Resolution presented to UNHR Council Geneva, and absurdity of accusing Sri Lanka- the Victim of Terrorism.
Posted on February 5th, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

 Sri Lanka has just escaped from the tiger jaws of terrorism to fall amoung a group of vultures praying on carcasses  calling them selves defenders of human rights, despite the fact that their governments are the worst of violators of human rights.  But Sri Lanka is still not dead but breathing and living  though it lived facing ” death ” for thirty years, without no one of these numerous Human Rights activists to accuse  the ruthless group of terrorists for the violation of its rights to exist as a unitary state, in peace without fear and stress.

 Today Sri Lanka which removed the gruesome terrorism from its soil, has become the target of the pseudo defenders of human rights.  These defenders of human rights coming with different labels  Human  Rights Watch,  Amnesty International, International Crisis group and so on are led by educated men and women. 

 The fault of the educated men and women of the West,  who have taken up defence of human rights is that they take themselves to be  some sort of angels  sent to save the “decadent” developing Nations. Therefore they assume to be omniscient and have the solution for all the ills of the developing Nations. But what they do not know is that they are robotics unable to think.  They are brain dead. 

 Ever since Sri Lanka successfully eliminated a ruthless group of terrorists that terrorised the people of the whole country for thirty years the Western Countries, the Western Media and the Western Human rights activists  that have sprung like mushrooms after a heavy rain, not to mention Navi Pillai, Ban Ki Moon , Robert Orris Blake, and Hillary Clinton  etc., have all gathered in numbers  to  accuse Sri Lanka and its armed forces for war crimes.

 Why ?

 Apparently because this little country of  coloured  people which is Sri Lanka has eliminated terrorism,  which even the most powerful of their Nations with ultimate of  military equipment and technology failed to do.  But these great democratic nations did not have the political generosity  to congratulate the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for a unique achievement 

 This most reprehensible  and blame worthy attitude of the West has another reason, which  is the appeasing of  the  pro terrorist front agencies of the Tamil diaspora living abroad, who contribute lavishly for their active support to discredit, destabilize  and accuse Sri Lanka for war crimes, and also give in return for such support, their votes in the elections of these countries.

 These terrorist front Agencies of the Tamil diaspora who after the defeat of the terrorists are left with  huge sums of  money they had collected from the Tamil diaspora for terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, do not know what to do as the their principle partners the Sri Lanka terrorists have been eliminated.   The money had been collected for the special purpose  of allowing Prabhakaran and his terrorists to continue their terrorist “war” to divide Sri Lanka and set up a separate Tamil Homeland. 

 Now with the principle players of their terrorist game  having been eliminated these terrorist Front Agencies of the Tamil diaspora do not want to use these money they had collected  to help the Tamil civilians who are their “kith and kin” now living  in the North and East of Sri Lanka who suffered under terrorism.

 But instead, they want to use this load of money now to fulfil the dream of the dead terrorists to set up a separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka, not with arms and ammunitions but by using the foreign Governments and Human rights activists carry out a different sort of “terrorism” to realize their object-a Tamil Eelam State.  These educated wise guys of the  West have fallen into the “money trap” of these terrorist front Agencies of the Tamil diaspora who are the supporters of terrorism in Sri Lanka

 Therefore, they are carrying out a massive campaign to get the support of the influential persons among the  educated class of the Western countries, to support the cause of the Tamils the minority community in Sri Lanka to break up Sri Lanka and form a separate Tamil Eelam State, as it had been  thwarted  by the  “unexpected” elimination of the whole lot of terrorists in Sri Lanka. 

 These terrorist Front Organizations have become the contributors to these Humanitarian Activists of the  West who  among them  Louise Arbour has organized her own Group, the ICG.  They have paid millions to hire Attorneys like Bruce Fein to prepare a brief to file action against the President and the Government of Sri Lanka  for  violation of human rights and  genocide.

 As it was pointed out these Human Rights activists of  different denominations act for the money, and the Western Politicians both for money and their votes at elections.  It has been said that these front Agencies have formed a separate group called the Tamils for Obama which contribute large sums for the Presidents election campaign.  Hillary Clinton who had also received a considerable sum of money for her Presidential election campaign had apparently refunded the amount when she was informed that the “contribution” was from the Sri Lanka Terrorist Front Organizations.

