Strange Thought! – Dirty Game of Politics – Fonzy’ Army
Posted on May 24th, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

“Great Minds Think Alike”

It is pure coincidence that a couple of scribes mentioned the “slimy actions” of Fonzy, were published by both scribes simultaneously. That goes to show that Fonzy as the General of Army misused his status, dragged the reputation of the Sri Lanka Army down the drain, for his personal gain.

At no point during the past decade or even longer, any person from Sri Lanka or indeed from LankaWeb has colluded with me to prompt subjects into my “two-cents” worth of thinking!

Although corruption has been rife in Sri Lanka in every sector of life, especially the  Sri Lanka traffic Police, Government Ministries, crawling upto Presidential & Prime Ministerial chambers, Sri Lankan Army has been relatively clean, except at the highest levels such as General Ratwatte (relative of Mrs Bandaranaike-Kumaratunge).

Politics is a Dirty Game.

When cricket gets involved in crime, there is no clean sport!

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” – Marc Antony. Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare: Act 3. Scene 11.

“Et tu Fonzy” said Noble Mahinda, when Gotha pulled the knife out of Mahinda’s back, as Fonzy moved to a side, with blood-soaked hand!

And Clinton clapped in glee!

This reminds me of a true  story……….A famous British politician, nearing his death, called his Personal Assistant and commanded him, “On my tombstone, inscribe the following”
– Here Lies An Honest Politician!.

The obedient servant nodded his head in the affirmative and asked the reason for not engraving his real name. The answer shot back, “Any one reading that will think for a second and will retort, “That’s Strange!”, was Ernest Strange’s comment.

Politics has always been a Dirty Game. And it will always be.

Those who have come and gone, some to their grave, with numbers in ashes, Dust to Dust, such as Gamini Dissanayake, Ranasinghe Premadasa, CBK (not yet), et al.

Politics practice the worst “Law of the Jungle”.

It is the survival of the Fattest, until one gets Voted Out, with a sackful of Moolah, driving the Rolls Royce or the Maserati into gates of a villa in USA or UK.

Fonzy’s Army

Actually, the Real Leadership came from Gothabhaya Rajapaksa, not the elder brothers, who tacitly approved the strategic mind-set of the Colonel. However, without the Power of the President, Fonzy could not have taken two steps forward.

Agreed, Fonzy did provide a strong leadership to his cadres, even from “between the sheets” whilst enjoying his carnal pleasures or counting Dollars in commissions from China.

Fonzy was an “Officer but No Gentleman”, when he spat on Gotha, who recommended the promotion to General, and stabbed Mahinda who elevated him to Four Star.

If I was in his shoes, as a decorated General, I would have been happy to accept an invitation as a Minister in Mahinda Rajapaksa cabinet, or seek an appointment in General Re-habilitation of the soldiers, and the victims of war, or join the Foreign Ministry (with his limited intelligence) job in UN or such-like.  Fonzy would have been an Untouchable God-like President-in-waiting with time to learn in his slow-learning-curve.

Fonzy has limited grey-matter which is not working at full strength, went for a head-butt against President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who by this time was consolidating his power-base for himself and the Rajapaksa Dynasty, by placing his brothers in key-positions and, grooming his son into the power-base.

A military Coup-d’ Etat is out at the moment in Sri Lanka. The door to the High Political office is under Lock & Key. A place in the Opposition is possible in the short-term, but sooner Fonzy settles down, the Cat n Dog fight will start, Sri Lankan style.

Money Talks – Bull Sh*t Walks.

The rumours of Tsunami Funds subsided with the salty waves back into the Indian Ocean. Those who might have vital information or be a threat to links in the Dirty Money Trail, were bought-off or silenced in many other ways.

This is where the son-in-law of Fonzy comes in or is kept under wrap.  If the SLG can find some of the richest funders of Terror and fund-managers of LTTE, why cant the sleuths of the SLG Police sniff into the hide-out of the son-in-law?

This little twerp is no Osama bin Laden, but a petty thief, living in Thailand or the Congo where he can mingle with the locals, and blend into the countryside.

Most likely the boy made under 20 million bucks. That’s bird-feed in whats being swept under the mattresses of King-sized Four Poster beds.

