Posted on May 17th, 2012

By Stanley Perera “”…” Kandy

My dear Sarath,

I wrote you six open letters to you in which I gave you my sincere advice to you.  The time is right now for you to re-organise your election manifesto now that it is crystal clear that you will be out of jail on the 19th as a war hero as well as the future leader  to rid the country of political corruption and relieve the Sri Lankans from the burden of debt and find the culprits who ruined the country’s economy.

The country is ready to accept you as the future leader who has the support from the BOSS OF G.L.PERIS and the west who are waiting for the regime change.  Sri Lankans are also frustrated with the corrupt up to the eyeball politicians who have become the puppets of Hillary and the turbaned Indian.  You are the disciplined soldier and the people are glad to accept you as their heroic leader who did not give into the corrupt administration.  REMEMBER YOU ARE THE PRESENT DAY NELSON MANDELA OR UN SUM SUE KUI.  A HEROIC LEADER IS BORN.


The writer disliked Sarath Silva on personal reasons but he is the right person to guide you as the advisor to you.  I take my hat off to Sarath Nanda de Silva on his contribution to de-merge North and East.   Sarath and Sarath is a good combination.


The political revolution has already begun in the world and Iceland has taken the lead to force the resignation of the government peacefully and revoked the entire constitution of the country and writing off the debt to the world bank and Iceland has become debt free country.  The two state banks in Sri Lanka written off rupees 162 billion given as loans without any collateral.  The two banks are refusing to reveal the names of the debtors.  You need to include in your election manifesto to find out those who are responsible in releasing that colossal amount of public funds and deal with them appropriately and recover every cent owed.  It is also very advisable for you to announce to adopt the Iceland factor but you will have to expect underhand activities of the world spies.  That unforceen circumstances may be watered down as the west are waiting to gun down the present corrupt administration.  You need to listen to the SINHALAYAS ASPIRATIONS AND NOT THOSE INVISIBLE AND NON-EXISTANT TAMIL PEOPLE’S GRIEVANCES.


Your affiliation with the TNA must be carefully considered.  First of all TNA must drop their racist and separatism and declare one nation and take the oath of allegiance.  They must accept the one nation Sri Lankan factor and drop the Tamil people’s aspirations and non-existant Tamil peple’s grievances.  When TNA accept one nation Srilankan factor, there is no separate ethnic issues.

No doubt UNP will welcome you open arms.  At a time there is massive frustration with the masses all opposition political parties must get together and form one political party.  As I said before the west are looking for a regime change.  Though majority of the Sri Lankans are anti west through their sheer frustration they have no other alternative other than to accept them reluctantly.  Please note some politicians and the priests are on the payroll of Clinton and RAW.  There is a danger that they may be infiltrated into your organisation.  It is therefore very important to scrutinize the supports to find out the true supporters.  As there has been enormous pressure on the GoSL by the International community you might become the puppet of the west.  A clear example of it is G.L.Peris reporting to Hillary Clinton and the Chief Ministers of India.  YOU ARE A BRAVE SOLDIER PLEASE DO NOT BOW DOWN TO THE PRESSURE FROM THE WEST AND INDIAN BULLYING. Punish all the corrupt politicians.  Relieve the Sri Lankans from the debt burden.  Rid the country of corruption especially by the politicians.  Reduce the number of paracitic politicians in the parliament, reduce their perks and concessions and globetrotting.  Seventy donkeys went to Geneva and only two donkeys know English language.  NELSON MANDELA 2 IS BORN.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SF will give Run-Nil and Soma-wansa a run for their money.

    SF deserves to be the UNP leader better than Run-Nil.

    If SF becomes the opposition leader, he will keep the govt in check. I don’t think he will hesitate to do ANYTHING to REGAIN the UNP and JVP LEADERSHIP.

    And I support it as long as he BEHAVES. Using private armies, joining with TNA are NO NOs.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    According to this article Stanley Perera seems to know very well that Sarath Fonseka is a puppet of the west and will do any thing to please his masters. He must be in Disney land to think the intelligent people of Sri Lanka want to please the USA and it’s western allies to elect their puppet Sarath who wants to betray the army he once led and give the much needed oxygen to dying breed of tigers, the LTTE. The people of Sri Lanka, especially the Sinhala Buddhist are not so selfish and ignorant like you and Sarath and will always will defend the country and it’s courageous president who stoodd up to the likes of Milliband and Koucher.

  3. Sarath W Says:

    According to this article, Stanley Perera knows very well that Sarath Fonseka is a puppet of the US and the west and do any thing to please his masters. He seems to think the people of Sri Lanka are stupid and traitors like him to change the current regime just because the US and the west want. The people of Sri Lanka, except the wealthy and some religious sects know very well that Sarath will betray the country and the courageous army once he led if he is ever elected. The Sri Lankans, especially the Sinhala Buddhist will never betray the courageous president and the defence secretary who stood up to the mighty and powerful and give oxygen (like Ranil did) to the dying tiger breed the LTTE to destroy the country again.

