However, the Sinhalese are silently declining.
    My view is we should look at ourselves rather than blame others. We should investigate the causes of our decline, learn lessons and attempt to halt further decline. We should do our investigation without bias and without any holy cows. I hope Dr Gunasekera could start an investigation as to the causes of our decline. We should notice that both India and China made tremoundous progress after dumping religion.
    I too investigated the causes of our decline. My observations are that Buddhist beliefs, that discourage desires, discourage facing pain in order to make a gain ,discourage competitiveness and the will to survive in the moditivenessern, dangerous highly competitive world. Buddhism has been wiped out from countries in the silk route, decline in India, all point to the fact, that Buddhism could be dangerous to its followers. Loss of living space, as has happened to the Sinhalese is due to lack of competiveness. Rather sadly we are brain washed by Buddism, not to be competitive. I hope Dr SG could investigate and analyse the root causes of our decline.

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