Let Fonzy Go Free

Right now Fonzy is like a “Puppet-on-a-String”, let out but not let loose.
As we all know, military men make useless political leaders, especially in the days of the Internet.

Even long standing, stable, powerful leaders were toppled and throttled, or painfully castrated, buried in water or desert, within weeks.

President Rajapaksa should make a unilateral decision to grant a Full Presidential Pardon to Fonzy, without any strings attached.  That will take the wind-out-of Clinton, useless UN, USA, UK, UNP et al.

“Let the man go Free and give him enough rope to hang himself!”

Let him invite his son-in-law to face the music, and allow all his illegitimate (if any) sons & daughters to come forth and be counted.

Make Sri Lanka Truly the Pearl of the Asian Continent!

PS: Since there is no potential leader in the horizon of Sri Lanka political scene, let us enjoy “The Devil We Know”!

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23 Responses to “Strange Thought! – Dirty Game of Politics – Fonzy’ Army”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A beauty!

    SF cannot compare against the president. He is nobody. But he still can beat Run-NIL.

    BTW most SF supporters cannot read Fonzy Army. They call it Ponzy army resembling illegal Ponzy schemes. For them the choices are – Run-NIL Ponseka or Sarath Ponseka.

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Gardihewa Sarath Chandralal Fonseka is neither hero nor a gentleman. But Mahinda has pardoned this convict.

    I do not know whether Mahinda will pardon more than 7,500 persons convicted under court martial decisions made during Gen Fonska’s supervision.

    BTW Fonseka’s past as a 2nd Lieutenant committing sexual misconducts and Fonseka’s uncontrollable desire for sex and alcohol were not recalled during his court martial.

    Abraham Lincoln told “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

    Find some innocent guy and give him some money and power.. you will see the difference..

    We have seen enough of that in Sri Lanka.

    For Fonseka, now we know what he has done with limited power as army officer and imagine with executive powers.

    Some one must be nuts to think a guy behaving this insane without power will do any better after getting power.

    Gonseka wants to become Sri lanka’s Idi Amin and gang rape mother Lanka.

  3. AnuD Says:

    The approval rating is 91%. General Fonseka is barred from contesting for SEVEN years.

    Even then why everybody is this scared ?

    He and he is alone looks like the strong and considerable opposition. So, henchmen are concerned.

    Am I wrong ?

    People are talking really dumb things. Are the Kangaroo Court – court martial and the valid court martial the same ?

    General Fonseka’s character since he was a 2nd lieutinent became questionable ONLY after he contested the presidential election.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    No one is scared! They are DISGUSTED.

    “General Fonseka’s character since he was a 2nd lieutinent became questionable ONLY after he contested the presidential election.”


    His weapons dealings from Oklahoma is well known. My innocent friend Danuna was lured by Gonseka using a HONEY POT into weapons trade!


    Also read the actual punishment notice issued to Gonseka in 1975 by Cyril Ranatunga published in asiantribune.

    People check the past of popular figures.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Gonseka will soon face war crimes investigations. He will JUMP head first into guilt!

    He should NOT have parliamentary privileges at that time. Because he can hide behind parliamentary privileges. That is why the 7 years.

    He can’t go to USA. If he does, he will be investigated! What a tragedy. His only hope is Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu jokers LOVE him.

  6. AnuD Says:


    Don’t you think that something is wrong here because everybody is beating a person who even does not have his civic rights simply because he contested the presidential election. Before the presidential election none of these concerns became issues and they called him the best army commander in the world.

    Don’t you think, now the govt has the strong political opposition that has really made the govt scared Govt, while buying out opposition politicians for Rs 50 million a piece, was complaining about the lack of strong opposition.

    Now, the govt has ONE MAN OPPOSITION which they can not buy by what ever means unless they jail him and take his civic rights away.

    Don’t you think Sri Lanka behaves like some sort of infamous country, even though we majority are orthodox buddhists and the govt leaders are buddhists, by simply jailing and taking his civic rights away. Because, he is the man lead the ground war to get rid of LTTE. Your families and relatives in the south live a peaceful life and come in one piece home in the evening thanks to him.