  4. stanley perera Says:

    If the present administration is corrupt and the people are suffering at the hands of the corrupt politicians, when the Sinhalese majority are neglected, racist TNA are treating India as their masters, 2.5% of the population taking the entire nation to a ransom, do we have a chice. Is there anything wrong in SF following the Iceland factor? Is there anything wrong if TNA drop their racist, seperatist policies and join the political mainstream and run the country peacefully with or without the support of Miliband, Koushna and Hillary? Our problem is we have been anti-west since independance. What have we achieved? Only the politicians became fat cats. Is the present administration going to recover 126 billion rupees plundered by the rouge politicians? Is the present administration going to listen to the majority Sinhalese? Is the present administration going to revoke the constitution? I am not a fan of SF or SS. But reluctantly I must support then of good governance and transparency. The present administration is only looking after the politicians wheather or not they are in the gov ernment. Ramil taking KARUNANAYAKAM to MR is a ploy to save him from going to jail. MR caving into Malcolm Ranjith to release the rouge nun from the remand. What has MR done so far to the Dambulla issue? In short what did MR do to the majority Sinhalayas?

  5. stanley perera Says:

    Dinesh Gunawardene brought a bill to the parliament to ban TNA. MR wants TNA to be in the parliament. So what is wrong with SF include TNA in his regime if they drop their racist demands and take an oath alligience? If traitor hakeem is absorbed into MR government what is wrong with TNA joining SF? I suggest you please withdraw your calling me a traitor.

  6. Dham Says:

    What happened to you after you went to Sri lanka ?
    “You are the disciplined soldier and the people are glad to accept you as their heroic leader who did not give into the corrupt administration. ” What nonsense ? He was a rapist soldier. There is no doubt he is corrupt. You can serach and see the history of Australian company he purchsed the equipement from. The address is a suburban house in Brisbane. This company was set up just before Mahinda came into power ( anticipating it) by (likely) a relative of him in Australia.
    can you trust him to get rid of corruption ?
    He will be a dictator like Saudi King with his friend USA.

  7. Dham Says:

    I will still choose Mahinda over this horrible, greedy, dishonest puppet of USA. He wanted to the full credit for war which was faught by poor farmer’s sons.

  8. stanley perera Says:

    I agree with you. What I am saying is the people are frustrated with MR government. I am advising SF how to organise his political campaign like in Iceland. I am also advising him to accommodate TNA if they drop their racist, seperatist and terrorist demands. If the traitor Hakeem is comfortably occupying a seat in the government there is nothing wrong SF accomodating TNA. Sampanthan is openly rejecting the seperate EElam issue now that he is facing litigation in the supreme court. The patriotic Sri Lankans have been generous and grateful enough to elect MR as the President for two terms. Still he is not listening to the majority population. MR wants TNA in the parliament with or without their racist demands. Why did MR stop Dinesh Gunawardena? I must reiterate that I am not a supporter of SF. MR created him a Nelson Mandela. Just feel the trend in the country. MR is still a popular President that is because there is no stronger opposition. Ranil is too week. With the rouge ministers and infighting for the popular ministry and the spiralling cost of living and the corruption of the politicians, people are frustrated. In that scenario SF will score pass marks. When he comes out of the jail to-morrow people will celebrate the release. Who created that situation. Not me.

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    SF is CERTAINLY a better opposition leader, UNP leader or JVP leader than the current lot. Don’t you think?

    SF did all the ground work in RIDDING the Tamil terror cancer. Since SF went to jail the Tamil racist cancer (TNA) has become stronger and stronger. No one talks against them! MR sees no oppoition ESPECIALLY FROM THE SINHALESE. SF will be the opposition SL needs.

    However, IF SF goes against the country again by joining TNA DIRT, then he must be punished again.

    We cannot forget how SF went against his superiors and did what needed to be done in May 2009. I agree he LATER had a mental dysfunction after Mangala/Ranil/Hack-him fooled him. But SF is capable of some great work.

    How many traitors died BEFORE SF was sent to jail?
    How many traitors died AFTER SF was sent to jail?

    You know the answer and you know the REASON.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Stanley is a BIG TIME patriot because he has promised to bring court action to ban TNA DIRT.

    I hope he keeps his promise unlike POLITICIANS.

