Mosque Destruction in Dambulla ?
Posted on April 26th, 2012

Uditha Abeywickrema

Dear Sir:

Dambulla and its picturesque, historical environs are very sacred to Buddhists. Muslims ought to know this, and accordingly close down their mosque.

Instead, they have become belligerent and threaten retaliation.

But first, a simple question must be posed to Sri Lankan Muslims and to Muslims in the wider world for some perspective, fairness and balance. Would Saudi Arabia and other Gulf sheikdoms, Iran included, allow Buddhism, the worship of Buddhism, let alone the construction of Buddhist temples, on their soil, in their lands?

The answer is a loud and categorical “NO”!  Only Islam is allowed in the whole of the Gulf Region. All other religions or worship are banned. Yet Muslims the world over are freely allowed to worship anywhere, any place, in airports, in Malls, in Oxford Street, or in Galle Face Green.

Many of our poor Buddhist maids in the Muslim Middle East have been tortured, raped, their Buddha statues smashed, and even murdered by their Muslim employers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. There have been no beheadings for Muslim murderers of Lankan maids.

So why should we put up with Muslim double standards?  Muslims sound hypocritical when they clamor for religious rights, freedom of religion, tolerance,… when they absolutely deny the very same to others in the majority of Muslim countries, with perhaps the exception of Turkey.

Enough is enough. Their double standards must be exposed. Muslims must know their place in Sri Lanka. They have always acted in their own selfish interests first, and not that of the country.

Many Sri Lankans of other ethnic and religious groups also deem them to be unprincipled and opportunistic, parasitical on the Sinhala nation by their political expediency, devious trading relationships, and exploitation of poor Sinhala, especially in poor rural Sri Lanka.


Uditha Abeywickrema

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Many of our poor Buddhist maids in the Muslim Middle East have been tortured, raped, their Buddha statues smashed, and even murdered by their Muslim employers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.”

    This is not entirely true. Party false.

    If you look at the names, they are NOT particular about Buddhist maids. Its the same treatment for all.

    Also MOST sexual abuse of these maids (and pregnancies) are NOT caused by their Muslim employers but by illicit lovers who are MOSTLY other SL workers.

    I totally disagree with BURNING the mosque. They should NOT have done that.

    Relocation – YES. Burning – NO.

    They could have peacefully dismantled the mosque without burning.

    Agree with the rest. Parasitical? Absolutely. And they grow like parasites too.

  2. . Says:

    Dharmasiri from London says
    It is true that Dambulla temple is a very sacred temple for Buddhists, but Last time when I visited Dambulla, the temple organisers demanded Rs1000 from every person in our family. I refused pay and had a rough argument with the gate keeper and returned to Colombo without showing our Buddhist heritage to my kids. So that was the first hand experienced I had with a business minded Buddhist temple ,trading religion in exchange of money in Sri Lanka. To me Dambulla is not a sacred place at all. The corrupt head monk and his goons were playing dirty tricks for a very long time I was told. GOSL should investigate to find out who was behind mosque burning.

  3. AnuD Says:


    It is the not the Monk who is Scared for Buddhists. It is the place.

    What is there inside a mosque to burn ?

    Is it the walls, Roof or what else ?

    Islam has a history of destruction and violence. How many centuries people had to tolerate.

    Even to date Muslims harass other religions including Buddhists. India, Bangladesh , Egypt and Iran itself are examples.

  4. wasantha Says:

    Muslims always confrontational with other religious and cultural groups. They always want to disolay and parade their religion. Why they want to where beards, hijab, muslim dress in a western country, .. They use to build their mosques at most aggressive manner. I can remember they build Peradeniya Uni mosque in sixties on top of Hantane as an eyesore to all others. This is same with many other countries. Building a mosque always sparked a violance in many non-Western countries.
    The distruction they commited since this aggressive religion came into being is incomprehensible. What they have done in India (mostly Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh today) is beyond human vlues. If there were no crusades world would be an entirely different place. The irony is that the crusades got the blame.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    “GOSL should investigate to find out who was behind mosque burning.”

    Fully agree.

    This burning business is UNACCEPTABLE.

    Let that be heard loud and clear. Culprits MUST be punished.

    Otherwise we become like those Ajodya criminals. Do we want to end up like that? NO!

  6. AnuD Says:

    [If there were no crusades world would be an entirely different place. The irony is that the crusades got the blame. ]

    Yes, crusaders never killed any one. Because of that, they should be appreciated.

  7. wasantha Says:

    I don’t know what AnuD meant by “they should be appreciated”. Both, Jihad and Crusades are evils. Crusade originated to meet thr threat of Jihad. Which one is the bigger evil is left for you to decide. Thanks to Crusades Europe was free of Islam. Then the Jihad turned to East, less poweful pray. Again thanks to European invasion most of India and whole of Sri Lanka were spared. But India lost the India proper. But Jihad left a trail of destruction. They burned down the sacred Bo tree. Thaksaseela, Nalanda anf Vickramseela was torched with immensely valuable library. If anybody visited Nalanda ruins, one room is filled with the sandals worned by monks; most of them are half burnt.

  8. AnuD Says:

    OK, I Get Wasantha’s point.

    I read, Conquestodors (muslim conquest armies) are responsible for the human history’s worst massacre and that happened in India. Indonesia, Afghanistan, present Pakistan, Bnagladeash all were Buddhist.

    As there are no conquests, the present method is eating into it slowly.

  9. wasantha Says:

    I think AnuD meant by “present method” is the political Jihad and political Crusades. Yes that is more difficult to overcome. The present times are survival of the fittest. It looks like the most rogue religion will prevail. I think in the future true Buddhism will survive in the West, considering the rate at which the Westerners are delving into Buddhism.

  10. Dham Says:

    I did not see any news abour this mosque “burnt”. If it is done, I agree, such action should be condemned.
    So far, Muslim political figures have acted fairly too.
    What I don’t like is Iran now barking.

  11. mewan Says:

    Mr Abeywickrema seems to advocate his own brand of jungle law in Sri Lanka. The reason that we are not lime Saudi Arabia or any other non-tolerant Muslim nations is because Sri Lanka is supposed to be a democracy where the country is governed by an agreed set of rules and laws. Burning down or destruction of other people’s properties just because we don’t like them has no place in a democracy. When he says “Muslims must know their place in Sri Lanka” he is clearly exhibiting his ignorance and bigotry. Basically what he is saying is that Sinhalese Buddhists citizens have more rights in Sri Lanka than a Muslim citizen or any other ethnic or religious group citizen for that matter. What an idiotic statement to make in the 21st century!

