No ! not again. We have had enough of the 13th Amendment .
Posted on January 22nd, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

What is the necessity to broach the 13 th Amendment once again, when people are beginning to forget about it,  and  has begun to live as a free people without Indian interference into their well earned peace  ?

It all began again with the visit of the Indian External Minister Mr.S.M.Krishna,  who our External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L.Pieries paying him a homage  raised him to the status of a relative of the people of Sri Lanka.

The  Minister Pr. G.L.Peries has said of the visit of the  Indian Minister of External Affairs Mr.S.M.Krishna that the « ……the spontaneous attendance by “¦”¦.. S M Krishna soon after his arrival in Colombo at the Thaipongal ceremony on the invitation of President Mahinda Rajapaksa emphasized that the relations between the two countries is not just a relationship among friends but among close relatives which was exemplified vividly on this occasion. »

Hence it is made apparent that the promise to  implement the Amendment 13 plus, is a Thaipongal gift to our President’s  new found Indian relative S.M.Krishna.

It is very good to accept Indians as our relatives, even if the relationship is not reciprocated by the Indians with the same sincerity with which it has been offered.

But it is a blow to the Sinhala people of Sri Lanka to adopt now the obsolete 13 Amendment in any form.  The President Mahinda Rajapakse owes it to the people of Sri Lanka to remove the 13 th Amendment completely from the Constitution once and for all, without continuing to add insult to injury by talking not just about implementing  Amendment 13, but Amendment 13 plus.

The President’s offer to implement 13th Amendment plus is incoherent. It was a mere agreement accepted to facilitate a situation that existed 25 years ago. 

Apart from it having been enforced on us against the popular wish of the people it has no legal right to be included in the Constitution. Prof. G.L.Pieris is a constitutional lawyer and he should know. 

The 13th Amendment was accepted to allow the Indian Government to send a IPKF to defeat the aim of the terrorists to divide and set up a separate homeland in the North and East of Sri Lanka. It was also for the convenience of the IPKF to move freely  in the North and East .  The Amendment had no other interest other than to keep the terrorists at bay, without becoming a force beyond the control of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

Now it is nearly twenty five years since entering into the India -Sri Lanka Agreement and  accepting the 13th Amendment. The Terrorism has been removed by the valiant  Armed Forces of Sri Lanka. The Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi who forced the 13th Amendment on us was assassinated  by the very terrorists he was trying to help, and the President JR Jayawardhana who was forced to accept it  under the then prevailing condition is now dead. IPKF was never able to defeat the terrorist.  The mission of the IPKF in Sri Lanka was an utter  failure.

Is there, therefore, any reason why we should hold on to the absurd 13th Amendment to please India, and to satisfy the hate mongering TNA ?
Amendment 13 plus will not  be the same as Amendment 13, therefore it is far better to abrogate it, and go ahead with reconciliation of the Communities, by creating understanding and trust among them.  If there are Tamils Groups like the TNA and the Tamil diaspora who would never want to trust the Sinhala, it is better they are left with their dissatisfactions, and communal hatred, and the Government should instead go ahead with the development of  the country for the greater good of the rest of the people.

However, now that the President Mahinda Rajapakse has promised a 13th Amendment  plus, let us see what is the 13th Amendment ? What were the reasons for its initial introduction ?  Was it accepted by the people or the acceptance of it by the then President of Sri Lanka  approved by the people ? Why is adopting of it would be an insult to the people of Sri Lanka, and the Soldiers who sacrificed their blood, limbs and lives to eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka ?

The Key Provisions of the 13th Amendment are :

“¢ In addition to Sinhala, Tamil ‘shall also be an official language’ of Sri Lanka, with English as a ‘link language’
“¢ The north and east to be merged into one province, subject to a referendum
“¢ Provincial councils to be elected every five years
“¢ A governor with executive powers to be appointed by the president in each province
“¢ Provincial high courts to be established
“¢ ‘Reserved’ and ‘Provincial’ lists detail powers of the centre and the provinces respectively. A ‘Concurrent’ list outlines shared powers, though ultimate authority for these issues remains with Parliament
“¢ Financial provision for the provinces to be directed by Parliament
“¢ Provincial councils can be over-ruled by regulations promulgated by the president under the   Public Security Ordinance.