  11. stanley perera Says:

    I am unable to express my findings in public in order I protect GoSL. In my own feelings I am second to none as far as patriotism is concern. I love my country and the people though I live in Australia permenently. I will never seek dual citizenship on principle as I feel I am entitled to my Sri Lankan citizenship as of wright without applying for. The legal opinion I have sort have been conveyed to Anoma, Charles and Kit Athul. However an organisation registered in Kurunegala has taken my place concerning the Tamil racist political parties. May be we give our full support to them.

  12. Wickrama Says:

    This being the “7th” open letter, I would like to see the SIX previous letters and of couirse WHAT RESPONSE you got from SF. I am sure so many of us also like to see these, especially the responses from SF, if there were any!

  13. Wickrama Says:

    GUYS, it is REALLY INTERESTING to see the previous “open letters”
    As “tasters” just read the following quotes.

    From http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2009/10/14/second-open-letter-to-sarath-fonseka-do-not-be-fooled-by-the-politicians/

    “My dear General, if you are contemplating in contesting the forthcoming presidential election please think carefully. There are doctors and professors joined the politics. Most of them have become corrupt and un- reliable politicians. Janaka Perera earned a good name as a brave soldier. The moment he became a politician, he was eliminated by the dirty and cruel people. That is politics. You are an honourable soldier who maintains an army discipline. Politics don’t suit you. But I am not the right person to decide what is good for you. After the world war Eishenhover and Vinston Churchill were awarded with the highest position in politics in their countries. But in Sri Lanka it is party politics that matter. Our people have a short memory. The war is over and the victory is also short lived. By the time the next presidential election is on, the people will forget who Sarath Fonseka is. More than anything your opponents will conduct a mudslinging campaign to tarnish your good image. The rumour mongering will destroy your hard earned good name. Rajapakse brothers will capitalise on the winning of the war. They will be foolish not to. They too deserve the credit. Under these circumstances, I suggest you think very carefully wheather the risk factor is worthwhile contesting an election. However, the decision is yours.”

    From http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2009/12/15/3rd-open-letter-to-sarath-fonseka/

    “I addressed you with open letters on two previous occasions. In both those letters I gave you my sincere advice to retire in graceful manner and enjoy your life in the twilight with the family and the grand children if you have any. But your desire was to become the President of Sri Lanka. My sincere advice to you was also not to become a political pawn. But you decided to take advice from the corrupt politicians with a secret agenda. My advice to you was sincere and unbiased politically un-affiliated. But I respected your decision to contest the Presidential election. That decision of yours was entirely your porogotive. Up to this moment I had some respect to you for your bravery in the war against Tamil Terrorists. Now I have found out with your recent utterances that you have been fighting the war with the vengeance and not for the love of the country. You did not win the war only with your own efforts only. My mentor S.L.Gunasekera very well explained in his letter that the victory is by every one of us. Soldier to the politicians and taxpayer to the Rajapakse brothers and all the armed forces including the police force and so on and so forth and various other individuals and organisations contributed to the winning of the war including the writer. You became so selfish to claim the victory all by yourself. Whatever the respect I had for you has now been dissolved in the thin air. There is evidence that you are conniving with the Americans like Ehelepola betraying the country conniving with the British. Therefore I do not hesitate to call you Ehelepola two.”

    From http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2009/12/28/4th-open-letter-to-sarath-fonseka-you-are-neither-an-officer-nor-a-gentleman/

    “My dear Sarath.

    You are neither an officer nor a gentleman.

    To be an officer of an army, he must be a fully disciplined officer with full allegiance to his country of birth with true patriotism free of corruption, nepotism, and fully loyal to his masters and would never ever betray his troops, masters or the country. You have broken all the norms of the concept of ÄN OFFICER’. In addition to be an officer one must be wealthy enough to feed his platoon for one month.


    Sarath in the final stage of the war you were the Commander of the army. Therefore the army commander should have been able to feed the entire army for a month. But, according to your declaration to the commissioner of elections you worth only a couple of hundred thousands of rupees. That itself is good enough to disqualify you from holding a position of an officer of the army. You are a compulsory liar or an absolute idiot to declare a bogus figure to the commissioner of elections. A man of your calibre to have come down to that low level is unbelievable.”

    From http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/01/08/5th-open-letter-to-sarath-fonseka-fonseka-and-the-fool%E2%80%99s-theory/

    “My dear Sarath,

    If you had shut your mouth, all the people would have guessed that you are a fool. Now that you have opened your mouth, you have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that you are a fool.

    You say that you entered politics to clean the country of corruption. That means you have admitted you yourself are corrupt with the arms deals. With the revelations by K.T.Rajasingham, you have to perform a miracle to clear your name of corruption. It is hard to disprove the allegations as the report is well researched. So far you have failed to answer the questioner published by Rajasingham. Your silence means that you have no answer. Hence admitting the allegations and you are guilty. The sentencing will be done by the people of Sri Lanka on the 26th of January.