    While I agree with what has been said about Islam in general, this is nothing but an issue that should have been dealt with through planning laws. They must have sought permission from the local authorities to build a mosque and planning permission should have been declined based on sensitive issues such as racial and religious harmony or based on some other clause ( I am sure there are laws preventing building close to historical monuments). There is absolutely no reason for Muslim to pick a spot close to the historical temple as that area has no religious significance to Muslim. Something that could have been averted at the planning level now has the potential to become another racial melting pot. Now are we heading to another war? Remember, not only housemaids lots of other professional are working in Middle Eastern countries sending millions so that Sri Lankan economy can keep going. It would not be prudent to let this type of incidents to get publicity in those countries. While we may sit on our backsides and condemn Americans, Europeans, Westerners and now Middle Eastern Muslims, look around you, we are basically dependent on this countries keep us going.

  12. fare Says:


  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Uditha Abeywickrema
    FYI, Sri Lanka is not Buddhist repuplic country like Pakistan or other Muslim contry !
    Mother lanka is multi culture ( religien & Language ) cuntry have majority Bhudhist Sinhalas !

    Muslims always confrontational with other religious and cultural groups- Agreed but this Time Our Sathu (Monk) confrontational with others ( pushed SA Police officer- in you tube) !

    The corrupt head monk and his goons were playing dirty tricks for a very long time ??? I hope this is not true !

    Is any one no what happend to our Theive Ganapathy ??? ( Please do not tell me He’s gone to bath (Nanda kiya ))

  14. AnuD Says:

    Mewan had handled it very intelligently.

    See Saudi Arabia, Iran where Zorastrians are discriminated had been killed when Zorastrianism was a religion older than Islam that existed in IRan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many more are discriminating Buddhists, Hindus, Christians etc., MEWAN is talking about DEMOCRACY.

    That is why I wrote that Muslims used the democracy of those countries in the west to convert those countries into Islam. The worst part is women walking here and there covering their whole body including the face. That is what is visible. Other things that are being prosecuted are honour killing of wives and children.

    We all know Muslims don’t like idols and almighty-less religions. In Sri Lanka also, they have so many small mosques in their houses like gathering places. Govt need to investigate these things. ISlam is very good at converting via the marraige from other religions.

  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Ref:Govt need to investigate these things – Our peoples are clever enough to handly their daily life themself !
    Govt to worry about economy & development, bring our daily cost of living to down etc….

    Buddhist & Hindhusim can look after itselfs ( have 3000 year histrory) !

  16. farhan Says:

    Dear Uditha Abeywickrema,

    i appreciate the time you time you devoted to asking this question, but unfortunately your assumptions are all wrong due incorrect facts

    you ask “Would Saudi Arabia and other Gulf sheikdoms, Iran included, allow Buddhism, the worship of Buddhism, let alone the construction of Buddhist temples, on their soil, in their lands?” first of all, Saudi Arabia is an ultra conservative islamic state that confirms to SHARIA law, laws based on teachings of the Holy Quran. That is by all forms of non-Muslim worship are banned , this is simply the law of the land. it was established many hundreds of years ago and it is simply the way. Sri Lanka on the other hand, similar to many other south asian countries like pakistan, malaysia, indonesia is a democratic country and as all democratic country is tolerant towards its residents worshipping any religion they like. so please understand the differences, muslims all over the world do not expect special treatment they live within the rules of the land just like any other person of any other faith.

    “Many of our poor Buddhist maids in the Muslim Middle East have been tortured, raped, their Buddha statues smashed, and even murdered by their Muslim employers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. There have been no beheadings for Muslim murderers of Lankan maids.” this statement has nothing to do with islam it limited to a few isolated issues of mistreatment by idiotic arabs who can be heartless at times.

    “Muslims must know their place in Sri Lanka. They have always acted in their own selfish interests first, and not that of the country.” – this statement is borderline racial and reminds me of the days of apartheid, you cannot generalise a whole ethnic group as selfish, parasitical and opportunistic because of a few examples. such individuals exist in all walks of life and come from all ethnic backgrounds. just because more rapes are committed by sinhalese buddhists , are we to going label and demonize the whole lot as rapists ? NO. the majority of all people Sinhalese, Tamil , Christian or Muslim are very peaceful people who love living in this country harmoniously alongside eachother and yearn for eternal peace


    Farhan Zahir

    ps: @wasantha please attempt to read and understand why JIHAD was committed by muslims of the dark ages before your attempt to EDUCATE the rest of us. you seem oblivious to why muslims conquered andalusia and how these lands / countries thrived under muslim rule, conversion was not forced upon the residents of the conquered lands and they lived an advanced civil life; their cities were prosperous, their cities had running water, the streets were lit in contrast to the mudhuts that lined the river thames during that period. hence, we see the importance of the Islamic victory at the intellectual level. Continuing to believe that people could be invaded in their own country by a ‘destructive’ civilization, and that they gave up their beliefs and changed their customs because a group of courageous horsemen defeated them militarily, does not indicate anything but a childish and foolish concept of how societies function and develop. Military domination could not have lasted for eight centuries in Andalusia or forever in huge areas of the world.

  17. Voice123 Says:

    I agree with Mewan and LingamAndy, We are in the 21st century. Sri Lanka is a multi-religious democracy albeit with a Buddhist majority and longstanding Buddhist historical connection which no citizen would dispute. Thailand and Cambodia are 95% and 99% Buddhist countries in a region that has contiguous Buddhist majority countries of more or less similar ethnicity, size and power. The situation in Lanka is entirely different, being in a much more volatile geopolitical environment and a more chequered history. Planning permits could have avoided the mosque being built in an inappropriate place and all this confrontation would have been avoided. Burning and destruction are LTTE tactics and have no place in modern Sri Lanka. After all, Buddhism teaches, tolerance of various ideas and search for truth.

  18. AnuD Says:

    [ Planning permits could have avoided the mosque being built in an inappropriate place and all this confrontation would have been avoided]

    Above is true. That is why Sri Lanka needs a system in order to avoid many different complications. If there is “urban planning” for the country this could havre been avoided. right now the system, different ministers and different govts deicides omn their own way.

    CBK did not have any idea with respect to what she was doing. So,she allowed muslims to settle in Deeghavapi lands and to build Meat stals on the same lands.

    Now, there is a similar accusation here in this case for Janaka thennekon, the minister and the MP for the area.

    What ever it is, all who want to justify what is happening to Sri Lanka and to Sri Lankan Buddhists in the name of democracy and many different special interests such as human rights, that buddhism is always threatned as it is not aggresive and arrogant while the middle eastern faiths are political religions with expasionist mind set. They need to accept those religions use every trick inthe book for expansionand for world’s domination.

  19. AnuD Says:

    [Buddhist & Hindhusim can look after itselfs ( have 3000 year histrory) !



    Forget Buddhism; Buddhism disappeared in India because of Islam killing all those and later Hinduisam abosorbing what was left.

    In HInduism eixst onhis own why the Very vast land of Hindu land Mahabrhata became now certain patches of Hinduism in Modern India ?

    Hinduism is supposed to over 6000 years ? old. ISlam is just 1400 years old.

    The two middle eastern faiths Christianity (2012 years old ?) Islam (1400 years old) are the tewo most dominante religions each about TWO billion devotees and are fighting for more terrority and the world’s domination.