    Don’t you think, you people are not behaving at all like buddhists to out own.

    Just look at the mirror and think what kind of people you are.

  7. herman Says:


    you must be joking “govt leaders are buddhists”, Only less than a handful!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    We have peace thanks to 250,000 serving members of security forces + 26,000 sacrificed heroes + 15,000 disabled heroes = 300,000.

    One person cannot ROB all this credit.

    And this man goes and joins LTTE (TNA)!

    Don’t drag Buddhism into it. VP in his final Mahabooru speech dragged Buddhism but nothing changed.

    Do yourself a favour. Go to Youtube. Type Kalavedda. Click the clip with SF. Watch and LEARN. This is no doctored clip. It is a real life footage made with SF’s consent. That will hint you who this Gonseka really is. He is calling this person who helped him by all these names.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Gonseka is still better than Run-NIL.

    No argument.

    But why try to compare with someone Gonseka can never be?

    Always political Gonseka chooses the WRONG side like Anura Banadaranayaka. FINALLY when he chose the RIGHT side, he died.

    Gonseka lost the war from 1983 to 2006. 23 years of DEFEAT. Finally for 3 years AFTER his retirement age had passed, he won UNDER GR. And then he stuffed up by joining LTTE (TNA)!

    Change his first name Sarath to Sambanthan. General Sambanthan Gonseka.

  10. Sirih Says:

    Agree, He is a Officer but not a Gentleman…. It says all.

  11. aloy Says:

    Winning the tiger war is one thing and economic war to rid the poverty of the country is another. There was a news item in the papers yesterday that a 6 year old boy living in a small hut died when a rogue elephant attacked a village in SL. The family lived in it ate kankun curry and rice that night. Thanks JRJ’s Mahaweli they at least had rice. How many more SL families are eating kankun curry when the robber barons plunder and our ports are choker blocked with imported cars.

  12. AnuD Says:

    [ Agree, He is a Officer but not a Gentleman…. It says all.]


    You need to check the definition of a Soldier. We have the British system in Sri Lanka.

    Do you know how Queen address forces: Air force Officers as Gentlemen. Others as sailors and soldiers. I am pretty sure that I am correct in that. Besides, so called Gentlemen in the country where the word gentleman originated, people are not truely gentlemen. That is why we use the word “Mahathmaya”. That has a hugh meaning.


    you must be joking “govt leaders are buddhists”, Only less than a handful!

    So, how can we expect anything good from them ?

  13. AnuD Says:


    [We have peace thanks to 250,000 serving members of security forces + 26,000 sacrificed heroes + 15,000 disabled heroes = 300,000.

    One person cannot ROB all this credit.]

    GOVT can recruit soldiers in millions. Yet, without a good Commander who is a Leader, govt can not do that.

    [And this man goes and joins LTTE (TNA)! ]

    This is a lie. At the presidential election TNA negotiated with both Mahinda Rajapakse and SF. UPFA did not say what SF promised TNA except saying that SF is ganging with TNA. On the other hand, Mahinda Rajapakse had promised THREE MINISTERIAL POSTS. THAT WAX IN THE NEWS PAPERS.

    TNA supported SF because, even now some Tamils like to help SF and their excuse is our “enemy’s enemy is our friend”.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    SF was NOT commanding army alone!

    He was working UNDER GR!
    GR was the REAL commander.


    Have you forgotten the structure?

    Army is JUST one branch.

    How about the
    Air Force
    CDF, etc.

    TNA discussed with BOTH parties but ONLY Gonseka AGREED to TNA racist demands!!

    Tamils were no fools to vote for the REAL COMMANDER!!

  15. Dham Says:

    No one discussed the final conclusion of vulgar professor ( my best writer nevertheless , I enjoy his vugar).

    “Let the man go Free and give him enough rope to hang himself!”

    Lets discuss it.
    I agree with this. This discribes all.

  16. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Before launching the final offensive to rescue innocent Tamil speaking Sri Lankans in Mullivaykal in 2009, Mahinda declared amnesty period to LTTE. However the LTTE believed that Western countries would be able to pressurize Mahinda at anytime and rescue in respectable manner. When it comes to the final battle in Karaiyam Mullivaykal it was a point of no return and Mahinda was too good to be contend by pressure politics.