The circumstances under which India made the Government of Sri Lanka accept the 13th Amendment will remain a shameful episode of India’s arm twisting of  the President of Sri Lanka who was in a helpless situation, where his friends in the West had abandoned him and the terrorists had an upper hand. 
It was imposed on the President JR Jayawardhana of Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka was Militarily weak and without defence

« It is clear that the Sri Lankan government was pressured by India into signing the accord. Once it had signed, however, the government rammed the 13th amendment through Parliament despite strong opposition from inside and outside the ruling United National Party (UNP). »

Under those circumstances, and what followed  thereafter, should we consider the relationship with India more than a friendship , a relationship between close relatives as Prof. GL Pieries had said ?

« Indian cargo planes invaded Sri Lanka’s air space challenging the sovereignty of our country, and almost forced former president JR Jayawardena (JR) to “ƒ”¹…”invite’ Rajiv Gandhi to Sri Lanka to sign the agreement and to accept the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF). Sri Lanka had no alternative but to “ƒ”¹…”surrender’ to India’s demands and sign a hurriedly prepared document endorsed by the Tamil separatist groups including the LTTE. »
(  )

There is no reason for the Government  of Sri Lanka to continue with this shameful 13th Amendment.  It is more so now after the elimination of terrorism, because it was forced on Sri Lanka when terrorists were sieged  in Jaffna which they had occupied by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.  In June,1987, the Sri Lanka Armed

Forces were about to defeat the  terrorist forces and liberate Jaffna, when our ” friend” India, intervened :

« The BBC correspondent Mark Tully quoted the army command at Palaly having hopes of taking Jaffna within the next 48  hours. It was at this stage that Indian Government intervened directly and decisively. Arguing that the embargo on supplies and the army offensive had rendered the people of Jaffna totally destitute, India decided to send in humanitarian relief.

The convoy of fishing vessels carrying relief supplies was sent on 3 June 1987. The flotilla was refused entry by the Sri Lankan navy. The much publicized airdrop of food packets and relief supplies over Jaffna by the Indian Air Force AN-32 transports escorted by Mirage fighters on 5 June 1987 announced the open India intervention quite dramatically. The relief mission, code-named “Operation Eagle”,  violating the air space of Sri Lanka was calculated to convey to the Sinhalese chauvinists India’s determination to act decisively in favour of the beleaguered Tamil minority.

Although not intended, this operation was eloquent and arrogant enough to confirm India’s earlier covert involvement in affording sanctuary and logistic help for the militants and, more than that, to confirm that the apprehension of the island nation about India’s hegemonic ambitions was not unreasonable. »

“The direct Indian intervention that started with the air-drop of food and essential supplies on 5 June 1987 culminated in the signing of the India-Sri Lank Agreement on 29 July. The Agreement signed between Rajiv Gandhi and J. R. Jayewardene in Colombo was essentially a rehashed version of the “December 19th Proposals”. It underscored the need to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, which was acknowledged as a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual plural society consisting inter alia, of Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims (Moors) and Burghers. The Agreement recognized the need to nurture the distinct cultural and linguistic identity of each ethnic group. The Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka had been identified as “areas of historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil-speaking peoples who have at all times hitherto lived together in this territory with other ethic groups”.

( )

That was how India forced its Military Force on us in support of the terrorists.
From the beginning India had been working against Sri Lanka. It was the Indian RAW that built camps in the Forests of India to provide training for the Sri Lanka Terrorist Group led by Prabhakaran.

« It was when late Major General Janaka Perera was the Commander of Jaffna, that 40,000 soldiers were stranded in Jaffna at the mercy of a possible terrorist attack due to lack of transport. The Indian Government with whom the then President of Sri Lanka negotiated for ships to transport the stranded army, refused to provide the requested means of transport. The army however, with the support provided by the Government of Pakistan halted the terrorist march towards Jaffna.


As far as assistance from India is concerned, President Kumaratunga’s interview to an Indian Daily (The Hindu, May 24, 2000) indicates that Sri Lanka had asked for some urgent military assistance which India had refused.*

( )

During the crucial military operations against the terrorists when the Armed Forces  were running short of offensive weapons, the Government of Sri Lanka  requested India to sell the urgent arms requirements.  India not only refused to sell the arms and ammunitions but also warned Sri Lanka against purchasing arms from China or Russia.