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    As far as we know, there is a permit required to build any shrine in any place. Obviously, in this particular case, no permit had been obtained. In any case, people should not take the law into their own hands to burn shrines. The proper thing to do would have been to have court case and remove the structure.

    Way too many shrines in Sri Lanka ! Time to practice the real religion, not build structures.

  21. . Says:

    A True Buddhist Says,
    According to latest information, the land, where the Dambulla Raja Maha Vihara is located, is legally owned by Chief Incumbent of the temple, Ven. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thera and several Muslims. Because of that the Chief Prelate was at loggerhead with GOSL supporters (mainly Muslims) due to political rivalry. According to a local politicians, the clash had commenced after the candidate put forward by the Minister had won at the last local government election while the candidate supported by the Chief Prelate had been defeated. Now Chief Incumbent is trying to take the revenge by attacking the local Muslim community and the Muslims’ place of worship. There are more than 15 brothels in the Dambulla town itself and also large number of tourist hotels and motels in the vicinity of the temple. But Chief Incumbent of the temple is least worried about these immoral and illicit sex shops but trying to take the revenge from the co-owner of the temple, the local Muslim community. By doing that Ven. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thera has now desecrated the most sacred place of worship for Buddhist all over the world. Therefore I strongly recommend that the GOSL should take strong action against those who are trying to create racial hatred towards the local Muslim community.

  22. Marco Says:

    If i may copy an excellent analysis (not mine)- Thank you

    For those who respect the rule of law and the constitution, Sri Lanka is a multi- religious and multi-cultural society. Therefore the protection of religions, and cultures is enshrined in the Constitution, unlike some countries that are not similarly tolerant. If we want to change the status from that to one of a Buddhist state then that should be done in a legal manner in line with either a change in the constitution or a plebiscite if the constitution so provides.

    No matter what religious bigots may profess, Sri Lanka has not as a nation, taken responsibility for exclusively protecting Theravada Buddhism or that the country is solely a Buddhist country. The constitution just states that “Buddhism should be safeguarded and nourished” and if that wording is open to interpretation, we may have to ask the Supreme Court to determine what was meant by that statement.

    In the latest incident in appears to me that the Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Buddhist Affairs has intervened in a knee jerk manner, by making false statements of the agreement of Muslim leaders in Government for the relocation of a mosque which is supposedly currently situated within the confines of the designated sacred area around the Dambulla Temple. I do not know the facts, and I find that it is confusing to ascertain the truth from the media, which shamefully has not been able to clearly explain the situation.

    Forgive me if I have the facts wrong, but in areas designated for a religion, another religion cannot erect places of worship. The question then is when this area was designated a sacred area in 1982, was the mosque in question, in a small or another building in existence? If so, why was it not an issue all this time? Apparently there is a Hindu Temple also within the sacred area, which should also be removed. It is therefore not in order to suddenly raise this issue, and take the law into their hands and try to remove or demolish it without due process. Why now?

    The law of the land must be addressed first. The trustees of the Dambulla Temple must get legal advice in the matter as to what it is they can do. The law of the jungle as it applied a few days ago is just a very thuggish illegal act. Knowing the law, the delicate issue must be addressed with the local Muslims who are the worshippers at this mosque, and determine if a compromise solution can be found.

    The offer of the Dambulla Raja Maha Vihara of funds to rebuild the mosque in another location at this stage is out of order, until the legal issues are settled, and a solution sought through the Courts. Unfortunately both sides have taken this issue in an emotional manner, not conducive to proper discussion.

    Religion is a very emotive issue and in the Sri Lanka context where it is uniquely placed giving holidays for all four religions’ holy days, on the surface religious tolerance is enshrined. However beneath this veneer there are religious zealots in all the faiths, but as Buddhism, is the main religion, there are more from this camp, who question the rights of other religions that are enshrined in the constitution.

    In a period of other problems, the Government of the day uses religious fervor over an incident to garner favor, not caring for the rights of a minority. This to me is what appears to have happened. To them a religious dispute such as the one we are engaged in right now and which still has to be resolved, is perfect fodder to their electoral base that they are protecting Sinhala Buddhists from other religious threats, to secure a vote bank by this trickery and treachery to stay in power.

    There is no question that religious intolerance appears to be fermented by the Clergy who are clearly with the Govt. camp, and the Govt. has taken the view that this issue is one of an asset to them, when they are seen to be defending the rights of Buddhists from infidels. They will stoop at nothing to stay in power.

    Furthermore the precedent set by this action, does not bode well for religious freedom, where any area technically can be designated a sacred area for Buddhists, and any construction prior to that designation, can be removed. This invests a lot of power to the local priest to ask for extra lands to be designated to the local temple, especially when there are other religious places of worship in the vicinity. It is therefore very unsafe for any other religion, to see the lack of the rule of law in such situations, and the perceived law of the jungle in operation, where sense is absent.

    This regrettable state of affairs, where a few powerful interests can circumvent and subvert the rule of law, can ignite another wave of protests by the religion under fire with resulting dire consequences.

    It is most important that all actions are taken only once a good legal team determines what is acceptable and what is outside the law. Otherwise Banana Republic tag where there is no respect for law and order will be result for SL. It is not worth casting doubt over the intention of the Country, as it will affect the investment climate adversely as an example and it is important that proper legal measures are taken in a transparent manner to solve this matter as soon as possible.

    It takes a responsible enlightened government to nip this in the bud, otherwise the consequences can be diabolical and missed opportunities regretted. I therefore appeal to the powers to act responsibly with leadership to what is right and just.

    Not what the gallery want?

  23. sarath Says:

    In Muslim countries only so called people of the book (Koran) have right to practice religion in a very limited way.

    People of the Koran are people mentioned in Koran. They are Christians and Jews. Others will NOT be allowed to practice religion. Even Dubai one cannot take a wesak card.

    I read somewhere there are 20,000 mosques in Sri Lanka.

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    Everyone should read this RACIST RANT by Marrena Refai published in Sri Lanka Guardian.

    Also not her insulting references to Singalese.

    I wish Lankaweb does not publish her racist rantings anymore.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:

    In Sri Lanka, if the Law requires that a Permit is required to build a shrine, why wasn’t a Permit obtained to build a mosque at Dambulla ? If NO permit was obtained, then the Law has been broken. If the Law has been broken, then the shrine must be removed. Also, why must a mosque be built near the sacred Buddhist temple of Dambulla ?

    We would like answers to these questions. There should be proper court case on this matter and a verdict given so that some precedence is created for future similar cases. We hope such cases never arise in the future.

    Was teh mosque really destroyed ? If so, no one has the right to destroy any property belonging to others, in this case, the mosque. The Law of the land must be upheld and unauthorised structures dismantled properly after a court case.

    We feel there is more to this case than meets the eye. We wish accurate details of what really happened is published on this website so that the public can judge the matter for themselves.

