Logically And Militarily The Tamil Tigers Will NEVER Resurge In Sri Lanka If Proper Measures Are Set In Place. Yet The Dangerous Rhetoric Of Some Sympathisers From Within, Continue In Abandon Needing A Response.
Posted on January 17th, 2012

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial

January 16th 2012

 In the fancy words of some, laced with quotes from musings of bygone literary elites to moot, it has been suggested that the Hon. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has predicted that “the dead Tiger might arise!” But it might also be asked with a bit of tongue in cheek ~ “Where? Not in Sri Lanka surely ! and no more than a caution by the Hon Defence Secretary perhaps whose own musing at times are hinged to his broadminded sense of satire given his intellect of a very high elevation and his own perception of the theme “Prevention is better than cure!!

Then of course, ” the Tigers rising from the ashes of an annihilating defeat” has always been wishful thinking by the residue of the vanquished LTTE and their supportive Tamil diaspora hopefuls where that “near-miraculous resurrection” refered to by certain self assertive scribes would be exactly that, a never transpiring impossibility in Sri Lanka where it is not only the majority Sinhalese led by the assertive team of Rajapaksas, their legislators , law enforcers and their administrators who will ensure this reality but also the real freedom loving Sri Lankan Tamils who are appreciatively aware that it was Tamil Tiger terrorism in the first place that let to their terrible sufferings and have openly declared their allegiance to the Rajapaksa regime with immense gratitude and not merely in a manner of speaking but in collective open defiance. They have asked the Tamil Tiger “would be resurrectors” to go to hell! To those who missed it this information was posted in the global media recently althought there may have been attempts to suppress it for very obvious reasons.

The anticipated “re-emergence of the LTTE” “”…” or some malevolent perception of it, taking complete leave of the expected patriotism of those who broadcast it that is! has become a damning topic of those who want it to be a doomsday prediction perhaps to transcribe it towards their own ends ~ types who need to be cautioned about this kind of expressionism where although the machinations towards it albeit doomed to failure are already in motion globally, if one were to pause in observation knowing where to look and do exist.

 Although it is a fact of life and has been for sometime now that Tamil Diaspora groups around the world are amazingly infiltrating countries such as Canada, Australia, Britain and the USA,, the United Nations and Tamil Nadu alongside Tamil Tiger sympathetic front organizations of the disemboweled Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in various other parts of the world as to why it is tolerated is confounding! This happens both within and without Sri Lanka despite being outlawed, at times surreptitiously to take up their cause for a re-surgence of the group and attempt to make inroads towards it using Sri Lanka as a pawn through lies an innuendo quite commonplace where the quest for their “homeland” as some believers seem to think regardless of the realities and futilities involved are bifurcated where a foreseeable homeland already exists across the Palk Straight to assist the ambitions of those in quest of it and a mere boatride away ! ! Then there are the opportunistic rebels of Lankan politics who also seem to think of it as a means to shake the present Administrative Infrastructure of the Nation without realising the ramifications it could have on them although their support towards the concept is never aired in the open for obvious reasons! .

 The popular dictum of these types which by and large is now becoming monotonous and hollow suggests that ” violation of the fundamental rights and ignoring the basic needs of the Tamils” is rife but seems to be a worthless slogan which if applied to the rights of the rest of Sri Lanka seems more emphatic towards reality of the Nation as a whole, that the rights of all Sri Lankans were violated to a far greater extent than just those the Tamils whose main problem which led to 30 years of internal armed insurrection was their losing privileges granted to them by the Colonial British which was not only lop sided but also an aberration considering who was in the majority of population and to whom the Nation rightfully belonged and the objections by the Sinhalese upheld by those in governance who tried to be fair after independence and revoked by many Tamils and the Nation eventually torn apart through civil unrest climaxing in the Eelam Terrorist insurgency wrongfully termed a Civil War.

 But regardless of how one views it there is no taking away the responsibility as that of The Tamils who induced great provocations or a greater proportion thereof to the Sinhalese with neither means nor justifiable cause towards the rebellion.They did however indulge their persistent and oftentimes hopeless whim, fanned and fuelled by the callous and inconsiderately masssive global diaspora support which never saw beyond their blind desire for an impossible secession as well as the involvement of opportunistic undesirable catalysts who under the guise of mediators to end the conflict aggravated it further and provided support for the terrorists .

 Sri Lanka eventually paid a price which left scars on the entire nation but today the Nation is at peace. This is something which should never be compromised nor forgotten as to who was responsible for the accomplishment where, had the rebels been victorious the ramifications for the Sinhala Nation would surely have been disastrous but as things turned out the stronger entity prevailed and should prevail where all Lankans have the right to co-exist with doors open with cautions towards accommodating even the misguided after re-habilitation.