 That is how these Humanitarian Activists most of them in their real life would not have much to do with the coloured people of any ethnic group other than a “Good Morning” or  a”Good Evening” , have become very sympathetic  active defenders of violation of human rights in Sri Lanka and the elimination of the Sri Lanka terrorist which vexed them most.  Sri Lanka terrorism is  a “duck laying golden eggs” for them , after their eliminations “the duck has not stopped laying its  golden eggs”.  The other terrorists in the rest of the world will not be so generous as those of Prabhakaran.

 These “brain dead” Humanitarian activists act issuing press reports , getting  Television reports  with “cooked up” stories like those of the UK Channel 4 to discredit and destabilize Sri Lanka which  remained without social progress and development during the  thirty years of  terrorism.

 Sri Lanka  after elimination of  the terrorists begun vast development projects to counter the 30 years of loss in social and economic  progress through terrorism, and to take Sri Lanka forward to a brighter and a happier future despite the  residue of the terrorists still lurking in the form of  a  Tamil National Alliance and the Pro terrorist Tamil diaspora , poking sticks through the spokes of political sanity,  causing  all possible damage to Sri Lanka and its development projects,  coordinating with the greedy, brain-dead, dumb Humanitarian Activists of the West  gathering to collect their handsome hand outs.

 When in participating members of the Geneva HRCouncil are presented with the resolutions against  Sri Lanka,  they should  see the resolutions with an absolutely non-committal attitude.  They should be able to leave out the  details that shroud the real issue to be absolutely certain to see the core of it .

 In other words  they should be able to remove complementary issues arising out of the  basic factual problem presented to them or purposely included to hide the “reality” to make the “accusation of war crimes” seems an acceptable proposition . They should then separate the “basic factual issue” to see clearly the  “truth” as to what actually happened at the crucial stage before casting their vote one way or the other.

 If they can see clearly the main issue on which they are to debate they  will see the key issue is an evident out come of the thirty years of suffering of a people.  The peace  has no value if how ever hard it had been  some have sacrificed for its realization.  It is only those who cannot understand this reality that accuse the Government Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes.  

 What is this “key issue ” in the heart of the  presentation  of the resolution accusing Sri Lanka  for violation of human rights, and war crimes , demanding an accountability  ? 

 In order to understand that one should clearly the bare facts of the case. In Sri Lanka there was a group of terrorists and against the terrorists was the Government.  The terrorists  do not follow accepted norms, they have no moral concerns, they are not concerned with ethics, they are no respecters of life, they are uncivilized savages, they have no compunction about the flow of  human blood in massacres and assassinations  in  arriving at their objective.  Opposed to them are the Government Armed Forces, they have considerations for human life , they have moral principles, they have a “civilized method” of attaining their objective.

 When these two groups confront each other the terrorists  to use perhaps an inappropriate idiom are like  the proverbial  ” bull in a china shop”.  They shoot at every one they think are against them.  In an armed  confrontation the terrorists have no respect to life , they know that to live to continue terror, they have to kill the opponents .

  In killing the opponent, it is immaterial to the terrorist who else gets killed as they are not fighting according to any rules.  But it is the Armed Forces that fight according to the rules and the Armed Forces  respects life, therefore ,when they kill the enemy it will do its best to see that there are no “collateral deaths or damages” to persons or material.  But in the heat of the fight, in the cross fires , stray bullets , bullets that  ricochet may kill or damage unexpected  persons or destroy material.  These are unavoidable .  

 Therefore in a military operation against a group of ruthless terrorists, could  the Army of the Government be held responsible for  such “collateral” deaths and damages ?

 It is worse when the confrontation is the final show down where the terrorists on one side and the Government Army on the other are engaged in a fight unto death, could the army be held responsible for any violation of human rights  because others besides the terrorists had been killed or wounded ?

 Here the key word is “human rights”;  This would be  what is put forward to cloud the real issue if some one wants to blame the Army.  The terrorists cannot be blamed for violation of human rights.  Because they have no sense of morality, no would they accept responsibility  to loss of life, they have no rules  they shoot to kill no matter who gets killed.

 In such a situation  can “human rights” be broached to accuse the Sri Lanka Armed Forces because “human rights” do not apply to terrorists , as already pointed out ” human rights ” is not the primary pre-occupation of  the terrorist. The terrorists  do not understand “human rights” and even if they understand,  they simply do not care they are violating “human rights.”