    We have places of religious worship in close proximity of each other, for different religious groups. We seem to have enough of these structures for a small country like Sri Lanka. Each of us ought to practice our religion in our daily life, to the best of our ability, without building shrines all over the place. After all, the Core Teachings of all religions are the same.

  26. Ratanapala Says:

    The mosque was constructed in temple land illegally. This is not the first time muslims have invaded Buddhist holy sites. Commencing from Nalanda in India , then the now famous Babri mosque at the place of Lord Rama’s birth place in Ayodhya, to the destruction of Bamiyan Buddha Statues, their intolerance of other religions is legion. Legally or illegally it is not at all possible to have any places of Buddhist worship in muslim countries. These people are taking the tolerant nature of Buddhists for granted and encroach on Buddhist places of worship and ancient Buddhist archaeological sites. Kuragala Caves – muslim occupation is a case in point. Digavapiya is another!

    If the Buddhists keep silent they will loose even the clothes they wear! All illegal constructions must be removed forthwith after due process.

    As for the concerned muslims – learn to be treated in the same way you treat others. I hope this piece of advice is there in their holy book!

  27. AnuD Says:

    Fahan Zahir is also forwarding the same theory of that Saudi Arabia is an Orthodox Isalamic country. So, they follow that particular rule and he goes to say that Pakistan and some other countries are democratic countries.

    Even Pakistan is a muslim country and many Hindus living in their know what kind of harassment that HIndus have to go through including kidnapping Hindu girls without the permission of the parents. Bnagladesh, some States of India are other countries where other religions are suffering when Muslims have the upper hand.

    I heard there are many Mosques like the one in Dambulla that is in pispute and Always there are many satallite mosques around the main mosque in an area and there are many such stallite mosques in Sri Lanka. Those are located in private places such as businesses or houses. These satallite mosques are exposed to the outside only when and if they expand.

    This particular mosque is one such satallite one which revealed to the outside because of the expansion.

    Muslims keep on expanding and use the name democracy to defend it. but, they don’t talk about their expansionist mindset and the abuse of the good will of the other religions.

  28. AnuD Says:

    Sri Lankan people talk about Multiculturalism in Sri Lanka. But, now we have to think about those as the religious expansion by middle easternfaith are supposed to cause problems.

    Muslims have threatened so called western democratic countries and their culture with this so-called multi-culturelism. Now, they question that and are talking actions against it.

  29. wasantha Says:

    Farhan Zahir in a footnote in one of his replies, has taken a shot at the historical facts about I have briefly mentioned. These are undeniable facts. Anybody can gloss over the history and interpret the events in history in a way suit their beliefs. But there are things called facts. They are well recorded events. Like Western nation one day decided that we will sail to some other lands and grab their wealth and land use the people as slaves to serve the economies of their countries. These are facts. Like manner muslims invaded other countries. I worked in a middle east country. They told me how they were converted. Now they are a fanatical Muslim country like many others. They very well know how they were converted by the marauding Muslim armies. I haven’t read history of Muslim invastion though I read about Western invasions. No intend to read them. I am sure they are not good read and it will take many volumes. I know Mohammed lived in some where in 7 century.
    by the end of 7th century entire present Muslim world is converted. Is it a miracle?

  30. Dham Says:

    I knew about this woman long time back. Enemy of the nation !

  31. Ibnu Ahmad Says:

    Illegal constructions must be demolished. No second opinion. Regarding Dambulla Mosque issue, if it was constructed in an illegal permission with the involvement of politicians, this mosque need to be relocated. It is not advisable people should take law into their own hands. Really protest march and procession, closing of the shops – hartall – finally turn into violence. May God protect. Muslims not united in dealing this matter. Opinions are changing time to time. If a Muslim politician resigns from his post, that will not make any difference at all. Also, the call for fasting by Jam Iyathul Ulema, Sri Lanka too will create any positive outcome. Because, this religious body itself not fully representing whole Sri Lankan Muslims, as Muslims in 100 per cent will never obey to its call. These manmade religious bodies cannot create an impression into the hearts of the Muslims. A Divinely Guidance only guide Muslims.
    Dear Muslims, don’t give too much sanctity to Saudi Arabia. This country has proud of, only there are two sacred places. You cannot follow Saudi Arabia (SA) – you may think they follow Sharia law. The law SA implement is, not in accordance with the practice of Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH). Our Holy Master never taught to suppress the rights of other religions. It is sad to know. SA does not permit to implement the rights of other religions. Freedom of religion and practice of one’s religion is admissible in Islam.
    Dear Muslims, you see what is happening in so-called Muslim countries Pakistan and Indonesia and in some other places! In the name of religion they destroy the mosques in which five time daily prayers regularly held. They erase KALIMA –(basic tenet of Islam) in the mosques in the presence of Security Forces. They murder innocent people only the reason is, they utter KALIMA – they invoke blessings on Holy Prophet of islam, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Muslims do these crimes.
    O, Muslims, supplicate before Allah the Almighty on this Dambulla Mosque issue. If you are true Muslim in the sight of Allah, your prayers and fasting will reach to the Throne of Allah. Then the outcome would be in accordance with your entire satisfaction. Otherwise all your efforts will go in vain.
    Demonstrations – Hartal – Shops closing are all un-Islamic.

  32. mewan Says:

    Thanks for the votes of confidence from few here on my views. I am passionate about the country where I grew up. We have just come out of a horrendous war that has set back our country many years and destroyed several lives. However, Sri Lankans appear to be very resilient. Just after two years we are back on track and everything seems forgotten. People are trying to live in harmony and violence based on ethnicity is almost non-existent. These are the times we have to answer the question “Can we really afford to have another conflict?” The resounding answer should be “No!” Yet I see every day in forums like this religious and racial zealots trying to stir up another division based on religion or race.

    Needless to say Muslims do not integrate with other groups due to their strong Islamic doctrines. However, they certainly can try to live in harmony with other groups, and building mosques near monuments of great cultural importance to all Sri Lankans and of religious reverence to majority Buddhist is not the way to go about doing that. I wonder how would they feel if someone opens a pig farm near a mosque? Understanding issues that are sensitive to other groups is fundamental to living in a democracy. Do I have a right to build a cross in front of Ruwanvalisaya? I certainly do if I can acquire private land. But should I do it? Absolutely not! I am sure Muslim leaders were well aware of the problems this mosque would cause. Yet they decided to go ahead with it, showing utter callousness and insensitivity to their fellow citizens, who have left them alone to pursue their own way of life.

    Having said this, those who burned it down or destroyed the mosque (if that really happened) also showed their lack of tolerance and good citizenship. This should have been handled through legal avenues and challenged on relevant grounds that would have showed the folly of this decision.

    Whether we like it or not, even incidents like these could get international publicity if it falls into the right (or wrong) channels and Sri Lanka maybe soon portrayed a country with full of bigots and religious zealots. However, we know that Sri Lanka has a history of racial and religious harmony going back to thousands of years that even the so called developed countries cannot claim. Let’s not tarnish that image and solve minor disagreements like this showing the tolerance, candour, good heartedness and even humour that we are famous for. May we all learn from our mistakes and never to repeat them!