    It is a general knowledge that Army commander claims ten per cent of all the arms deals. This has been the practice in the past 30 years. While you have amassed a colossal amount of money in your son-in-law’s American Bank account, it is high hypocrisy in pointing your finger at others. How can you clean others of corruption when you yourself are corrupt in arms deals? You are speechless Sarath. You have neither denied nor admitted the allegations of corruption.”

    From http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2011/09/10/6th-open-letter-to-sarath-fonseka-swallow-your-pride-and-say-sorry/

    “My dear Sarath,

    I wrote you five open letters before. In one open letter I warned you of the consequences you have to suffer going against your master MR. Look what has happened to you now. You have become a jail bird. Your health has been affected severely. Open your eyes and look at your past. The JVP, UNP and your other Sarath who convinced you to fight against MR are not sharing with you the agony and suffering you are going through. Even that plum pudding Jayalalith stand on her head MR is not going to pardon you. To-day you are physically, mentally and financially in a ruinous state. You are unable to enjoy a family life for a long time to come in the twilight of your retirement. Your life in jail is not going to end for a long time to come.

    Your other Sarath factor is also hardening the mind of MR not to take your matter lightly. The fear psychosis of the people developed because of the other Sarath the rapist womaniser becoming your Prime Minister. The litigants who suffered under Sarath Silva’s time as the CJ who hounded like a rabid dog did campaign against you although his cast factor may have played a role. That womaniser had more enemies than friends. Those 48 judges who were harassed by that mad man Sarath Silva may have campaigned against you although the forces supported you.”


  14. stanley perera Says:

    My dear Nadesan,
    I am trying to reconsile Sinhalayas and Tamil people. I have uttered nothing against Tamil people. Both Sinhalayas and Tamils are being seperated by the racist Tmil politicians. I only opposed to the racism, seperatism and terrorism. Now that the terrorism is no more we have to gettogether to combat the racism and the seperatism. If we belong to one nation the problem is solved. Let us be united Sri Lankans. Bugger the politicians who are thriving at your expence. The highway thieves who swallowed 126 billion rupees. Aren’t you angry Nadesan?

  15. Dham Says:

    I agree SF’s is a good strategist than Mahinda with regard to security. Remember he wanted to expand the Army and security even after the war. I also know his relatives personally. I also agree he will definitely make a good opposition leader.
    But he the greediest Sri lankan around. He will marry Clinton and kill Mahinda and Gota if he ever regains power.
    It is unthinkable.
    Stanley may have some reason, I trust him fully. But he may have been mislead again, as what happened before.

  16. lingamAndy Says:

    Sampanthan is openly rejecting the seperate EElam issue now that he is facing litigation in the supreme court. !!!
    aslo Sri lankan flag ( multi culture flag) in hand with Ranil in may day celepration in Jaffna ! what else can he do … show to sinhala people he has given up separation ( if you are not satisfy we can ask him to open his under w*** in next meeting ….. to proof his hionesty (:-( )
    Thanks Stanley Perera very valuable article ! also comments from Lorenzo to nadesan excelant !
    Unit our diversity forever !

  17. stanley perera Says:

    This time there is no misleading. Legal eagles, bar association and the general public are severely disappointed with the present administration. Thamara’s case and the debacle in the Haigh, Gulp and Marasingh affair, GULP licking the backsides of the Indian Chief Ministers, MR’s paying no attention to the 13A, 126 billion rupees affair and numerous other corruption, people are disgusted and frustrated. I wasted three months of my valuable time now. Whereever I went, I returned home with lots of disappointments. Majority Sinhalese are at a loss. Dambulla and Batticaloa affairs all adds up. MR is not taking any firm action to protect Sinhala buddhists. When Malcolm Ranjith organised the bishop of NCP to protest, MR immediately released the Indian nun who was engaged in criminal misconduct. Presidential fund to pay the medical bills of the politicians receiving medical treatment in England. Financial mismanagement. 70 donkeys on holiday in Geneva. State banks witing off 126 billion rupees loaned to the politicians without any colateral and refusing to reveal the names of the debtors. There is no transparancy and good governance.

  18. stanley perera Says:

    Thank you Andy Lingam. You are right. Sampanthan held the flag with Ranil. Sampanthan rejected openly the Tamil EElam. Sampanthan must openly reject the racist demands and call himself a Sri Lankan and support one nation. Sampanthan also must call the Sri Lankan leaders as the leaders for the whole country instead of depending on India. He mus be proud to call himself a Sri Lankan. We will include him also in our club. He must tell the Sri Lankans what the Tamil peoples grievances are. Then we will fight along with Sampanthan. Andy please take Sampanthan to the passport office in Colombo to see it for yourself. Sinhalese and Tamils are united and serving the people. They are all united Sri Lankans. Not as Tamils and Sinhalese. Sinhalese wearing pirith nool. Tamil ladies wear pottus. Catholicks wear the cross. They are not the issues to worry. What touched me was they are happy to serve the people .

