Tamil Diaspora is using the West and the UN successfully – they will never allow Sri Lanka to stabilize and prosper
Posted on April 9th, 2012

Media Release – Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra

After the end of the war in May 2009, the Tamil Diaspora knew they cannot win the war to create an independent Tamil nation in Sri Lanka by way of gun; they changed the method of fighting the war. They launched a new  war “”…” war by brain.

To this end, they have successfully engaged leading  Western academics, human rights pundits, journalists, members of the Western parliaments, lawyers, doctors and other professionals etc to fight their war against Sri Lanka.

The TNA is part of this adversarial group.

The Tamil Diaspora has vast amounts of monies in their coffers, accumulated over a long period of time, sometimes by illegal means. They amount to millions or even billions of dollars. These funds are freely  available for their propaganda and lobbying work.

The Tamil Diaspora  continue to raise funds for their cause worldwide. They do this despite the bans imposed in some countries (unfortunately, Australia is not such a country).

With this money, and using various dirty tactics such as propagation of lies/deceptions/fabricated stories, offering bribes and various other unethical means, they would entice the powerful people in the West. More people will flock to their group.

Thus far, they have managed to get leading world figures into their camp, as described in above para 2. In contrast, Sri Lanka has very few such international friends.

Currently the Tamil Diaspora is running a successful battle. The Geneva Resolution is just one win.

It is well known that the Tamil Diaspora has funded election campaigns of many Western leaders. It is alleged that the disgraced stock broker, Raj Rajarathanam, gave millions of dollars of political donations to Hilary Clinton and allegedly had direct access to her (also, note how Sri Lanka laid a red carpet to Raj Rajarathnam each time he visited Sri Lanka after the end of the war. It is alleged some opposition parliamentarians, who today criticise the Government, did millions of  dollar deals with him. Today Mr Rajarathanam is in a US jail).

It has been reported recently that the Tamil Diaspora had even contributed funds to an arm of the Amnesty International. This is a bold move by them. In this regard, the Amnesty International has an explanation to make, given their extremely harsh critique on the Sri Lankan Government over the Tamil issue.

Today, the Tamil Diaspora has managed to win over countries such as the US, UK, Australia, South Africa and India, and other leading countries to their side plus the UN. They did this with lots of hard work over a long period of time “”…” say at least since 1983 or so, during these times Sri Lanka was either fast asleep or was only doing the absolute minimum  to shield against the Western Government/NGO attacks. Sri Lanka started giving some form of an international fight only in the 21st century. During the 1980s, some of its embassies and High Commissions effectively worked with the Tamil Diaspora to bring forth tarnish to Sri Lanka.

The Tamil Diaspora has done the  job of propagating lies and deception very well. One good example is the Channel 4 videos. They must be given credit for this, albeit the work  amounts to fraudulent and other illegal conduct. Due to the fact that India seems in real terms governed by a Western lady,  through her influence, it appears the Tamil Diaspora has won over India.  It is reported that India decided to vote against Sri Lanka in Geneva, after Mrs Gandhi was shown by the racist Tamilnadu politicians of photos of a dead  boy, allegedly the son of the murderous terrorist megalomaniac Prabhakaran.  If this story is true, this shows the immaturity India is showing in handling the Sri Lankan issue – if India determines its foreign policy on Sri Lanka based on photos (dubious) shown to the leader of the Congress Party, this means, Sri Lanka will have a bleak future.

India is bullying Sri Lanka, its younger brother very badly. But, Sri Lanka must maintain its calm and show India that what they are doing is wrong. We must be careful not to develop a very bad enmity with India.  The recent announcement of their fishing policy towards Sri Lanka, which highly disadvantages Sri Lanka,  is a fine example of their high handed tactic towards Sri Lanka. It is reported that due to Indian poaching in Sri Lankan waters,  Sri Lanka is losing closer to US$1 billion  a year, as a result of loss revenue from fishing. This conduct, also allows Tamils in Tamilnadu to illegally travel to Sri Lanka and settle down in Sri Lanka.

After the war the Government has done so much for the Tamil people. Those who were in IDP camps were settled in record time. Most of the Tamil people have been settled in their own houses. Enormous amounts of money had been spent on the welfare, resettlement and infrastructure development of the north and east. To develop the north and east, the Government borrowed closer to $2 billion  from the IMF alone at high interest rates. Almost all of the captured Tamil Tigers were “ƒ”¹…”rehabilitated’ and released. Sinhalese and Tamils are living in harmony and happily today.  Tamils are doing exceptionally well in commerce and trade everywhere in Sri Lanka. Large numbers of them have been recruited into the Sri Lanka Police service and also the armed services. But, the Tamil Diaspora living comfortable lives in the West have not given up their fanciful and farfetched idea of creating an independent Tamil nation in Sri Lanka.