  33. lingamAndy Says:

    Forget Buddhism; Buddhism disappeared- No Chinise & Japanese are Bhuddist & many asia country !

  34. Raz Says:

    Do you own a land in Saudi Arabia? Or Do any Buddhist own a land in Saudi Arabia? Or do any Buddhist have PR (Permanent Residence) in Saudi Arabia? If not any of these, you are a visitor to Saudi Arabia. Am I wrong?

    Do you think even in Sri Lanka can build a worship place for foreign visitors, THAT HAVE NO A SINGLE BELIEVER IN THIS COUNTRY?

    Ask your Buddha Sasana Ministry and tell the answers to the monks.

    Finally you are asking to build a temple in a land that belongs to a Muslim, am I wrong? (100% land owned by Muslims in Saudi Arabia), A Muslim will not give you a land to build a temple or any other worship place other than a Mosque.

  35. Dham Says:

    Don’t show your (Deleted) to the world.
    Sri Lankan government can buy any land own by you, similar to any country. Once they buy it it does not belong to you to build your mosque.
    (Moderator-Please Do not drag this conversation down to a fish market level).

  36. Vijendra Says:

    Dear fellow Sri Lankans. Please be open minded in your observations, balanced in your judgement and tolerant and fair in your expressions. As Sri Lankans, we have to live as a family in Sri Lanka. Our people should not take the law in to their own hands, either in the building of the mosque or in carrying out protests or attacks against it. We have the laws and a judiciary system which seems to work well.

    It is very unfortunate that this situation, created by myopic and misguided religious individuals, has led to so much anger, tension and heart burn among all the ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. It appears that there were some people, acting behind the scenes, instigating these acts and afterwards, pouring “oil over the fire”. Some elements want to create chaos in the country to destabilize it to gain their own ends. So, please be patient till the law takes its course, without adding more fuel to the fire.

    Hopefully, those guilty would be taken to task irrespective of their civil status. If the mosque had been built illegally, then it should be demolished and relocated. If the Buddhist priest and his co-horts acted out of character, then they should be charged. If there is proper justice and follow up, without any favouritism, then it would be a great achievement for the SL judicial system to show its impartiality.

  37. Dham Says:

    What are you talking about. There has been a protest only. Why are you so worked up ?
    Why can’t Buddhist monks ( no priests in Buddhism, unilike Hinduism) protest against injustice ?
    This buying over of land by Mulims and their cluster mosque strategy is long going and will have to be removed sooner than later.
    Look at the way this Raz qestioning ? People qustioned the freedom of religion in Saudi. HE is saying there is no land own by non-muslims. How did these muslims own land in Sri lanka ? It is due to the hospitality, tolaration, compassion and kindness of the Buddhsit that there are Muslims in Sir lanka now. If Sri lanka was like animal kingdom Saudi, there will not be any other religion.
    Whole Bengal was attacked , millions killed and most converted by force by the barbaric Muslims. Now it is called Bangladesh. Few Buddhist live there with fear. They are Bhumiputras but became thrid class citizens.

  38. Lorenzo Says:

    There are MILLIONS of Hindus, Buddhists and Christians in Saudi Arabia.

    But this BARBARIC country called Saudi does not recognize their right to practice their religion. Saudi is the MOST cursed up country in the world.

    No wonder US army runs weapons stores and camps and others involved in liquor, brothels, etc. in two of their HOLIEST cities.

    Please read the evidence below. These are written by concerned true Muslims in an Islam conversion and promotion website.

    They discuss this FACT based on evidence and logic not with violence and abusing each other.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    Talking about Islamic expansion into previously BUDDHIST countries should not hurt anyone.

    It is a FACT.

    IF Israel, Zionists or Mossad can help SL save itself from this menace, SL should turn to them without ANY hesitation.

    They have successfully halted it in their country! Exemplary!

  40. Vijendra Says:

    Sri Lanka is a country of Buddhist majority and has a Buddhist culture. Buddhism, with “avi-himsa” at its roots, is the most peaceful religion in the world I am aware of.

    Dambulla incident is a very unfortunate situation, which could have been avoided. In this case, very unfortunately some irrational elements have brought the whole country into disrepute, as they took the law to their own hands.

    It is true that we all know from history that Muslims have been barbaric conquerers in the past and have little or no tolerance towards other religions. They call non-muslims the “infidels”. However, these muslims in Dambulla are Sri Lankans and we have to respect that aspect as fellow citizens. That is why we have the responsibility to act according to the laws of the country. We do not have the right to act in a barbaric fashion.

    Buddhist priests or “monks” have changed so much in the recent past with them enter to show true leadership and not act as thugs which shame to all Buddhists.

  41. Vijendra Says:

    Sri Lanka is a country of Buddhist majority and has a Buddhist culture. Buddhism, with “avi-himsa” at it’s roots, is the most peaceful religion in the world I am aware of.

    This Dambulla incident is a very unfortunate situation, which could have been avoided. In this case, very unfortunately some irrational elements have brought the whole country into disrepute, as they took the law in to their own hands.

    It is true that we all know from history that Muslims have been barbaric conquerers in the past (some still continue the trend) and have little or no tolerance towards other religions. They call non-muslims the “infidels”. However, these muslims in Dambulla are Sri Lankans and we have to respect that aspect as fellow citizens. That is why we have the responsibility to act according to the laws of the country. We do not have the right to act in a barbaric fashion in a democracy.

    What I am about to say could be controversial, but I feel I should go ahead and say it anyway.

    Buddhist priests or “monks”, as leaders of this peaceful religion, are expected to behave in an exemplary manner. However, as we all know, they have changed so much in the recent past, with some of them even entering into full time politics as well. In my humble opinion, I do not think our monks should do politics as that is not what is expected of them as Buddhist clergy. They are there to get educated in the religion and educate the laymen to lead a life free from evil so they can shorten their journey in this “sansaara”. As we see from the lives of some of our Buddhist priests, one wonders at times whether one could call them the “sanga parapura” we expect according to the Buddhist teachings we have learnt. Let us be honest; should some of these not be thrown away from the sanga-hood? Virtually anyone can adorn a yellow robe and no real qualifications are required to become a Buddhist priest! Sometimes it is those people who can not do anything worthwhile end up in the ‘sanga”. It is a shame to let them continue unabated, and I believe, it is time for another “budda sangayanawa” to clean up the “saasanaya”!