Even the Radar equipment which India installed later  was inadequate and could not detect the  low flying « terrorist » planes, which bombed once the Airport and once the Colombo town.

That was how India helped Sri Lanka as far as we the people know .  What secret pacts the Government of India and Sri Lanka had despite the apparent « hypocrisy » of India we do not know.

Now that all conflicts are over .  The terrorism has been removed from the soil of Sri Lanka.  India walks in as the benefactor, friend and relative.  Providing  houses to IDPs in the North, and constructing a Cultural Hall in  Jaffna. And demands the government to implement the  now obsolete 13th Amendment.

The External Affairs Minister of India Mr.S.M.Krishna has told reporters accompanying him,
« I think it goes without saying that Article 13 plus (should) be implemented in a very visible manner. So, till then, naturally we will keep looking forward to the implementation of the assurances given to the people of Sri Lanka and during the talks we have had, » and added, « On the whole I have a sense of satisfaction that all the programs that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had announced are being pursued vigorously in Sri Lanka, »

With all these Thaipongal events that took place at the TempleTrees,  with the honourable presence of the External Minister of India , and from his  pronouncements thereafter,  one wonders who holds the reins of Sri Lanka.


21 Responses to “No ! not again. We have had enough of the 13th Amendment .”

  1. mjaya Says:

    We are gaining strength with every article written against the 13th Amendment.

    We should put our differences aside and not rest until the 13th Amendment is abolished.

    It is the least we can do for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Mother Lanka.

  2. stanley perera Says:

    The Supreme Court order de-merging North & East cannot be re-merged without a 2/3 in the parliament. Hence invalidating the 13A. Therefore the 13A is weak as water clipping off the feathers. The only good thing done by Sarath Silva despite all his love for the feminene gender. TNA’s demand for the re-merger is a contempt of court. If Appuhamy and Banda petitioned the Supreme Court against S.B.Dissanayake, where are those patiots to-day to lay contempt of court charges against that racist pig Sampanthan?

  3. douglas Says:

    What a shame. It is not only the implementation of 13th Amendment, but it is also with a “PLUS”. What more than this TNA wants? The next move will be to seek details of this “PLUS” that is promised and made public no lesser person than the HE President.

    At one stage we were waiting to seek solutions through “Parliament Select Committee”. Then leaving it aside the Govt. was and is conducting discussions with a pledged proxy party of dead LLTE. At another occasion it was declared that HE will accept any and all recommendations of the PSC and implement those without reservations. So now the latest “13th PLUS”.

    The traitors led by Ranil and his “buddies”, infiltrated into the Govt. circles have blindfolded everyone and started performing very efficiently on their respective assigned tasks. This is the conspiracy and the code name given is “CONFUSION”. They have brought in the “Confusion” very surreptitiously and the real players will appear in the very near future.

    My Sri Lanka has started bleeding. Is it ?

  4. Charles Says:

    Our Sri Lanka started bleeding longtime ago Douglous, and now it is getting gangrenous with TNA worms in it.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Quote: We are gaining strength with every article written against the 13th Amendment.
    We should put our differences aside and not rest until the 13th Amendment is abolished.
    It is the least we can do for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Mother Lanka. Unquote.

    It is heartening to see forum participants sharing their thoughts on the biggest threat to the nation – 13A and 13P.

    Rajapakshas won thanks to the sacrifices of soldiers. Misusing that victory to humiliate soldiers is most ungrateful.

    If 13A or 13P were to be implemented, why did we wage a war for 26 years killing over 37,000 people. We could have implemented the 13A with Tiger Nominated Agents (TNA) as rulers of the north-east Provincial Council.

    If 13A or 13P is implemented, that will be the epitaph of the Rajapakshas. Voters will never forgive them. The war crimes lobby will take it from there.

    The Senanayake clan that ruled for 13 years from 1948-1970 was politically wiped out for signing the Dudley-Chelvanayagam pact despite DS Senanayake being the Father of the Independent Nation. Such is the decisiveness of the people.