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    Excellent news!

    If this goes ahead Toilet National Alliance will be history.


    Most Tamil political parties in Sri Lanka could become things of the past if the Supreme Court acts on a petition that seeks disqualification of the parties for retaining the demand for a separate state in their party documents, called constitutions.

    Long after the Tamil political parties dropped their demand for a separate state, their unamended party constitutions, in which the demand for a Tamil Eelam are stated, have come to haunt them. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, enacted in August 1983, prohibits political parties from having as one of their aims the establishment of a separate State.

    The petition was recently filed in the Supreme Court by a little-known advocate who is part of an unrecognised political party — Jayantha Liyanage, general secretary of Sinhala Jathika Peramuna based in Kurunegala. The targets are: the Tamil National Alliance (TNA); the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK); the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF); the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) and the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF).

    Declaration sought
    The petitioner’s plea to the court is to declare that the parties in question have the formation of an independent state as one of its aims.

    Article 157A (2) [in Chapter 20] of the Sri Lankan Constitution, states: “No political party or other association or organisation shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.”


  20. lingamAndy Says:

    stanley perera
    Sri Lankans what the Tamil peoples grievances are- that grave yart ! bull shit… What Tamil need life not grievances or aspirations !
    Tamil learned their leason very hard way ! it will be in they mind atleast for another 100 years !

    Good News SF will be out from jail on the 19th ….
    1) he want to keep atleast 100,000 Sinhal army family in Vanni permantly for ever ( so we do not need to worry about separion any more)
    2) soon all T paries will be banned by court ( so no more rasit party in mother lanka)
    3) finaly Day light liers will be send back to thier green card home …. ( so no more white van,Eg: Mr GR can reopen his kany shop in USA soon ) !

    Unit in diversity !

  21. AnuD Says:

    Sarath W:

    When you say, SF associate or Associated with LTTE, you are DISHONEST. As you are determined to protect the injustice at anycost it is no point of talking against it, Yet, read the following news item from Tamilnet “http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=13&artid=29402”.

    Whether SF wants to enter into politics again or not, what Stanely perera says is true. As J. B. Muller in Lankaweb had mentioned Sri Lankan govts are used to work behind the voters and are good cheating,exploiting, manipulating the voters. They never tell the truth.

    See, at present US Senators are asking Sri Lanka to stop money laundering in Sri Lanka. Who are involved in these ?

    It is just shamelessness taking the whole gratitude for just one person for finishing the war. But, you people are happy to do that.

    At present, govt politicians and henchmen are engaged in criminal and commercial fraud activities like Rats, Dogs, Crows – just animal like. When there are over hundred of ministers. That it self is a fraud.

    But, the govt is not doing anything to those because they want to make the govt stable for whole five or six years by letting those things go on.

    Is that the 40 years of political experience can do to help Sri Lanka ?

    I say even the beginning of the war not the choice of Mahinda Rjapakse. It was what Pabakaran wanted because he was so confidant. Mahinda Rajapakse just had to go through that and he enjoyed the show from the bunker.

  22. jay-ran Says:

    it looks like that Stanley has totally misunderstood the REALITY IN SRI LANKAN POLITICS as he says MR Govt is totally corrupt and seeks SF’s entry into politics to save the country and give a better life to Sri lankans.Either he is been brainwashed or his mindset has been poisoned with too many false stories about MR and Govt.Its true that there are many lapses with MR Govt but majority Sri Lankans value the freedom brought about by defeating LTTE.SF is more corrupted than MR Govt when looking back at SF’s nafarious activities while being the Army Commander.Sri Lankans have to SELECT THE BEST OUT OF THE BAD LOT! In that respect MR STANDS FAR AHEAD OF ALL OTHERS and MAJORITY Sri Lankans still prefer MR Govt!!!