  42. lee Says:

    As Sri Lankans, we have lived together with Sinhalese, Hindus, Christians for long period more than Ten decades (refer: By Kamalika Pieris), But what is making us wonder is what GOSL is doing with its minorities at present, Buddhism is not practiced as per the teaching of Lord BUDDAH at present ,and the so called monks are using the name BUDDHA DARMA and fulfilling their own desires ,
    As my experience when I was in SL, I found the Sri Lankan Sinhalese very tolerant with other religions but there are some uneducated nuts which they have no worldly knowledge nor religious knowledge they are the once who dance to the tune of Worldly MONKS and Selfish POLITICIANS.
    And the so called BUDHIST monk should remember that most of the foreign currency is earned by Sri Lankan employees in THAMBI countries, this unwanted and unprofessional act of this Inamaluwe Sumangala thero will lead GOSL into more turmoil,

    “The kind of seed sown
    will produce that kind of fruit.
    Those who do good will reap good results.
    Those who do evil will reap evil results.
    If you carefully plant a good seed,
    You will joyfully gather good fruit.”

  43. Kas.p Says:

    @farhan Said:
    April 26th, 2012 at 7:32 am

    “Saudi Arabia is an ultra conservative islamic state that confirms to SHARIA law, laws based on teachings of the Holy Quran”

    Why sri lankan Muslims follow any other edition of QURAN ? not a Holy one ?