    Government claims international conspiracy for everything against it. Now who are conspiring aganst the country? This petty call will not attract voter sympathy ever again.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Sarath Silva de-merging the North and East was a Patriotic Act, and people should not forget. It would be unkind to refer to his love for female gender. Who does not ? Legislators are killing people for the love of sex, and they are behind Bars too. Nevertheless, dabbling with 13 is the start of DOOM for Sri Lanka. COMING EVENTS ARE CASTING THEIR SHADOWS.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    There is no need for ANY political solution.

    Just give all persons equal rights. That is enough. There is no need to drag race or ethnicity to it. If every person has equal rights (I believe it is so at the moment), there is NO NEED for any political solution.

    If anyone has a problem with equal rights to every person, ask him/her to go jump in the lake.

  8. Kit Athul Says:

    Let’s take a step back and see how India forces any issue favorable to them on Sinhala. India waits untill there is an internal conflict or an natural disaster to occur. Then put down their favorable conditions. The best example is the new Republic’s Constitution, which late JRJ put together so that one day, if not him, will defeat the Tamil Terrorists and get back the Sinhala archeological land. which they lost to the British after the surrender in 1875 or so. As soon as the new Republic was announced, India openly said that they will force the constitution to change the Executive Presidncy to a Prime Minister so that SINHALA will for ever be inferior to the INDIANS. Indian RAW pays big somes of money to any one who speakes against the Executive Presidency. DEW Gunasekara last year said that the “war was won by the Army and not by the Executive Presidency” This idiot thinks that an avrage Sinhala will belive him and try to change the costitution by electiing him as the President one day. How much money he got from Indian RAW, no one will knows.

    This is a true story; no country can use the Trincomalee harbor with out prior written permission from the Indian defence minister. Wasantha Karanagoda was removed because he invited South Korean Navy traning ship to anchor in Trincomalee. Since then no foreign navy has used the trinco harbor!. Why can’t Sinhala think! India was the enymy of Sinhala in the past starting with King Dutugamunu, then present the 13th A, in the future annexation as an Indian state.

    My solution to this is issue is to organize a grassroots movement to boycott INDIAN Goods. Sri Lanka can buy any goods from Pakistan that India sell in Sri Lanka today.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    SL is not bleeding.

    TNA PARASITES sucking the blood out!

    SL and TNA are on a seesaw.


    One side must go DOWN for the other to go UP. TNA MUST go down. No compromise.

  10. Dham Says:

    It is not TNA alone. They are a bunch of jokers. Who are behind all these ?
    What ” political solution” before waiting to see the fruits of great military solution provided by common village boys and girls. They already gave the solution. If there is no problem then why need a solution. Any fool can understand that there is no problem now. If our boys had a weakness how could they eliminate terrorism completely , the world’s first ?
    All patriots including Tamils ( if any ) should join to beat Greed driven 13P.
    Greed is spiralling up in MR & co , unfortunately I have to say too.
    What we need is economic activities that will eliminate racism in North and East which spreaded to South. To do this we need to strengthen law and order. We need elimination of unnecessary red tapes and integration of Buddhist values such as compassion, honesty and wisdom and concentration to see who the enemy is and who is not. There is no need to spread hatred. Innovate and strengthen law and order second to none. If the enemy is MR ( I still doubt that , he may have something in the sleeve) he should be removed.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    Agree with you completely.

    The 13th Amendment should be completely deleted from Sri Lanka’s constitution together with the division of the country into large administrative Provinces. Provinces are too large; they pose a threat to thestability of the national government and erect barriers to national development. Furthermore, they are an additional layer of tax-supported administrative bureaucracies that impose additional burdens on citizens. As in the past, Sri Lanka should trevert to Districts as the largest administrative units, under direct control of the central government and its various Ministries. Instead of employing additional Provincial Councilors, empower Members of the National Parliament to develop their constituencies; at present they are without any useful function and are mere tax-supported parasites.