 I think the most absurd  issue to have introduced in any confrontation with terrorists on one side and  Government Forces on the other  is  whether there had been  “violation of human rights”.  There are humans rights being violated every were, such as in work places, schools, villages, in transport,  in homes, and also by soldiers not engaged in military action.

 But violation of human rights in “military action” is the most foolish possible accusation  to be brought against an Armed Force whose duty is to fight the enemy to protect the country and its people.

 In conventional warfare  there are rules, and certain  methodology to be respected which  are agreed by the warring parties, and laid down in Conventions.

 There are no such agreements in military operations in fighting terrorism. Because the Conventions had been entered into  when terrorism had not still raised its head. And we cannot adopt the Conventions to suit the out come of terrorism.

 There is another very relevant fact  to be taken into consideration by the members of the UNHRCouncil in Geneva when they meet to pass “sentence on Sri Lanka” for violation of human rights and accountability.

 The  honourable Members of the UNHR Council  should know the history of the Sri Lanka’s terrorism that led to the final show down in 2009. It is only in understanding that most painful period of the history of Sri Lanka that the honourable Members of the UNHRC will be able to see the absurdity of the  call for an accountability for the end of terrorism that brought  to Sri Lanka peace and possibility to develop the Country which for thirty years lived in fear and uncertainty. 

 It is in knowing this “history” that the honourable Members of the HRCouncil would be able to garner the “key issue” under deliberation, that was mentioned before.

 The terrorism in Sri Lanka began in 1970s. Thereafter for well over  a quarter century , the terrorists killed, massacred, assassinated thousands of civilians, assassinated using Human Suicide bombs a president of Sri Lanka, a Prime Minister of India , Maimed  a President and an Army Commander  of Sri Lanka,  and  assassinated using suicide bombs  Several Ministers of Sri Lanka, Army Officers and Soldiers, Naval Officers, Police Officers and policemen.   Some of these crimes were committed when there was a Foreign Monitoring Mission  stationed  in Sri Lanka and under their surveillance.

 When all attempts for  a political settlement by the President Mahinda Rajapakse had failed, Sri Lanka Armed Forces were deployed for military operations against the terrorists for a military settlement of the 30 years of suffering under terrorism , and after a hard battle against the well equipped terrorist force with heavy artillery and modern small arms, in which  tens of thousands of the members of the Armed Forces (without speaking of the deaths of terrorists) lost their lives  while some were maimed for life, the Armed Forces brought victory of the ruthless terrorists  who were eliminated. 

 After this great victory over “evil” there appeared  all types of so called Human rights activists under different labels  such as the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International or the UNHCHR etc., who had never intervened  to accuse the terrorists for “violation of human rights”, and stop the regular massacres of innocent people through out the thirty years of terrorism, to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces  for war Crimes , demanding accountability for violation of human rights at the end phase of military operations to eliminate terrorism.

 Most of these Human Rights Activists were former NGOs, who were working in the Terrorist controlled areas maintaining a very high life Style.  They had befriended the terrorists in the course of their work as NGOs . It is perhaps that  relationship which they had  developed with the terrorists, that  drove them to take vengeance from the Government of Sri Lanka for eliminating the terrorists who were their friends.

 These Sri Lanka terrorists  were directing their terrorism only to the Sri Lanka Government, its Armed Forces and its people.  They had nothing to fear from the Sri Lanka terrorists. Therefore these NGOs also regret the loss of that life style which they  enjoyed,  and which  they could  not have even dreamt of in their own countries.

 The other fact that the honourable members of the UNHRCouncil in Geneva should pose is why the UN Commissioner of Human Rights is restricting violation of human rights and accountability to the last phase of military operations against the terrorists? 

 The terrorism in Sri Lanka lasted thirty years causing terrible disaster to human lives and destruction of  material , nevertheless, the UNCHRCouncil has been convened to look only into a few hours of fighting in the climax to the end of terrorism for which the accusers  demand  accountability. 

 This has been done purposely to make it easy for  the anti Sri Lanka forces to  accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes.   There is no point in accusing the terrorists who are the real perpetrators of crime, because they are no more there. 

 Because in the frenzy of that last ditch battle for life by the terrorists, and to defeat the terrorists saving their own lives as far as possible,  and the lives of tens of thousands of Tamil civilians running away from the terrorists who had kept them as their human shield by the Armed Forces, who can say for sure who killed whom and how many were killed ?