  23. douglas Says:

    Dear Stanley – Your 7th letter and the comments that followed. I decided to do some thing in my usual village style. The evening following the reading of your “7th lettert”, I was sitting by the road on a stone resting at the entrance to my house. A few of the village folks passing by stopped by to say hellow to me. In the mids’t of our conversation on various matters, I did mention the subject matter of your letter. Here are the comments:-

    Jemis Appuhamy – ” Me hadanne, Kahi Gani deela, Hotu Gani ganna” (Give up the coughing woman and take in the sneezing woman)

    Simon Aiyah- “Epara aimath thava ekek genna hadanawa Dharmista Smajayaka nama dagena” (Again trying to bring in a another fellow in the name of “Dharmista Society”)

    Gunadasa Malli – “Okage heti appi dannawa. Oya Sudu Kodi kathawa pattangaththe, Jathyanthara Nadu waling berila, Mahnda gas arinna. Kotiyage Pulli nethi karanna behe” ( We know well about this man. He started the White Flag story for him to get out of the International inquiry on war crimes and put Mahinda on the dock)

    Magi Akka – “Ane maga kata. Oya Sartha Silvath ekathu karagena thiyenne, eithuru Pilima tikath gillala danna thamy” ( I feel like……There it is, They are trying to combine with Sarath Silva and both of them will get together and gulp down the remaining Buddaha Statues also).

    Nandadasa Mudalali – “Inna Harak madiwata, thawa Booruwoth genna hadanawa”. ( We have enough Bulls and now they are trying to bring the Donkeys)

    Dayananda – Grama Sevaka. He remained silent and slipped away slowly. Seeing this Jemis Appuhamy said ” Oka Baya Gulla. Moo veda karanne Manthiriyata ona hetiyata ne” ( He is in the pocket of the Member of the Parliament)

    My brother who was watching and listening to the conversation, signelled me to stop and we all departed. Later he told me not to encourage these conversartions as we could expect the “White Van” on any day at any time.

    So how do you like these coments? You need not be a “Professor” to get the message.

  24. lingamAndy Says:

    douglas ohhh man , We Tamils are dead people but you Sinalese are living dead people in mother lanka (we could expect the “White Van” on any day at any time.)!

    Entra Amma…. ! Make Amme …..!

  25. AnuD Says:

    What ever it is, SF is still not released from the Jail. Even when he was given bail from other crappy cases, he had been treated like a common criminal.

    Yet, some Patriots are really scared that SF would come to politics again.

    What a way to help Sri Lanka to develop.

    We spit on our own faces. What can we do. Just cry for help. Why people cannot understand that many seemomngly respectable people in Sri Lanka are white collar criminals or Fraudtsers who cheated the banks or the govt for money. Even the chief Justice’s husband was caught in a Rs 391 million fraud (it is fraud and nothing else).

    I have to say GOD in which I don’t believe.

  26. Vis8 Says:

    Can Gen. Fonseka run a country? He is a brutal rapist, having molested over 70 army females. Animalistic in nature, he is sure to become a serious dictator.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    SF will NEVER run this country. Don’t have this UNDUE fear.

    SF is suitable for the opposition leader post and UNP leadership. That’s all.

    Run-Nil has killed more people than SF in Batalanda!
    Soma-wansa has killed more people than SF in JVP terrorism!

    So he is naturally better than these 2 clowns.

    “Can Gen. Fonseka run a country? He is a brutal rapist, having molested over 70 army females. Animalistic in nature, he is sure to become a serious dictator.”

    This is a lie created by KT Rajasingham. He molested, etc, etc. female combatants but NOT ARMY females. You can guess. For KTR both these groups are the same.

    He will be a dirty dictator if he becomes the leader of this nation. But he can’t.

    SF is more corrupt than MR. He will not be able to run the country.

  28. Dham Says:

    May I ask you the LAST question.
    Is a lawyer named “Upul” in your team ? ( I am not disclosing his surname for the time being)
    Please answer honestly, I trust you.

  29. Kit Athul Says:

    Andilingam, what has happend to you “We Tamils are dead people?” We are suppose to live together. We have to safe gurad the poor Tamil villager in North. How can one do this when you say “We Tamils are dead people”?

    Lorenzo, SF story has more. They were published soon after he was arrested. He is not suitabl to be the leader of the oppertion. He nearly did, What he wanted was to do what the military did to Honduran president.

  30. Dham Says:

    I still hope Stanley has been mislead again.
    “Asewanacha Balanam Panditananch Sevana”.

  31. Dham Says:

    Loronzo all other patriots,
    Look at this again. Surely Stanley has been fooled or bought over by the west !

    “Though majority of the Sri Lankans are anti west through their sheer frustration they have no other alternative other than to accept them reluctantly. Please note some politicians and the priests are on the payroll of Clinton and RAW. There is a danger that they may be infiltrated into your organisation. It is therefore very important to scrutinize the supports to find out the true supporters. As there has been enormous pressure on the GoSL by the International community you might become the puppet of the west.”

    Surely SF became a puppet of the west long time ago. He returend to the country ans spoke dirctly to the rep of US. What he discussed were not revealed, but wining of Tamil votes proves what he agreed.

    How on this earth is this brainless fool SF ( I still respect him as a soldier) become a political wise overnight. MR may be not so samrt ( although 100 times smarter than SF). But how can this man even read and understand Stanley’s letter even.
    What happened to Stanley ?

