TNA Aren’t Imbeciles To Want To Show Up At Geneva Having Once Been And Still Is An LTTE Front, Where They Should Probably Have Been Forced To Attend!
Posted on February 26th, 2012

Insight By Sunil Kumar

February 26th 2012

The TNA probably needs to be deemed the ultimate example of complete LTTE supportives during the height of their existence of nefarious and Nation destructive activities and it is mind boggling how they have come to be politicians in Sri Lanka today. Despite their diluted palavering with the Administration which the true discerning see as a mere ploy they have gained access to their present day status mainly due to the upholding of democracy within Sri Lanka and its legislators but this privilege could be shortlived once their true transparencies show and all their pretences fall apart!

 TNA aren’t imbeciles to want to show up at Geneva having once been and judging by their words and actions still is an LTTE Front! Therefore it is not al all surprising that their (the TNA’s) decision to stay away from the forthcoming Geneva UNHCR convention, which obviously is a deliberate decision as they could easily be exposed for their true identity of LTTE supportives. It would be disastrous for the TNA if someone were to raise the alarm and there are very likely sources who could do this. Given their capacity to connive, concoct fabrications, resort to deceitful and pretentious presentations of being true representatives of the greater part the Tamil community ( which incidentally was also a ploy of the LTTE also and denied by many Tamils today happy and re-settled in domains in the North and East of Sri Lanka) they would have little ground to stand on realistically in Geneva as they in collaboration with the LTTE are the true culprits of any rights abuses which took place in Sri Lanka. When a war against terrorism of the nature and length of what transpired in Sri Lanka is put into persopective it seems fairly easy to conclude the statutes of limitations and who was really at fault. There is documented evidence to prove this and these are not fabrications but have been attested to as real by sources qualified to do so!

 It would have been fortuitous for Sri Lanka, her administration and true freedom loving citizens had the TNA been present at this convention and perhaps if there was a mandate and compulsion apparent to world administrarors to force their presence in Geneva to answer to the accusations levelled at Sri Lanka on Rights Violations et al, which they in all probabilities bear a greater responsibility for by virtue of their involvement with the LTTE, it would seem justifiable in the eyes of many.

 Hence it becomes somewhat obvious as to why the TNA are playing goody two shoes with their rhetoric in the process and avoiding the Geneva Sessions. In all probabilities the TNA are conscious about their former links to the terror group in Sri Lanka having openly supported the LTTE which once spanned a global network and is suspected of doing so surreptitiously even now and their body language constantly pointing to their veiled ambitions to instigate the resurrection of Eelam. No rocket science needed towards this inference based on the blatancy of the TNA simply because they have garnered a few seats in Parliament and seem oblivious to the likely repercussions of some of their current policies and actions which the Administrators of Sri Lanka are in all likelihood monitoring very carefully which in due course could turn out to be a breach of the Law and punishable should their objectives be in direct violation of the Nation’s Constitution relative to Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity, interestingly also the issue on which the LTTE were defeated and crushed.

 That they too have to answer to the destruction that took place in the country in recent past,quoting Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa commenting on the TNA’s statement over the UNHCR sessions in Geneva seems in all likelihood the reason for the TNA to want to avoid it and when the TNA utters meaningless statements that they support the GOSL on various issues saying they are behind the President while having a hidden agenda in reality they speak with a forked tongue where there could be a hidden danger to the Nation if not dealt with effectively where the best means would be to outlaw them should they cross the guidelines posted by the Laws of the Land.

 The Hon. Minister’s comments as quoted are that:

” the TNA’s behavior was a proxy to the LTTE and they are answerable for what the LTTE did”, whilst asserting with confidence that “the Government had nothing to worry as it had kept all the pledges given to the public. We the (GOSL) have not violated human rights, but paved the way to preserve rights of all the Tamils put in trouble by the LTTE. We rehabilitated over 17,000 former combatants and provided them livelihood. Over 100,000 were resettled. We provided electricity. Roads are being constructed. No more emergency laws, No high security zones. Establishing the democracy, we held elections in the North and East. Then, how can the TNA speak contrary about promises by the government”, the Minister who was responsible for infrastructure and resettlement process in the area lamented.