    The 13th Amendment was imposed on Sri Lanka by India after India had INVADED Sri Lanka to dictate division of the country into two parts, in favor of the Tamil Terrorists it trained and implanted in Sri Lanka. International agreements aggressively imposed by the force of arms are ILLEGAL under International Law, and are usually abrogated after the invaders are expelled. One example is the occupation of the Sudetenland by Nazi Germany subsequent to the “Munich” agreement. That agreement was abrogated and Czechoslovakia was reconstituted after the defeat of the axis powers in WWII. Let us abrogate the 13th Amendment imposed by the invader, and create a constitution more suited to preserving Sri Lanka as an independent sovereign nation in the future.

    Furthermore, a recent article entitled Govt -TNA talks at dead end! reports on the “impasse” between the GOSL and the TNA. The TNA as we all know, is striving to win by subterfuge through POLITICAL PRESSURE what it failed to win through Murderous War as the political arm of thye late unlamented Sun God.

    Contrary to TNA’s demands for one-on-one talks with the GOSL that would yield a backroom agreement for a de-facto Eelam, before they pretend to “participate” in the PSC, the GOSL SHOULD NOT SEPARATELY MEET WITH THE TNA to discuss ANYTHING!

    Devolution of Power to Racist Separatists that would ultimately lead to Division of the Nation and Loss of Sovereignty over the North & East to be incorporated into Tamil Nadu are of URGENT CONCERN to ALL PEOPLE and POLITICAL PARTIES of Sri Lanka. The proper place for that discussion is in the PSC with representatives of the entire nation providing their input.

    Our SONS & DAUGHTERS sacrificed their lives to DEFEAT these TERRORIST SEPARATISTS to preserve a united Sri Lanka, not to create a RACIST EELAM through backroom parleys under foreign pressure.

    Accordingly, the GOSL should

    1. TERMINATE PERMANENTLY all separate discussions with the TNA.

    2. ASK the TNA to ATTEND PSC deliberations and provide their input at their option.

    3. If they don’t attend, the PSC should proceed with their deliberations, and the GOSL should implement their recommendations subject to approval in a NATIONWIDE REFERENDUM.

    THE PSC most likely won’t ACCEDE to their SEPARATIST DEMANDS … but if they do not attend they will not get ANYTHING! This is an opportunity to for them to contribute to the growth of a non-communal Sri Lanka in which power will not be devolved to any community on the basis of ethnicity, religion, language, caste, sex or wealth.

    In Sri Lanka ALL citizens expect to enjoy equal rights and have access to ALL of their country without regard to their race, religion, language, caste, sex or wealth. ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny is our GOAL. If thye TNA does not understand and accept that, that is their funeral, but the GOSL should not ignore the wishes of the vast majority of Sri Lankans.

    In the Meantime, the TNA Leaders should be INVESTIGATED and PROSECUTED for their TREASONOUS Activities over the last 30 years. Those GUILTY of TREASON should be CONVICTED and PUNISHED at HARDLABOR in PRISON for TREASON UNPUNISHED, BEGETS MORE TREASON … as we see every day.


  12. stanley perera Says:

    What happened to the GR’s proposal to settle the families of the forces in the North and East? What happened to the GR’s proposal for the creation of Greater Colombo Authority emulgamating five local counils? What happened to the census undertaken by the army in the North? Did GoSL cave in for the pressure by India? Why is GoSL not settling down the Singhala refugees who faced ethnic cleansing? How much longer we have to wait before the next singhala uprising?

  13. Ben_silva Says:

    13A is the biggest threat to the nation. It will create racist Tamil enclaves and create a beach head for the racist Tamils in TN to invade the rest of Lanka. It will be the start of the slippery road for the decline of Sinhalese in Lanka.

  14. Christie Says:

    Individual leaders cannot achive much unless the masses asked them. The sinhalese have to unite and with one voice demand freedom from Indian imperialism

    The so called British imperialism is in fact Britsh_Indian imperialism and colonialism. If not for the Indian colonial parasites the British could not have been able to build and maintain the so called British Empire.

    The British Raj died inWWII and the widow Indian Rani is running the Empire now.

    Let us undersatnd our plight firs and rise up.

  15. cassandra Says:

    It seems that, like the proverbial leopard which does not change its spots, the TNA has not changed either and remains committed to the agenda it pursued when it acted as proxies for the LTTE.