  32. stanley perera Says:

    I do not know a lawyer by the first name of Upul.
    This time I am positive that there is no misleading at all. In the three months I am here and if my findings are to be revealed in public, certainly I will end up in a white van. I do not hesitate to admit if I have made an error of judgement or persuaded to believe the hear say. I have met in person some top lawyers several times, I met several ministers in person, I visited Jaffna for the second time since the war ended, Mannar, Nanthikadal, Puthukudiirippu and all other places of importance, spent a night at an army camp. Quite frankly I came to SL on a special patriotic mission. If I were to speak my mind it will be like cutting my nose to spite my face. I stand by every word I said in my seven open letters to Sarath Fonseka.
    I cannot expect any politician in the country to follow Iceland political revolution. I know it for sure that harlf of the country are supporting SF. There has been lot of murky water gone under the bridge.
    Is Dambulla and Batticaloa land grab a misleading news? Is Pillayan’s extortion misleading? Politicians plundering the tax payers 126 billion rupees misleading? Is Thamara Kunanayagam’s affair misleading? Geneva debarcle misleading? GLP’s cross overs misleading? Mara Singh’s abnormal behaviour misleading? Indian nun’s immediate release misleading? Multicultural composition of the judiciary misleading? Is 13A misleading?
    Repeatedly I have been saying that I am not a supporter of SF. Reluctantly though I must support MR. If MR did not take the course of action against SF, MR is not suitable to run the country. Good or bad MR did it his way. I take my hat off to MR and GR. But the problem is none of them take any action against corruption by the politicians. I have expressed my opinion based on the information I gathered from the horses mouth. The so called Weeraya is a con artist. The chappie supposed to be a patriotic B……., didnot bother to listen to a patriot who came on a patriotic mission through sheer jelousy. These politicians are wondering who the hell are they to come and tell us how to run our affairs? If anyone of you people planning to return to to the country you were born, forget it.

  33. stanley perera Says:

    My humble appologies. I came across this Wimal through a referral. He is not a practicing lawyer. He has some legal background may be you are right he must be a lawyer not in Sri Lanka. He is a visitor in SL. I met him thrice, once in Negombo and twice in Colombo and at the passport office. Wimal is too extremist. He wants to sue CBK, UK government for forcing his children to learn a religion, sue SL government for allowing muslims to marry four women whereas Sinhalaya marrying two women are thrown in jail, 13A and numerous other things. I wish you well Wimal.

  34. Lorenzo Says:


    SF is a puppet of the west.
    Run-NIL is ALSO a puppet of the west.
    Soma-Wansa is also a puppet of the west.

    Look where their BIGGEST killing fields are.
    SF – Mulaitivu
    Run-NIL – Batalanda
    Soma-wansa – Kalutara

    Who did they kill?
    SF – terrorists
    Run-NIL – unarmed civilians
    Soma-wansa – unarmed civilians

    How did they serve the country?
    SF – got rid of LTTE, etc.

    Now which one is the best?
    SF of course.

  35. Lorenzo Says:


    Looks like Wimal (not that Weerawansha) is a Mahathma.

    We should join forces with such great Mahathmas.

  36. stanley perera Says:

    It is none other than that Wimal Weerawansa, who is driving the most expensive luxury vehicle and living in the largest mansion in the country, signing the papers with a very expensive fountain pen. Being a fountain pen and watch lover, I have not seen such an expensive looking fountain pen. Can’t be made in China. The rouge did not look into my eyes. His body language tells me he is a thief. To me he is a con artist. Everybody can remember his put on act on fasting to death and calling to boycot American products. Surely an agent of RAW.

  37. Dham Says:

    I am still puzzled.
    “Reluctantly though I must support MR. If MR did not take the course of action against SF, MR is not suitable to run the country. Good or bad MR did it his way. I take my hat off to MR and GR. But the problem is none of them take any action against corruption by the politicians.”
    I fully agree.
    But what is the point of thie 7th open letter ? Is he joining you ? Is he on your side , not a licker of Hillarious Clinton ?
    What evidence you have to prove this ? no need to be actual but give us at least hints. I know the danger of Lorenzo’s white van.
    OK. you have passed Upul test. This Upul is a ex-classmatefriend of mine and now a no 1 enemy of nation organizing Cairo style rallys.