All the Tamils in the world know there is no other place in the world other than Sri Lanka for them to create their own Tamil nation, thus, millions of Tamils in the world (numbering closer to 80 million) give financial and moral support for the cause of the Tamil Elam. In this context the Sinhalese (numbering less than 20 million) are a minority in their own region.  

To defeat this war by brain, Sri Lanka must utilize its full  potential. In this case, Sri Lanka must use its best, patriotic  brains locally and internationally. This has not yet happened. Currently Sri Lanka is running the war using amateurs, who think they can fight the international war, using the same tactics and strategies they use in Sri Lanka.

People who know international politics, diplomacy,  and international law must be utilised to the maximum. Patriots will flock to give assistance, volulrantarily, sometimes even financially,  if they see an intelligent and committed war is being maneuvered, like in 2008 and 2009, where the Tamil Tigers were totally annihilated. 

If Sri Lanka asks, patriots living overseas will give their time, money and energy towards the task. But, they sadly see that through its own blunders the Government is getting into deeper and deeper water. Just see one example “”…”Sri Lanka used Ms Tamara Kunanayakam as head of its mission in 2012 at the Geneva Commission.  In 1987 she is allegedly to have made representations in the same Geneva Commission against the Sri Lankan Government on behalf of the Tamil Diaspora.  It is under her permanent leadership that Sri Lanka fought the recent Geneva war and lost.  If the story is true – that Tamara Kunanayakam worked for the Tamil Diaspora against the Sri Lankan Government, it is evidence as to how unintelligently we run the war against the Tamil Diaspora.

To defeat this new separatist war “”…” the war by brain, Sri Lanka must mount a dynamic team with a strategy, proper armaments (ie, best writers and speakers) with a vision.  A person like  Gotabhaya, with full power and control given to him to execute this new war, may be a good choice, but, he is not the only choice.  There is hardly anyone among the present politicians that can give the leadership, but there are clever, intelligent, committed and patriotic Sri Lankans in the civil society and among the Sinhala Diaspora. It is up to the Government to harness them.

Again, if this new war is executed correctly (we are already late and far behind that of the Tamil Diaspora), Sri Lanka will be able to come out of the current doldrums that we are in. If we do not fix this problem now, the situation will be very grave in the future. The irony is that it is the future generations of Sri Lanka that will suffer, and the dawn of a South Sudan in Sri Lanka may not be an unreality.

Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra

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16 Responses to “Tamil Diaspora is using the West and the UN successfully – they will never allow Sri Lanka to stabilize and prosper”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Generally, the past performance does not reflect the future or present performance (though it is financial investment related), the appoint of Ms. Tamara Kunanayakam is not bad if she did a good job this time. I think that was a good move (people can be rehabilitated). It was reported that the minister took the human right issue defended himself, when he was cornered, saying that he was the minister for plantations and he is not generally doing the human right issues. That is just a little bit of his performance. That was in UNHCR.

    India always work keeping always India’s interests at the forefront.

    The major problem is the double standards followed by the major human right defenders in the world. Those the western countries. Remember how CBK as the SL president screamed how western countries allowed overseas living tamils to collect funds to support terrorism in Sri Lanka. At present, US interests in the region have come to the forefront and every body is supporting the US.

    As Rajarathnam is in the jail, how tamils get funding should be found out.

    NGOs come the next. They may be funded by Tamils as well as by foreign govts, i.g. US. These NGOs in Sri Lanka should be scrutinized and their corruptions and all kinds of evil activities – whether personal or institutioal – should be exposed.

  2. dhane Says:

    A good article by Sri Lanka Support Group. 80 million Tamils have a language, culture, religious believing confined to them but no Tamil county in the world. In India Tamils are in 2nd class or no class. New Delhi need only Tamil Nadu support whoever the party to have their majority in Parliament. All Tamils know this New Delhi trick. That is the very same reason J. Nehru introduced into the constitution to prevent any further separation of India in 1962. In my opinion President MR should introduced quickly “No Separation” in any form could be discussed or act upon.
    Secondly SL Govt: cannot go into the lowest level same as Tamil Diaspora bribing other counties politicians etc. Therefore SL have to adopt different strategy as mention by Sri Lanka Support Group “war by brain”. There is no proper Minister in the present Cabinet who could do it. Therefore look outside the politicians in locally and overseas.
    Gotabhaya is very good soldier and admistrator. I am sure many SL are willing to going this new war by brain. We cannot expect everything to do by The President himself. He has many areas to cover.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    A good analysis.