    The amnesty period was already expired and thousands of children who were forcibly recruited by LTTE and Sri Lankan soldiers have lost their precious lives in Mullivaykal. What was the price of the lives of LTTE at the eleventh hour?

    The dream of “Tamil EELAM” was too was buried with the wipe out of LTTE including its leader. All Sri Lankans had already paid the price of releasing JVP leader Patabendi Don Nandasiri Wijeweera (aka Rohana) by then UNP government. Only those political idiots without any political wisdom will shed crocodile tears for annihilation of LTTE!

    Gonseka was not even in Sri Lanka when Mahinda declared war against LTTE as well as when Government troops sealed victory in Mullivaykal. Still Gonseka wanted to take all the credit of the War. The ailing UNP and JVP exploited this petty character to get away with nominating their candidate in the last presidential election.

    They tried their best to sell this character to the nation as a true patriot and war hero. Now their bogus patriotic bubble has burst. It’s the same UNP government under Ran-NIL Wickramasinghe that betrayed intelligent wing of Sri Lanka army in infamous “Millennium Betrayal”. The same shameless traitors are now using Gonseka in post war period. Ran-NIL and his gang has no love for their mother land, they only greed for power so that they can loot national resources for the benefit of comprador business mafia.

    Weeks after USA green card buzz, Gonseka officially submitted his resignation letter. But this traitor had already exposed another copy of the same letter that itself claimed to be “Confidential” to his allied media. Later it was further revealed that Gonseka had played double game by altering the resignation letter that his close political partners drafted together.

    Gonseka had betrayed entire armed forces and his motherland by telling to the media that Defence Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Major General Shavendra Silva, collectively responsible for wiping out LTTE.

    Gonseka is real liar who has lost credibility. Gonseka who exposed his confidential resignation letter to the media showed us Gonseka’s inferior mentality.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    I said it first.

    But I never used the word “hang”.

    Once someone said “I will hang him” and we landed in some trouble. So not again.

    I like the “tortoise on a stick” game.

    UP the ante so high that when Gonseka falls (after he opens his mouth to call Kalavedda), his ass will crush his fellow asses on ground.

    Lorenzo Says:
    May 23rd, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    SF is useful. You will see how!

    Instead of blaming SF, we should give him enough rope to play the “tie wearing game” or the “tortoise on a stick” game. :))

  18. Dham Says:

    You said first. But “Let the man go Free and give him enough rope to hang himself!” is better.
    He will be another distraction for a proper opposition contrary to “good opposition”.

    But my worry is will colloborate further with US. He is the real Kalawedda who will do anything for money and women as long as the stick remains upright.

  19. Dham Says:

    VP reborn with less brain and more greed.

  20. AnuD Says:

    Those days, the best army Commander in the world, see how people can fall out of grace simply because did not kneel in front of those who have the power.

    Does anyone talk about how former CJ Sarath Silva, who helped in the Tsunami – fund scandle, was treated when he wanted to come to politics. What is the difference between what SF did and what happened to former CJ ?

    Only thing is govt is spending poor people money for propaganda and there are so many to write and support any injustice.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    Again you are going back to the US political prisoner BS.

    SF was NOT punished enough for his crimes.

    May be he needs to be punished in a way ACCEPTABLE to the international community.

  22. Dham Says:

    “best army commander in the world” tiltles given by stupid politicians.
    “kalavedda” is also a tiltle give by even more stupid politician.

    War over. Preseident knew that this traitor’s traitoring action plan will be launched soon. Gave him honourable ways of exit. Not only him Karannagoda ( who lead a navy with so much inovation to figt sea tigers) too was given honourable civilian jobs. This is not kneeling down. This is the way to live in the society till contributing but less chances of stealing money from poor farmers, workers, professionals, teachers and all.
    Why so much greed ? Why can’t he keep on earning normal salary without commisions from arms, equipment ?

  23. Dham Says:

    Simple. You should answer Lorenzo’s question now, having claimed he lied.

    “TNA discussed with BOTH parties but ONLY Gonseka AGREED to TNA racist demands!!”

    what is your response. Don’t avoid answering.

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