 There is however no justification for a dialogue which suggests that the Terrorists or their remnants will ever take control of the Nation or even parts of it as the strength of resolve of the nation towards preventing this with the means available seem rock solid as portrayed through the policies of the Rajapaksa Administration and the strength of the Nation’s Armed Forces and to suggest that the methods of prevention if Military by nature would fuel a re-surgence of the terrorists it seems more mythical and wishful thinking where if certain fortifications towards National Security are maintained and strengthened if necessary, the Tamil Tiger aspirants and their cortege would be mere aspirants toiling away on a ramshackle and near de-funct drawing board devoid of strategies in all probabilities in a very depleted perspective and with no justifiable or accepted domain! Least of all in Sri Lanka.

 And if it takes an increased military presence over a period of time to ensure its long term continuity despite the metaphorical jargon thrown in by crocodile tear shedders in sympathy of the so called “Displaced Tamils” a misnomer at best and a particular favourite of certain opposition groups who strive continually to ursurp the smooth functioning of the present Government, so be it! Given the reality that the transformation of the Nation into a better place for all Lankans to live in with a hope towards posterity is the ultimate reality taking place today and to those who insist that this is not the case in Sri Lanka today they must either be vision impaired or die hard Tiger supporters who have no place within the confines of Sri Lanka and need to search for their Shangri La elsewhere!!

 Sri Lanka for decades to come in the afternmath of the Tamil Tiger insurgency should never be a stomping ground for non nation friendly entities ever again and a safe haven for all those who aspire and persevere towards her Sovereign and Territorial Integrity through the allegiance to her leadership which should not be swayed by those who wrongfully predict a bleak future through a re-surgence of Tamil Tiger or any other form of terrorism which should be crushed in any manifestation inasmuch as any instences of breaches in Law and order as the need for this takes a greater priority over devolution, the transfer of power to a minority which cannot accept the concept of Central Government which would easily sow the seeds of hope towards secsssion or subjugation to the calls for accountability for justified defensive manouvres within a legitimate framework which assured the integrity of the Nation as it stands today and merely accede to the needs of those with hidden agendas where the TNA and affiliates who have always been fronts for LTTE terrorism should take special note!

Therefore Logically And Militarily The Tamil Tigers Will NEVER Resurge In Sri Lanka If Proper Measures Are Set In Place. Yet The Dangerous Rhetoric Of Some Sympathisers From Within, Continue In Abandon Needing A Response, which is what this is.


13 Responses to “Logically And Militarily The Tamil Tigers Will NEVER Resurge In Sri Lanka If Proper Measures Are Set In Place. Yet The Dangerous Rhetoric Of Some Sympathisers From Within, Continue In Abandon Needing A Response.”

  1. May182009 Says:

    Dear Lankaweb,

    With all due respect let me say, never say never.

    Apart from that well said.

    We salute you for the fearless services you have been providing the nation for the past 15 years. Lankaweb is older than any Tamil website including Tamilnet crap. The only independent voice in the internet. Articles originally published in Lankaweb have been republished in thousands of other websites.

    Long Live Lankaweb.

  2. Dham Says:

    Gota imported the entity Ponseka from USA.
    Who thought he would revolt against his friend soon after the nation defeated the barbaric terrorists? But yet that happened with the direct instructions from CIA.
    This is the path USA has taken in the past and will surely be taken in the future.
    Whether such action in the future with the aid of plenty of enemies of the nation who have pretended to be friends before the war ended would re-emerge will depend on the good governance and proper maintenance of law and order plus economy.

    Such enemies are plentiful. There are UNPiers , Lasanthas, those Sinhalas who want to destroy “Sinhala Buddhist” culture ( i.e. some Christians/Catholic/ Muslims/ Evangelist/Atheists who could always be a part of US agenda). They would join any time the new LTTE (with a new name and new policies) to divide our land.
    There is another Tamil group who have the agenda of destroying our socio-economic structure by blaming “Christians” for everything so that more enemies are created. Stupidly, Sinhala Buddhist groups happily join them.

    Unfortunately, proper measures with innovation have yet to be implemented and time is running out. Enemies within shall be tackled officially first before it is too late while improving the economy in our own style ( not by following western enemy methods).

  3. Christie Says:

    Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is correct.

    The makers, supporters and managers are there and they are in planing mode and the non-violent Terrorist outfit is still in the operation mode.

    1. India and its wish to wipe out Sinhala identity and freedom have not dissapeared. Example, India’s continuous adverse behaviour towards the island. See what Indian Foreign Minister wants.

    2. Indian colonial parasites within the island and out have not given up their wish to gain more priviledges for the Indian colonial parasites in the island. ex. Tamils and other Indians all over the country and outside demands more priviledegs. Tamils in the North, East, Up Country and Colomb.

    3. The Sinhala Socialists have not given up their wish to form their own Sinhala Socialist regime among the Sinhalese of the island. ex. Look at the close relationships between the parties in the other three items. JVP is the best example.

    4. Western Socialists wants to see their dreams come true in another country. Greens and other Socialists in tghe West. Solheim and Miliband.

    4. The Socialist of the West has not given up their wish to esatblish something that they have been unable to do in their own lands.

  4. radha Says:

    GR is absolutely right.