  44. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Warlord Abdulaziz raided many places in Najd to feed his family. On the night of January 15, 1902, 26 years old warlord Abdulaziz led 40 men climbed over the walls of the city of Riyadh on tilted palm trees and took the city of Riyadh. The Rashidi governor of the city of Riyadh, Ajlan, was killed in front of his own fortress – Masmak fort. Beginning with the conquest city of Riyadh in 1902, Warlord Abdulaziz consolidated his control over the Najd in 1922, and then conquered the Hijaz in 1925. The Wahhabis and UK supported warlord Abdulaziz and legitimized warlord Abdulaziz and his fight against the Ottoman Empire. Having conquered almost all of central Arabia, UK supported warlord Abdulaziz united his dominions into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 and changed his name as King Saud bin Abdulaziz. Since then the House of Saud always supports UK and its allies including USA. Warlord Abdulaziz married more than twenty women and fathered over sixty eight children including all of the subsequent kings of Saudi Arabia.Today more than 7,000 princes in the House of Saud, the result of multiple wives and lots of progeny.
    In 1863 the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Rothschilds used one of their agents in USA, John D. Rockefeller to form an oil business called Standard Oil which eventually took over all of its competition in USA. Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938 by US geologists working for Standard Oil. Standard Oil obtained a 50 year concession granted by Abdulaziz for an immediate payment of 30,000 gold sovereigns, veritably one of the greatest bargains in history. When the extent of huge oil reserves became evident in Saudi Arabia, Exxon, Texaco Mobil and others joined in Standard Oil to form the mighty Aramco consortium.
    In exchange for security of the House of Saud dynasty by USA, the Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth and revenues have been handed over for exploitation and benefit of the Zionists and their Wall Street Corporations. The House of Saud regime controls “the largest family business” in the world without any popular mandate or accountability.
    When Warlord Abdulaziz took control of the Holy Places in Arabia from the Ottoman Empire with British support, he destroyed 15 centuries of Islamic heritage, including the desecration of the tombs of the wives and companions of the Holy Prophet, in the iconoclastic imposition of Wahhabism. The iconoclastic Wahhabi House of Saud gradually destroyed several holy shrines, including historical places of Islam from the Prophet’s house in Mecca and companion Ayoob Ansari’s house in Medina and turned them into apartment buildings and hotels. They also turned the site of the Prophet’s wives’ houses into a parking lot. Art, Music, dancing, laughing and weeping (including at funerals) have been forbidden by the Wahhabis. For a Wahhabi listening to music or dancing is haram but detonating explosives and killing innocent human beings is permissible.
    To enforce Wahhabism morals enforcers known as mutawwiin have been integral to the Wahhabi movement since its inception. Mutawwiin serve as missionaries, as enforcers of public morals, and as “public ministers of the religion” who preach in the Friday mosque. In addition to enforcing male attendance at public prayer, the mutawwiin also have been responsible for supervising the closing of shops at prayer time, for looking out for infractions of public morality such as playing music, dancing, smoking, drinking alcohol, men having hair that is too long or women who are not fully covered and dressing immodestly.
    The Wahhabi-backed warlord Abdulaziz took full control of the Hijaz, Mecca and Medina, in 1924 and established the modern state of Saudi Arabia, with Wahhabism as its official religion. Since then the House of Saud has promoted Wahhabism as normative Islam throughout the Islamic world. The House of Saud was consolidated on massive oil wealth and has spent huge sums of money building Wahhabi mosques, publishing Wahhabi literature and funding Wahhabi organizations world-wide. Today, with Wahhabi control of the Holy Places intact, virtually every aspect and corner of modern Islam has been penetrated by Wahhabi influence through the agency of the House of Saud.
    Through the control of the Hajj – the beating heart of Islam – and through their vigorous publication and propaganda means, almost all the Muslims are infected with Wahhabism to some extent.
    In Saudi Arabia there is no Church, Synagogue, Buddhist or Hindu Temple is allowed. Wahhabism (pseudo Salafism) is NOT a religion of tolerance. Wahhabism provides the fundamental base for Jihadism which causes unending strife and misery. It is not Iran that should be bombed. In Iran there are still Jews living there and praying in their Synagogues. Muammar al-Gaddafi respected Christian and Jewish religions and their Churches, Synagogues in Libya but American, English, French, Saudi and Qatari financed terrorists destroyed Churches, Synagogues recently. Buddhist Temples including Bamiyan Buddha statues have survived in Islamic countries for centuries, but they could not survive under the Wahhabism.
    Washington and London are protecting Wahhabi extremists. In Syria Christians and their Churches were safe before the Westerners began sending their Wahhabi fanatics to kill innocent Syrian civilians.
    In Bosnia and Kosovo, under the guise of “reconstruction aid”, Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti, and other Wahhabi organizations have demolished and removed major Islamic monuments (survived attacks by Serbian and Croatian militias) which were created by Muslims with an Islamic culture and tradition stretching back to 14th century long before Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab made his 1744 alliance with the warlord Muhammad Ibn Saud who founded the Saudi dynasty – House of Saud.
    In post- Muammar al-Gaddafi Libya,Wahhabi Jihadists bulldozed several Libyan Sufi mosques (including the Tripoli’s Al-Shaab Al-Dahman mosque) and Sufi graves (including the tombs of Libyan Sufi scholars Abdullah al-Sha’ab, Abdel Salam al-Asmar and of soldiers who fought Spanish colonialists). Wahhabi Jihadists also burned down several historic Sufi libraries in Libya recently.
    Since the start of the Arab Spring uprising by Wahhabi Jihadists, many Sufi sites have been attacked in Egypt, Mali and Libya by armed Wahhabi Jihadists.
    Because control of the world’s oil reserves also meant control of the world economy, Middle East was a vital prize for any power interested in world influence or domination. Because of the stupendous source of strategic power of Middle East oil and the immense wealth from this unparalleled material prize, UK and France reached a secret agreement in 1916 known as Asia Minor Agreement and divided the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East with UK cleverly keeping oil producing countries and even creating an artificial country like Kuwait. The 1945 signed memo between USA and UK says “US petroleum policy towards UK is predicated on a mutual recognition of a very extensive joint interest and upon control, at least for the moment, of the great bulk of the free petroleum resources of the world”. After the decline of UK and France, USA stepped in as the dominant neo-colonial power in the Middle East and elsewhere. Zionist policy is to keep the sources of oil in the Middle East under Zionist control. Zionist energy corporations have flourished with profits beyond the dreams of avarice with the Middle East their leading cash cow.
    The Sunnis- Shiites divide is too deep rooted and plays out daily in most Islamic countries. Shiites form the underclass in most Sunni ruled countries, but after 1979 have felt inspired and aided by Iran, have become empowered in Lebanon and elsewhere. The Sunnis-Shiites conflict which can be seen in daily blood bath in Iraq and in the Muslim world throughout its history cannot be stopped by “Fatwas”.
    Wahhabism is the only social structure in Saudi Arabia. There are no political parties, unions, or social organizations in Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi Saudi Arabia cannot stay at peace with the Shia Islamic Republic of Iran.
    Wahhabism is a desert cruelty used as a Muslim-Arab ideology to keep the House of Saud in power. The king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Aziz bin Saud, is 88 years old and the throne passes not from father to son but from brother to brother. Next in line to the throne Crown Prince Salman is already 77. While Saudi Arabia crumbles, massive oil revenues, which have long been used to buy public support, are being squeezed by sharply increased domestic demand and the Wahhabi Islamic establishment that supported the House of Saud is increasingly fractious and is losing credibility. High unemployment, corrupt bureaucracy, crippled economy, weak education system, and millions of frustrated youth are now battering Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.
    Pakistan President Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq was a pariah till 1979 for having ousted Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and hanged him. But suddenly Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq became the darling of the Western countries when he offered space, facilities and soul for the Jihad in Afghanistan. The great Jihad in Afghanistan was a big opportunity for Wahhabi Jihadists. Taliban was created with help and open recognition by Saudi Arabia and encouraged by USA to pacify Afghanistan after the chaos in the wake of withdrawal of Soviet troops. USA was interested in Zionists owned Union Oil using Afghanistan for petroleum pipe lines to transport central Asian energy to the Arabian Sea coast and beyond and to energy hungry fast developing India .Across Pakistan, the religious tenor has been correspondingly radicalised, the tolerant, Sufi-minded Barelvi form of Islam is now overtaken by the rise of the more hardliner and politicized Wahhabism. Remember Sri Lankan cricketers were ambushed in Lahore by armed Wahhabi Jihadists.
    Wahhabi cadres trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan on return to their countries in Middle East spread that culture, which now threatens most of them and has seeped even into Europe , which hosts tens of millions of Muslims .
    Present Zionist and Wahhabi doctrines foresee the fall of Iran, Belarus, and, ultimately Russia and China, after the fall of Damascus, to the combined forces of NATO and the Saudi- and Qatari-backed Wahhabis, who make up a large portion of the anti Syrian movement. Like Saudi Arabia, Qatar is also funds Wahhabi Jihadist movements world-wide. Saudi Arabia directly supported terrorist activities in several countries including Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chechnya and Bosnia
    Sufism which is vigorously present throughout South Asia including Sri Lanka for several centuries, ia an entirely indigenous Islamic resistance movement to fundamentalism. Oil rich Saudi Arabia greatly began to penetrate Sri Lanka’s adherents to Islam in 70′s. With the increased funding by the Saudi Arabia with their petro dollars, Wahhabi followers have increased and are now responsible for the sectarian clashes that are slowly increasing among peace loving Sri Lankan Muslims especially in the Eastern Province. It is sadly true but there is a rising trend of Wahhabi Jihadism in Sri Lanka. Wahhabis are trying to take the peaceful Islamic community in Sri Lanka down the path of extremism and violence. Wahhabi fundamentalism has advanced so quickly in Sri Lanka partly because the House of Saud has financed the building of so many madrasas. The Wahhabis have already created deep divisions in among Sri Lankan Muslims and have formed gangs that intimidate moderate Muslims who speak out against Wahhabi fanatics. Like the Christian fundamentalist groups using NGOs to convert innocent poor families to Christianity, Wahhabis help poor Muslim families by providing cash and other material benefits to convert the innocent poor Muslim families into their cult. By building churches and madrasas all over the world to harvest the poor souls is truly very clever idea. Wahhabis even use Sri Lankan Government Cultural and Religious Affairs Departments to continue their nefarious activities.