 Is that a reason to ask for  an accountability? 

 It could be understood if an accountability is called for the 30 years of the confrontations with terrorism.

 But as the terrorists are the main violators of human rights and they are responsible for assassinations, massacres and murders which the Monitoring Mission is quite aware of, and could be summoned  to substantiate incidents of massacre and assassinations as witnesses, it is more appropriate that the terrorist Front Organisations in the Tamil Diaspora and the Tamil National Alliance who were the spokesmen for the terrorists are accused for aiding and abetting terrorism in Sri Lanka

 Its is paradox  why the Tamil National Alliance is  not accused  for aiding and abetting terrorists and a resolution  presented at the UNHRCouncil in Geneva against them to first revoke their immunity as Parliamentarians , and  demanding their arrest and brought before a criminal court of law , instead of accusing  the Government of Sri Lanka which was the victim of terrorism.

 Therefore this exercise of presenting  resolutions  to the Human Rights Council by the UNHCHR Navi Pillai to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and accountability  in the last phase of its military operation against terrorists, is an absurd effort to discredit the Government of Sri Lanka for doing what it had to do in the interest of the country and its people.

 Therefore, if the Members of the HRC understand the implication will see through the facts that some one is  placing before them this resolution to accuse the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka, not because any violation of  human rights  could be positively proved against it, but because they are acting for certain parties who want to take revenge from Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorism from Sri Lanka.

 Therefore if the members of the HRC are wise and honourable men they will reject the resolution outright. They will without resting at that call upon the UNHigh Commissioner for Human Rights to present a resolution accusing the Tamil National Alliance of Sri Lanka  to bring them before a tribunal for aiding and abetting terrorism in Sri Lanka and therefore responsible for thousands of death through terrorism.

7 Responses to “Resolution presented to UNHR Council Geneva, and absurdity of accusing Sri Lanka- the Victim of Terrorism.”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Blame the victim is a part of Western culture. Remember Africa being the “Burden of white man”, Australian aborigines being the “Dying race”, Native Americans being savages. We can see the same pattern emerging on Iran, with on going plans to destroy and rob that nation.

    Victim blaming occurs when the victim held entirely responsible for the crimes committed against them. Blaming the victim is usually racist in nature. The Americans and Europeans have copyrights for this. Victim blaming justify racism and injustice against Negros in the United States. This is the best case of Victimization in the world. Today blacks are blamed for everything wrong with America. This conveniently forget crimes of 400 years.

    Like Charles said, a small nation of 20 millions, led by an intrepid leader, thwarted plans of Western domination. Small groups of terrorist have created havoc in every nation which stood against the Western hegemony. No wonder the NGOs are blaming Sri Lanka, the victim of West financed terrorism.

  2. Ben_silva Says:

    masses need to rise up and be counted. It should be pointed out that

  3. Ben_silva Says:

    Westen nations funded terrorism and the very same nations are now making a noise because the terrorism they funded got defeated.

  4. May182009 Says:

    According to Tamilnet China is planning to build a new airport in Punarinna in the north. This will balance Indian shitty influence and stump Tamil Elamist nonsense.

  5. May182009 Says:

    Russia and China have vetoed the US resolution on Syria. A very good move. More people die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt separately than in Syria.

    But disgusting India has voted with the USA!!

    We can never trust India which is now sleeping with USA.

    Mark my word, at the UNHRC if there is a vote, bloody India will vote against us or push for a crazy compromise where India will be the boss.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ferry Services to resume from Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, says a news item. Does this auger well from the point of view of our Security of the country ? Lately, cruise ships have started calling into the ports here too. How do we keep the Economy and the Security in balance ?

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Indian security too is at stake if Lanka is threatened by outside forces inimical to Indian security. If Lanka is perceived as shaky in security re India, then it is an excuse for India to take initiatives to protect their ‘underbelly’, South India, close to Lanka. With Tamil Nadu leanings toward separatism (to distract from their caste wars ?), Lanka is in a tough spot. How do we protect ourselves, and help India protect herself too ?
    At the same time, Lanka has to stop all illegal migration and deport all illegal migrants, from Tamil Nadu especially and also from other areas. Security is foremost for us, post ltte war.

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