    The Tamil political leadership has been consistent in its search for a separate state. It has not always openly revealed its hand. But at every possible turn it has sought concessions towards achieving that goal. In 1956, the Federal Party led the opposition to the Official Languages Act, allegedly because it unfairly discriminated against the Tamils, on the basis of their language. In response to those protests, Mr Bandaranaike signed the infamous B-C Pact with Mr Chelvanayagam. Now, you would have thought that the pact would have tried to redress the alleged language related disabilities flowing from that the legislation. But the Pact went way beyond that. It envisaged a merger of the Northern and Eastern provinces and a governing body with powers over subjects which included colonization schemes, powers to select allottees to whom lands within their area of authority shall be alienated and the power to select personnel to work on such schemes. The ulterior motives of Mr Chelvanyagam and his people were clear.

    Mr JR Jayewardene is now blamed for all manner of things. But the country should be grateful to him for having so dramatically organised opposition to the B-C Pact which compelled Mr Bandaranaike, albeit, under pressure, to abrogate the ill advised agreement.

    Mr Chelvanayagam tried the same tactics with Mr Dudley Senanayake. The Dudley-Chelvanayagam pact some eight years later will have similarly advanced the separatist cause. This agreement provided that in the granting of land under colonization schemes, landless persons in the district were to have first priority, followed by Tamil speaking persons resident in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and then other citizens of the island, with preference being given to Tamil citizens [not `Tamil Speaking’] resident in the rest of the Island.. The Sinhalese were effectively excluded. Thankfully, like the B-C Pact before it, the Dudley-Chelva agreement was abandoned.

    The apostles of separatism have not been discouraged by these setbacks and are now looking to the 13th Amendment to convey them to where earlier efforts failed to take them. But the 13A is a dead letter and one wonders whether it ought not to be formally repealed. The 13A was imposed on the island by a bullying India. Agreements entered into under duress are voidable in law. The 13A was also part of a larger agreement that envisaged India disarming the LTTE. India spectacularly failed to keep that part of the bargain. The 13A has not been applied for over 20 years and by the passage of time itself must be considered to have lapsed. All these reasons make the 13A no longer relevant.

    There is no room in Sri Lanka any more for race based politics or political parties. When the central government in India felt the stirrings of secessionist sentiment in the south in the 60s, Nehru lost no time in bringing in legislation to outlaw political parties that pursued secessionist aims. Perhaps, it is time for Sri Lanka to similarly outlaw all political parties that are race based – regardless of what race they represent – Tamil, Sinhalese or Muslim.

    The government was able to defeat the LTTE because it was bold and decisive. One of the problems with the so called Tamil problem is that successive governments have kept dilly dallying about it, without having a clear, firm plan and implementing it without delay. When in the 60s there were communal problems in Malaysia, that country acted swiftly to implement its progamme to counter those problems. It did not hesitate and waver. As with the manner in which the LTTE was defeated, the government should act decisively and swiftly and get the matter over and done with.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    Mr Charles.S.Perera

    1) Ref: « in 1987 The BBC correspondent Mark Tully quoted the army command at Palaly having hopes of taking Jaffna within the next 48 hours. It was at this stage that Indian Government intervened directly and decisively. Arguing that the embargo on supplies and the army offensive had rendered the people of Jaffna totally destitute, India decided to send in humanitarian relief.

    2) Ref: in 2009 The BBC correspondent quoted the army command at Kilinochchi having hopes of taking Vanni within the next 48 hours-
    India Goverment did not intervene so SL forces succesfully completed it job with in 48 hours

    for this good wiil geture india want SLGO to implement 13A Now !!!

    Please tell me I am wrong ????

  17. ranjit Says:

    Those hypocrits can ask for not 13A or B or plus or till 13 Z it will not happen. Believe me as long as freedom loving,peace loving citizens who loves our Motherland lives on no power can take what we achieved so far. Our Sinhala heros didnt die for nothing. Polticians can be friends or relative or brother or son among their own clans but they cannot take any decisions on their own by sidelining the masses of the land we freed from LTTE barbarians.