    Resurgence of Tamil terrorism is possible. What terrorists and their political agitators could not get through their flawed logic, they would try to get through violence. The idea of Eelam dwells in their minds and not in political posturing or processes that the western people seem to put a greater importance to. The pressure to release the LTTE cadres from detention, and the governments compliance to please the west and Inida was unhelpful. Those terrorists indoctrinated to murder remorselessly their neighbours and countrymen over a 30-year period would not be reformed by few lessons during detention. Would leapords lose their spots, or tigers lose their stripes by just listening to pep talk. It is us the peaceloving citizens traumatized by the terrorists who ought to be on the look out. I fully support GR. We must watch our backs and should not take this lull as everlasting peace.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    In order to ensure a future peace, all the peace loving folk of Lanka should request the GoSL to implement the following items through PETITIONS to the Speaker of the Parliament :

    (1) Ban all ethnic & religion based political parties. It is these political parties that reach out to their ethnic/religion counterparts in other countries to cause trouble in Lanka. Also Ban the 13th Amendment which is inimical to Security of Lanka on grounds that a transplanted idea of governance from India is unsuitable for Lanka which is a country smaller than any state in India (except perhaps Kerala).
    (2) Have an Oath of Allegiance to Sri Lanka to be taken by all MPs, armed forces, school children, University students, voters, etc.
    (3) Deport all illegal migrants. Guard our coastline forever against illegal migrants.
    (4) All acts of terrorism should be met with long prison terms with hard labor. Same for participation in Separatist activities.
    (5) Teach all students how to use the Democratic system for Growth & Development of the whole country.
    (6) National Anthem to be sung only in the Sinhala language.
    (7) Sinhala the main language, English the link language and Tamil an Official language.

    I am sure readers can add other ideas to this list. Whenever the country is weakened in any way, the ordinary voters and taxpayers must step in to protect the country through Petitions to the GoSL.

    Our many thanks to Lankaweb for the wonderful continued support to expose the truth.

  6. jimmy Says:

    good one friend Fran

    To add 3 more

    spoken sinhala and spoken Tamil to school kids all over the country

    sue any one who speak or write against any race or cultcure or the mother land or religion. Take these monsters to cleaners

    compulsory meditation to every one ( replace the bad , negative hatred thoughts with very positive thoughts)

  7. Lorenzo Says:



    Sinhala the main language, English the link language and Tamil an Official language.

    So everyone MUST speak in Sinhala. Anyway only 5% cannot speak in Sinhala today. With 150,000 Sinhala speaking soldiers in the north, this 5% will be 1% soon. Teaching 5% Sinhala is easy.

    No need to complicate things.

    The minority must always conform to the majority. Not the other way round.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    “(4) All acts of terrorism should be met with long prison terms with hard labor. Same for participation in Separatist activities.”

    Out of your mind?

    If it is 25 years, we have to give the animals 25 x 3 x 365 = 27,375 meals each. If one meal costs 100 rupees and inflation rate is 10%, that is 10,769,003 rupees (10 million) for one terrorist.


    They don’t worth so much. Just get rid of them. Do what USA did to German Nazis.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Before execution tell them they will go to heaven if they donate kidneys, heart, etc. VOLUNTARILY.

    The more the terrorists, the merrier. How many good people are lining up for kidneys and hearts?

  10. Dham Says:

    Don’t Insult animals.

    Do terrorists have hearts ? Even if they have those must be pumping urine to the brain.
    You cannot kill some one captured.
    Hard labour shall cover meals plus.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    The cost of meals will be offset by Hard Labor. We need to have our roads repaired on a constant basis, plus our ancient water reservoirs de-silted, and more.

    I am all for the Meditation bit. But, no one can make anyone Meditate. It is entirely a voluntary process. Understanding and a Heartfelt need has to be there for a person to want to Meditate. The Teachers/Masters/Gurus of all religions stated that the Godhead is within You, accessed through Meditation. Raj Yoga & Buddhist Meditation points the way within. Jesus said : “the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You”.

  12. Kit Athul Says:

    Editorial writer missed out the most critical part of a jigsaw puzzle. A law to prosecute for acts of TREASON and Espionage.
    1. It must be based on US Patriotic act
    2. Rehabilitated Terrorists MUST not have civil rights for 15 years. No election work or voting rights.

  13. jimmy Says:

    Thank you my fellow Srilankan Brother Fran
    I do meditation before sleep and I find it is easy to sleep after a long day at work
    I will find a meditation class ( Raj Yoga) and definitly enroll this year. I met good sinhala budhist friends in USA. I find there is something amazing with their character. They are honest, very kind and friendly . I am sure the religion they practise and the meditation they do help to be honest , kind and friendly

    I am a very liberal . That is me. I believe people should be respected not by their race or religion they practise but by their character. I respect you all
    I am with you all on Patriotisim of the Country we were born in . That is a must
    As a Sri Lankan Tamil, I am disappointed the way Tamils are potrayed, I do not get it

    We are living in the 21st century in a cultcure with very advanced science and technology
    I do not get it why people simply hate tamil race or muslim race or Christianity or Islam . I find very uncomfortable when people write on these topics
    I wonder sometimes the brain of these scums should be examined to see what is causing this

    I hope sinhalese and Tamils should be able to respect each other

    God bless you all folks

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