    I agree with the war by brain. However, the unpopular truth is that we cannot win the diplomatic war. We must accept it. We cannot win all wars and the diplomatic battle is something that we cannot win.

    Lets assume we have the best speakers, writers, diplomats, legal experts, PR firms behind us. Can we still awake western diplomats to the truth? No. They refuse to accept the truth. They know it but refuse to acknowledge it.

    They only accept what benefits them. Today’s diplomatic battles are all geopolitical.

    If Country A’s conduct benefits Country B’s geopolitics, B will stand by A.
    If Country A’s conduct is against Country B’s expansionist and destabilisation agenda, B will punish A.

    Take Geneva 2012.

    None of the countries that voted for us has banned the LTTE.
    All the countries that have banned the LTTE (and in UNHRC) voted against us.
    (They know what it is but…..)

    Unbelievable! Not if you look at the geopolitics.

    Therefore, please don’t fall into this trap. We need good diplomats, PR firms, legal experts and we can make use of nationalist expatriates. But we should never beleive the international community is just and fair. It is not.

    We should keep the international agencies at bay as much as possible but the main war is still fought within the country.

    If the richest people in the country are separatists, Tamil nationalists, anti-nationalists and NGO activists, then what is there to protect?

    If separatists, Tamil nationalists, anti-nationalists and NGO activists can freely roam the country, win elections, own media, own political parties, brainwash people how can be protect the nation?

    If Tamil Nadu propaganda material are broadcast free of charge to the entire population, what’s the point fighting them overseas?

    If native Sri Lankans (ethnic groups that are found only in Sri Lanka – Sinhalese, Veddas) are economically weakest per capita, what is there to protect?

    Establishing a nationalist economy in the hands of native Sri Lankans, copying a western media law to control media, changing the election and governance structure to support nationalism must happen first.

    When LTTE was there, the international community manipulated it. Now they have one tool less. Their remaining tools within the country should be made ineffective.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Re: Ms Tamara Kunanayakam

    She is the only person of worth in the contingent. She tried tirelessly to win the support of Latin American and African countries. But their geopolitical realities became more important to them as expected.

    I have met most other reconciliation clowns (allow me to use the term that describes them best) and they are all useless.

    Even if she had acted against the nation in the past, we have to run with her because circumstances have changed. There are plenty in the government who have defected.

    It is not surprising His Excellency the President took the human rights matter to the international community in 1989 against the nation.

  5. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    A very good and impartial analysis, except for the comments on Tamara Kunanayakam our current head at the Geneva Human rights commission. I think before we criticise individuals, we need to know more about their back grounds.
    Recently I read a detailed article about her background and I am much impressed with her stance on human rights issues. It is not correct to say she helped the Tamil diaspora in the past. Having left SriLanka and whilst living overseas she did take up the issue of violence against the Tamils in the South during the riots, having heard various gruesome stories. This is what we did having heard the gruesome acts against the sinhalese by Tiger terrorists.
    Also, by the same token, it is now known that Ms Kunanayakam along with her family assisted immensely Mahinda Rajapakse, Vasudeva Nanayakkara and their small delegation, when they went to Geneva to make similar representations against the violence committed on sinhala youth by the then government, in the belief that they were all JVP activists. I think Tamara Kunanayakam is a genuine human rights activists who acts above petty caste, creed and race considerations, just like Minister Kadiragama, and she is the best SriLanka have at this stage to represent the nation in Geneva. In fact, I also believe, if Sri Lanka did make a blunder, then it could be getting Minister Samarasinghe to give the final speech before voting took place at the UNHRC, instead of allowing that role to Ms Kunanayakam, which was her rightful role as SriLanka’s representative in Geneva.
    With all the brickbats, threats and insults she is now receiving from the Tamil Tiger diaspora, she continues to defend the human rights of the 20million SriLankan people, liberated by this Government from the clutches of Tiger terrorists and their overseas supporters. May she have the courage and conviction to continue her role as a defender of rights of all communities against the evil politically motivated schemes of hostile nations and the terrorists.