    We love him.We admire him,We respect him for being the hero who saved our country from the clutches of terrorism but if he does anything stupid to upset the majority Sinhalese then my lord that’s the end of your popularity so please listen to the masses and respect the masses wish. ABOLISHED THE 13A & 13 PLUS FOR GOOD and forget all about it for god’s sake. Dont wake up the sleeping lion again.He is tired afetr fighting for thirty long years. Let the country move forward as it is with everyone happy and in peace. LONG LIVE SRI LANKA.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    Other Chief Ministers of Provinces say police and land powers are not necessary to the Provinces effectively; only access to land is necessary and the Provinces already enjoy adequate power.

    But, the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA are wailing that Sri Lanka is “not honoring” promises made to India.

    In which part of the world is the VICTIM required to keep promises made to an ATTACKER holding a knife to one’s throat? Why is the ATTACKER not being castigated for its CRIMES?

    The LUDICROUS NATURE of India’s position is that India has NEVER APOLOGIZED for training and implanting Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka and then INVADING Sri Lanka to enforce its partition in favor of those Tamil Terrorists. While India KNOWS it committed a grievous crime against sovereign Sri Lanka … initiating a war that ultimately killed 150,000 Sri Lankan citizens … India PRESUMES to have the moral standing to lecture Sri Lanka about devolution of power to former separatists on the basis of ETHNICITY. I don’t see India swallowing its own medicine and DEVOLVING POWER to Muslims in Kashmir! Do you? Different Strokes for Diofferent Folks … it seems.

    The need to PLACATE racist leaders in Tamil Nadu in return for their political support at the Centre will ALWAYS GUIDE India’s actions … it is about time we Sri Lankans understood that. The latest ploy India is using to placate communal Tamil Nadu politicians is using “Rehabilitation Assistance” to support Tamil Aspirations and Economy of the North & East into the Tamil Nadu society and markets. When that is completed, they expect to achieve a de-facto Eelam with political union to be imposed later.

    We Sri Lankans should understand these moves and ERECT BARRIERS to the slow alienation of our Northern & Eastern Provinces under India’s duplicitous hand.

    The only COMPLETE & FULL solution to these moves is to settle people of other communities in large numbers in the North & East and drive Sri Lanka through a GOSL supported Policy of ETHNIC INTEGRATION towards a homogeneous demography.

    Then, the very basis of an EELAM as a Tamils-Only State will be FRUSTRATED & DEMOLISHED. The icing on the cake will be that ALL people of Sri Lanka can then enjoy the cartloads of highly focused “Rehabilitation Assistance” provided by in the North & East for consumption by Tamils only! Instead of further segregation of communities that India wants to promote, we will divert Indian money to promote further integration of Sri Lankan communities !

    Chief ministers express mixed sentiments on “13 plus”
    January 23, 2012


    “Shan Wijeyalal Silva, the chief minister of the Southern Provincial Council, said yesterday that powers should not be devolved to appease a single community. He said that it should be done to meet the aspirations of all communities. He said that the chief ministers could provide an effective service to the people with the existing powers.

    Besides, said Mr. Wijelal, the provincial councils were able to provide an effective service even without land and police powers. He said that all that was needed were sufficient funds for the provincial councils.”


    “Bertie Premalal Dissanayake, the chief minister of the North Central Province, also expressed similar sentiments and said the provincial councils enjoyed a fair amount of power already. He said his provincial council had access to land within his province. He therefore said there was no need for more powers.”

  19. Marco Says:

    Let’s get to the crux of the matter.
    Think we have and can debate the 13th amendment until we are blue in the face.
    It’s still in the Constitution and MR with his 2/3 majority is hesitant to repeal it whilst introducing authoritarian 18th amendment to consolidate his executive powers. (which i believe will bite back more, but that’s for another day)
    Does he renegade on a pledge given or face the wrath.(on a personal basis)
    MR will make the usual noises to get over the March hurdle and start all over again in August.
    The 13th Amendment will NEVER(unless MR wants to try his luck in Hague) be repealed from the Constitution (neither will it be implemented!).
    So we have to keep discussing it every 3/9 months maybe…

  20. stanley perera Says:

    No police or land powers. No devolution of power and no nothing. Simple as that. Take it or leve it. Get off our back F…… Basturds TNA.

  21. ranjit Says:

    Well said Stanley let the TNA go to hell or we will send them to hell to meet their Macho killer Prabakaran. Be united my brothers and sisters,Fathers and Mothers against this NUMBER 13 for the sake of our dead heros.

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