If the TNA still dreams about Eelam regimes, they have not understood the reality. There was a time that some TNA MPs were also unable to visit the North and East. President Rajapaksa was given a mandate by the people including the Tamils in the North and East and he will uphold his promises to them. We have to warn the TNA not to drive the Tamils into desperation again. Please don’t do the same mistake again. It caused a grave disaster for the country and hindered the country’s development”,

where the statement of the Minister rings true to the realities one would attribute to the TNA which of late seem to be taking on the same role the LTTE were aiming at .

 Case in point collectively for all those apathetic sources finger pointing at the GOSL in a concerted albeit baseless attempt to discredit it not only in Geneva but also through their past wasted and deliberately orchestrated attacks led predominantly by the likes of UN ‘head honcho’ Ban Ki Moon and his ‘comrade in arms’ Naveen Pillai who have set a decrepit and seemingly biased example of false accusations based on doctored presentations, crocodile tears of some whose efforts to bring down the GOSL through lies and innuendo failed albeit picked up also by certain world powers for all the wrong reasons never once granting or upholding the imperative concession that this is a Sovereign Nation which has fought off the evils of terrorism justifiably, unprecedentedly and made the existences of all her citizens safe and secure where only the losers to date continue their protests and worthless clarion calls.

4 Responses to “TNA Aren’t Imbeciles To Want To Show Up At Geneva Having Once Been And Still Is An LTTE Front, Where They Should Probably Have Been Forced To Attend!”

  1. Marco Says:

    Here’s another take…
    TNA does not have to attend as a party and why should they?( MAS and another catcher is attending in whatever capacity).
    TNA are not under the microscope in Geneva to implement the recommendations of the LLRC are they?

    Worst case scenario: Resolution passed with India abstaining or voting with the US. ( How can they vote against it after Indian FM statement following his visit)
    Best case Scenario: Resolution delayed for 6 months. ( re: recent statement )

    Who will be the scapegoat?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    If TNA attends and BS against the nation, TNA will be punished by the SL law.

    That is why they are not attending.

    ANY evidence presented on behalf of TNA will be only HEARSAY and has no validity.

    So TNA is in a nice little trap. Open their dirty mouths at Geneva, they are DOOMED. Don’t open their dirty mouths in Geneva, they cannot present their case on behalf of the “Tamil people”.

    So much about SOLE REPRESENTATIVES of Tamil people!!! :))

  3. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Sunil Kumar!

    It is about time, we SriLankans who love our motherland to get together & demand any political entity or group has a conotation to Separatism, Self rule, Indelendent state apart from present Unitary State of Sri lanka in their maifesto, name or ideology, should be banned. This should have done long time ago, when numerous Tamil parties cropped up..with few members & go against a Sovereign state.

    Other countries have laws, and also banning ANTI – Country jargon, discrediting the country they were born, is in itslf a crime against their country of birth( Motherland). If any party or individual advocates separatism, self rule or independence such groups or individuals should be punished.

    In Canada, Quebec had referandums, anti-Canadian slogans and ultimately every thing fizzled out because of clarity act passed in the parliament of Canada. It says any solution, or demand for more rights in Quebec, must be acceptable to ALL other provinces & territories of Canada.

    If Tamils worship Canadian laws & asks Sri lankan Govt. to act, they also must realize how Canada faught seperatism and won. Get use to similar laws in Sri lanka, any proposal put forwad by Tamils in Sri lanka or abroad must FIRST be acceptable to all other provinces & should have the will of the MAJORITY.

    It is time our writers, interlectuals get together and assist our President Rajapaksha & his Govt. implement such ploicies which will bring any party or group advocating ANTI SRI Lanka demands to abide by laws of Sri lanka. We have given enough its time CLAWBACK and ask Tmails (4.2% of poulation less that Mulims & Malays ( 7%) to assimilate & learn Sinhalese, the majority language.

    Thanks for the opportunity to express my views……..~ Gamunu- retd Engineer – Canada

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Its a pity the so called intellectuals and lawmakers around the globe who take it upon themselves to be their own judges, juries and executioners thereby causing so much distress and mayhem around the world do not see the views expressed by Gemunu. They should, towards posterity! These are absolutely noteworthy and applicable to what Sri Lanka and other countries in similar situations oppressed by imperialistic, powerful forces, some with their own agendas need towards the sense of what most often are matters resolvable by the policies and laws of the countries concerned. Sone nations in the The world roday are more concerned about what goes on outside their realm of administration and jurisdiction which comprises gross interference into the internal matters of independent and sovereign nations AND MUST BE STOPPED lest their actions escalate into world problems of greater proportions and implications which could affect the entire planet!

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