  6. Charles Says:

    I am 100 percent with Sooriyarachi,

    I like the very good analytical article of the Sri Lanka Support Group, but it has misunderstood the Ambassador Tamara Kunanaykam. She gave the best of herself in Geneva. If we lost it was not because of her lack of charisma or her ability have put in convincing arguments. We lost because of India’s back stabbing. Those member states who were on the fence until the last movement fell away from us the moment India declared it is voting for the American Resolution. India could have atleast stayed silently and voted for Americans without giving a publicity of their voting intention. That may have been done intentianally by India to take as many member states away from Sri Lanka.
    There is no doubt of the hypocrise of India. India was never a friend of us and never will be. But it will not be long before India will have to pay for its betrayal of Sri lanka

  7. love_lanka Says:

    Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra should focus on it’s own ambassador in Canberra and rescue his image before we can assess Tamara’s talents in Geneva.

    The aussie media is branding our HC as an “alleged war criminal” and the HC is forced to protect his own name everywhere he goes. We need new career diplomat from Foreign Service who knows how to handle the media and dpl community.

    On top of that the Tamil FSP Gunaratnam’s Sinhala traitor doctor in Sydney has done great damage to the image of Sri Lanka today and where is our high Commissioner? This story is all over the aussie media now!

    Why we sliding like this since May 09?

  8. love_lanka Says:


    You are absolutely correct about Indians. We should NEVER trust the indians and never forgive them for what they did to us in UNHRC last month! We lost because Indians went public about their voting intention.

  9. Voice123 Says:

    5 decades of the Bandaranaike duo’s short sighted frog in the well educational legacy has rendered the Sinhalese ineffective in international fora and finer points of economic and political diplomacy. Oh well the family got what they wanted. Overseas English and French education for their children.

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Not only Sinhalese. Tamils and Muslim children too are in the same trap. They are all ineffective in articulating beyond the local, Tamil Nadu or Arabic scene.

  11. Voice123 Says:

    @ Lorenzo – nonsense! Children of Tamil diaspora are not in any such trap and u can’t blame them for wanting to escape Sinhala only/ Tamil only education. They know what the sensible thing to do is! Now the problem is they are laying all sorts of traps for the rest of us. Again, it’s the masses that pay the price. Then again, they voted those crooks into power in the first place. Hard lesson to learn.

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    Pig crap!
    I was referring to Tamils and Muslimin SL. Their numbers are GROWING as you know. They follow the SAME education system!! :))

    Or worse!

  13. Dilrook Says:

    Re: Education

    Sri Lanka provides a reasonably high quality education given the poor economic circumstances.

    It is not wise to ethnically segregate and look at the problem. Its same across all ethnic groups.

    17%-30% of local graduates migrate annually which speaks volumes of the internationally recognized education given to them free of charge. Otherwise they will not be able to migrate for professional jobs. Sri Lankan graduates are highly creative and doing top jobs in developed countries. Many in responsible positions in alsmost all professional fields.

    Even the Tamil Diaspora is extremely successful and creative thanks to the education they received from Sri Lanka. Most Tamil Diaspora activists are Sri Lankan educated. Second and third generation Tamils are less interested in this nonsense.

    The problem is how you use your education.

    Unfortunately some sections of the Tamil Diaspora use it against the very same country that gave them an education and a good quality life in developed countries.

    Eduation system must improve according to the economic and other needs of the nation.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    However I agree with Voice on B’nayakes. Totally wrong policies. Including Palestine. Unnecessary trouble.

    Now they are back! Chandrika and Ranil going to India TOGETHER!

    Vimukti B’nayaka K’tunga crying watching channel 4!!

  15. Dham Says:

    No majority of kids of tamil diaspora joned the brain war, only a few.
    How about kid of Sinhala diaspora ? They marry whites and become coconuts. Same with some of tamil disporas.
    I will never blame Banda for sinhala rajyabash thing. Without is we would have been servants of tamils long ago.

  16. Voice123 Says:

    Dham, the problem is not rajyabash but the way it was done. It was primarily done as a vote winning exercise for the Bandas. Just look at how they educated their own family? The British did all the major administration in English neglecting the majority. The simple solution in such a emotional issue in a multilingual country is to make an all party consensus. Sinhala, in in certain situations Tamil, to be elevated to the same level as English without downgrading English. There was no need to make it a vote buying issue. No need for the brain drain. There was also no need to segregate classes and schools into language streams. In the end we cut our nose to spite our face. Elites such as the Bandas educated their children in English anyway. Ask yourself why did they do this? In the end the poor and the masses and Sri Lankan unity were the losers.

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