  38. stanley perera Says:

    These donkey politicians I met did not bother to open a conversation. Some cannot understand what I am saying although I spoke good Sinhala. I see quite a hatred amongst them against interlectuals and academics living away from the country. Please answer me one question. Who silenced Dinesh Gunawardene? Our campaign against TNA has slowed down Sampanthan. He is now turning to our side. All he has to give up his racist demands. Then we must accept in our club. If the traitor Hakeem can do it why not Sampanthan? If the traitor JJ’s medical bills are paid by the tax payers what more I should say about MR. If 126 billion rupees are gobbled by the fat cats politicians and the names of debtors are not revealed, what more should I say about MR? If Dinesh Gunawardene was stopped by MR why should we go against TNA? One need not be bought over by the west to understand the above-mentioned points. Why did MR release the Indian nun? Why didn’t MR intervene in Dambulla and Batticalow land grab? Why did MR punish Thamara? Why did MR keep his silence on the 13A and Geneva debarcle? If GLP keeps licking the backside of the Indian chief ministers and Hillarious Hillary, why should we go against them. If harlf of the politicians are on the payroll of RAW and Hillary what the bloody hell are we trying to do?

  39. Sarath W Says:


  40. Dham Says:

    Yes all those questions are yet to be answered by MR. Yes those donkeys do not listen to the club, because of unnessary jealosy, (they are much better off) I can unserstand.
    “If GLP keeps licking the backside of the Indian chief ministers and Hillarious Hillary, why should we go against them.”
    You mean we should also lick ? No. I have better taste than that.
    Good luck to your club. Will even Dinesh join it ? You need numbers of “good” which cannot be found there. But SF is the worst of the lot.

  41. douglas Says:

    My Dear Stanley – Ref. your comment ” If anyone of you planning to return to this country you were born, forget it”.

    You came, you saw, you examined, you realized and you experienced. That is “enlgihtenment”. Good.

    So why you are not allowing others to do the same and deny that “enlightnment”. Please don’t be so selfish.

    Wish you a nice journey back.

  42. Kit Athul Says:

    Sarath W. Just like you I like to read Stanley’s 8th, 9th and 10th letters. In one those letters I feel that he will publish a meeting with Basil Rajapakse, he has a contact who is close to Basil and travels with him on a helicopter. So give him a little time. What I found difficult to figure out was the man who cleaned his norse in to blue water well. When Charles Perera visited this place, which he clearly state in his 2nd trip report, that an Army person is on duty there. The well is protected and there is a wall seperating for men and women to bathe. Visitors bathe and fill bottles with water. Why didn’t the Army person arrest this man who cleaned his nose in to the well? I do not know why he doesn’t want others to visit Jaffna? But he visited Kytes and met his old friends, and while the area was under the rule of Prabharakeran he worked on a project? May be his friend Colonel Abeysinghe or Abeyrathna might be mentoring him! I do not not know. There is POSTAL STRICK going on right now and his replies may be at the postal sorting office. Please wait. Douglas, without reading Charles Perera’s 2nd trip report and Stanley’s trip report fully: before answering the differences it will be very useful to the readers.

  43. lingamAndy Says:

    Kit Athul
    Ref: safe gurad the poor Tamil villager in North. How can one do this when you say “We Tamils are dead people”?
    Sorry to say Kit Athul I’ve visited last year SL (after 27 years in western country) there is no hope in SL for Tamils !

    Unless We have ethenic political settlement I hope We may have any (if) hope !!!

    For me sooner those Tamil leave the SL better for them !

  44. Lorenzo Says:

    At last I agree with Lingam on one thing.

    “For me sooner those Tamil leave the SL better for them !”

    And better for SL too!

  45. lingamAndy Says:

    Lorenzo, And better for SL too!- Not sure about that , but I hope & pray if that is the case , I well come & good luck as long related Chinhala Brothers & sister !

  46. Dham Says:

    Lingam Machang,
    More Chinhalas will bve created if more China men come and settle in SL. Then Chimils will also be created and problem will be solved.

  47. lingamAndy Says:

    Chimils will also be created – (:-)
    Hope Machchan , as long as we get beatuful ( white skin) girls. we are ok ??

    problm will be solved – problem ,what problem ,we SL have probleM, never , must be rumers machchan!

  48. Dham Says:

    Lingam Machang,
    There are so many Sinamils already.There are Tamhalas as well. We Chinhalas call them Demhalas, you know in Tamil you pronounse “D” as “T”. Unfortunately most of them identify themselves as Tamils but they are not. Very nice people and Thosai , Vadi, Sambar … yummm.
    But I know one Tamil kid , he is more Sri lankan than any Sinhal kids. He loves Sri lanka.

  49. lingamAndy Says:

    Chihalese & Demila lived last 2,500 years in our lanka machen , these polititions comes & gone , end of the day We live as a one fimaly forever ( atleast another 3,000 year ).

    Good example machang , wait & see next year(2013) when Jaldevi start to run from Japanaya , we will able to see golden old days back again !!!!

    We all Lanka putha !

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