    Wahhabis claim that moderate Sri Lankan Muslims do not know anything of Islam and only themselves are the real scholars of Islam. But Wahhabis preach only “dawah” of hatred, terror and murder. To understand the deranged mentality of Wahhabis look at the “fitna” the Wahhabis have caused in Pakistan. The Government authorities must investigate every Wahhabi school and propagandist in the Eastern Province to make sure they are not preaching things that are inimical to Sri Lanka. Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups. Saudi Arabia spends 87 billion US dollar per year to spread Wahhabism world-wide. Scholarships are offered to our Muslims youths to go to Wahhabi institutions in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. But those who completed their Wahhabi studies returned to Sri Lanka and propagate Wahhabism.
    Wahhabis have infiltrated Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). Almost all the participants and staffers in the Muslim section of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation are Wahabis and use the State radio to propagate Wahhabism. Not only Wahhabis run private unlicensed radio stations in the Eastern Province, also armed Wahhabis often attack mosques and leaders of the Sufi sect.
    Wahhabism in Srilanka is headquartered in Kattankudi is a new politico-religious movement that is sweeping the Eastern province of Sri Lanka with more than sixty Muslim Wahhabi organizations helping in propagating the movement throughout Sri Lanka and has raced ahead and taken control of the Jihadist and Al Fatah groups in Sri Lanka under their wings. Wahhabism is imported and planted in the midst of peace-loving Muslims in Sri Lanka, mostly through the lavish inflow of Saudi money pumped into Sri Lanka has overtaken other Islamic organizations by threats, intimidation and coercion.
    Remember Colonel Lateef was gun down by the prominent Wahhabi militant `Police` Faiz in Oddamavadi. CIA introduced Wahhabism in Sri Lanka through Saudi Arabia as a means of countering the growing support for Iran and Sufism among the Sri Lankan Muslims since CIA had calculated that Wahhabism would be an effective rival theology to prevent the spread of Iranian influence in Sri Lanka.
    Clashes between Sufis and Wahhabi Muslims in Kattankudi and Oddamavadi are regular occurrence. More than 200 homes of Sufi followers were burnt down by Wahhabi Jihadists in Kattankudi during similar clashes occurred in October 2004.
    One of the Sufi leaders Abdul Payilvan died in Colombo was buried at in Kattankudi the next day. Wahhabi Muslims observed a hartal and demanded the removal of the body from the burial grounds. Wahhabi Muslims claim Kattankudy soil is sacred and bodies belonging to those who preach views contradictory to Wahhabism should not be buried there. Wahhabis demanded that the body of Abdul Payilvan, who is from Maruthamunai in the Ampara district, should be exhumed and buried elsewhere.
    Wahhabis had dug up the buried body of another Sufi Muslim from Mosque burial grounds and dumped the body on a local road as an act of protest. Kattankudi Police recovered the body, re-buried it in the original burial ground and guarded burial ground for few days.
    In Kattankudi, the hatred between Wahhabis and Sufis has widened in the last few years and has grown in intensity, left many injured, and caused damage to several houses and vehicles. Though residing in Sri Lanka illegally, P Jainul Abedin – a powerful Wahhabi preacher from Tamil Nadu – is now leading the Wahhabi Jihadism in Kattankudi. A more recent 2009 clash in the south-western Muslim coastal town of Beruwala reflects similar religious tensions between a popular Sufi sheikh and a nearby Wahhabi congregation.
    Saudi agents have successfully penetrated Sri Lankan Muslims social fabric and have managed to defeat the Sufism in their game. Due to the training afforded by the House of Saud now the Wahhabis have prevailed over the Sufis. The Muslims in Sri Lanka have been subdued due to the Wahhabi influence while Buddhists have been agitating for the release of Rizana Naffek – teenage housemaid from Muthur who was sentenced to death by a Wahhabi Sharia Court in Saudi Arabia.
    The House of Saud pretending to be the leaders of the Islam promote their Wahhabi ideology world-wide. The result has been the birth of al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups which are killing Sunni and Shia Muslims alike in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Wahhabism has been taking roots in Maldives from the days of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Abandoning its tolerant, syncretic brand of Islam, Maldives now moves towards an intolerant Wahhabi society. Recently two Maldives MPs – Dr Afrasheem Ali & Aishath Velezinee – were killed by Wahhabi Jihadists.
    Al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba are overseen by the CIA and Mossad who want to destabilise countries that are not friendly to them. Because the House of Saud depends on the Americans for its security it always obeys American orders. The constant demonization of Iran and now the war against Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad confirms a perception that Western Countries have joined with the Wahhabis in the Wahhabis’ war on the Shiites. Wahhabi Jihadism remains a long-term security risk to the civilized world. In particular, through the spread of Wahhabi education in tens of thousands of religious schools world-wide, the practitioners of Wahhabism are breeding tens of millions of youth who are certain to remain outside the productive economy, and as a consequence, seethe with resentment and anger against the rest of society.
    Even the forced exodus of the Hindu Pandit community from the Kashmir Valley in India during the early 1990s, and the destruction of several Hindu and Sikh temples by the Wahhabi Jihadists in Kashmir, failed to slow down the volume of laudatory coverage of what were portrayed Wahhabi Jihadists as freedom fighters battling cruel Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir State by the Western media. The “Kashmir Model” of using the language of democracy and human rights to win Western support, even while adhering to a contrary policy in practice was widely used to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. Wahhabis hated Muammar al-Gaddafi for the fact that he ruled Libya, with no quarter given to Wahhabi demands as the imposition of Sharia law or the banning of women’s dress other than the abaya. After Muammar al-Gaddafi was defeated and killed, Wahhabi Jihadists who took over Libya as a result of huge help from Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron have lost no time in imposing a Wahhabi Sharia law in Libya and in killing and jailing those who disagree with extremist Wahhabi world-view. Fortunately for them, Western media channels that were once filled with news about Libya under Muammar al-Gaddafi are now silent about the immense human rights violations taking place in Libya after its “liberation” in 2011.
    Western governments and their media commentators now claim that the Wahhabi Jihadist “Muslim Brotherhood” is “moderate” and that the so-called “Wahhabi Salafis” in Egypt are merely “conservative.” Peace loving Muslims from the Balkans to Bengal have expressed their disagreement with this benign view.
    Seeing the success of such a pitch in Libya, Wahhabi Jihadists against the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad, have begun cultivating the Western media and public opinion, the way the Wahhabi Jihadists in Kashmir used to do in the 1990s.
    So extreme has the identification with such elements become, that even the largest Western media outlets accept without question such “facts” as that Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad bombed his own troops and facilities in order “to blame it on the insurgents.” Since the armed uprising by Wahhabi Jihadists began in Syria several thousand members of the Syrian security forces and their family members have been killed by the Wahhabi insurgents, who themselves have lost thousands of their own.
    However, those relying on Western media are told that every such death has been caused by the Syrian security forces, ignoring the deadly violence that is being unleashed in Syria by groups of armed Wahhabi Jihadists.
    Today in Syria, women can dress as they please. Were the Wahhabi Jihadists to take control, this freedom might soon be replaced with the obligation to wear the full veil. Already in Egypt and in Tunisia, the secular ethos of the country is rapidly giving way to Wahhabism.
    While Western countries are opposed to Wahhabi Jihadism and Sharia law in their own countries, in the Arab countries they favor Wahhabi Jihadism over those who are secular. The result is a galloping Wahhabism and its Sharia law across the Arab countries.
    All the ‘Islamist’ terror attacks in South Asia including in Mumbai, Afghanistan and Pakistan had the hallmarks of Wahhabism. Wahhabi Jihadists are blinded by faith to believe that they have the mandate of Allah to rid the world of ‘infidels’ and ‘heretics’. Until this Wahhabism is thoroughly discredited,combating Wahhabi terrorism is impossible. Since the Western countries subterfuge to destabilise Sri Lanka, by surreptitiously supporting the LTTE failed, now the Western countries will promote Wahhabi Jihadism to cause strife and trouble to destabilize Sri Lanka. Wahhabi followers – al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Wahhabi terrorist groups – have caused untold misery in several countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Sri Lanka appears to be their next target. The Sri Lankan government must take immediate strict measures to control Wahhabi organizations and ban them. Wahhabis have already built several illegal Mosques in Sri Lanka using Saudi Arabia’s petro dollar. The overwhelming peace loving, tolerant and intensely patriotic Muslims of Sri Lanka will extend their support to the government in this matter. As the Wahhabis are even capable of starting ethnic riots between the peaceful Sinhalese and the Muslims, the Sri Lankan government must not be lethargic on this matter.
    Significant obstruction to Wahhabi aggression now appears in the peripheral Muslim communities, including the Balkans no less than Sri Lanka and India. Calling itself “the world’s largest democracy” and possessing the third largest Muslim population in the world, India has produced a stiffer resistance to Wahhabism than any of the lands of the “Arab Spring.” If Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar are bulwarks of extremism and tyranny, peace loving, tolerant and intensely patriotic Indian Muslims may provide a barrier to Wahhabi Jihadist ambitions. With their widely-respected intellectual heritage, their close link with spiritual Sufism, and their demonstrated loyalty to their mother land, the Indian Muslims have shown the world that Western governments are wrong to accommodate fanatic Wahhabism. A struggle against Wahhabism that may have been lost in Egypt, Libya, Mali, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan and Pakistan may be won in India and Sri Lanka.

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