Posted on September 18th, 2012

by Walter Jayawardhana

The Provincial Council election results scream for the unity of the opposition political parties of the country to deliver the nation from rulers rotten with corruption as an absolute necessacity said former army commander Sarath Fonseka addressing a meeting in Kurunegala.

Addressing a group of intellectuals in the North Western city Fonseka said the polity of the country during the last 50 years did not do good to the country except in 2010 elections when all opposition parties were united under one banner and that was a reason that he was attracted to seek political office in the country.

|He said the provincial council elections definitely show the opposition political parties should compulsorily unite to pull out the country from the depths of rotting corruption the rulers have pushed the nation into.

Addressing a different meeting at Bandaragama the former army commander said today sons of corrupt politicians assault high army offficials and police fail to arrest them for weeks during which time they appear on TV taking part in public functions where police in thousands take part. Fonseka reminded when he was the army commander not high officials of the army even ordinary soldiers of the army were not touched by the rowdy  sons of corrupt ministers. In those circumstances not only the sons but even the corrupt dads would have been behind bars.

He reminded Hirunika Premachandra, a lady in the opposite side but crying for the great injustice done to her father by drug king pins ,  that she would not have been in this plight if not for corrupt rulers of the country


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Lets look at hard facts and figures and learn.


    Lack of maths knowledge of Fonseka.

    Add all the INDIVIDUAL votes of ALL opposition parties at the recent election. UNP, JVP, TNA, etc, etc, etc. (about 20 of them). SLMC is part of the government not opposition.

    LESS THAN 43%!!!

    If does NOT change anything. They still LOSE!! Together!!

    It is even HIGHER than 40% Fonseka won with ALL THE OPPOSITION PARTIES COMBINED in 2010 which he highlights as a good thing!!

    43% 40%

    Factually speaking, how foolish!

    Better to have A BETTER LEADER in the UNP.

    Not only Hirunika, Sonali Wickramatunga is also suffering. Where are the murderers? General Nanda Mallawarachchi’s wife also suffered when her HERO husband was ILLEGALLY given a punishment under hateful and wrong allegations by “someone”. Who might that be? I wonder. And whose time did that happen?

    Who assaulted Gen Menthaka Samarasinghe’s relative other than Danuna Tilakaratna?

    Selective amnesia?

    At least Malaka and the gang of thugs are in custody. VERY GOOD. Now they have Bronchitis and want a transfer to a hospital!

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DANUNA was also engaged in an act of corruption through his F-in-Law SF. So is this a request to ” set a thief, to catch a thief ” ? If one has been complicit in an act of corruption, then talking of trying to eradicate corruption is, malicious intent, to fool the masses. LET NOT THE PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA BUY THAT GUNDU.

    It is true that corruption is rampant. People are grinding their teeth and bearing it. Frustration is subdued with Fear Phycosis. Silent hatred is building. HUMPTEYS AND DUMPTEYS WILL HAVE A GREAT FALL. At some stage, a wayward wind will blow so hard, that the CORRUPT ELEMENTS will not know what hit them. The Law of Karma will take over.

    Not all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men, will ever, put them together again.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Appointing Majeed from UPFA as the chief minister of the East is a very wise decision. I was clamouring for this for some time.

    Muslims, not Tamils, are the majority in the east and a Muslim must be the chief minister. This is another death certificate for Tamil Elam. We predicted the separation of the eastern province even before the court verdict as it was a straight forward legal case. We also predicted why the East was more important to LTTE than the north when LTTE proxies downplayed it calling the east a jungle.

    It must be noted SJV Chelvanayagam (a Malaysian born Tamil leader who invented ITAK politics) promised India complete control of Trincomlaee if India allowed Tamil Elam. Now they are out of power and in no position to entertain such a plan.

    This is the reason why TNA leaders meekly approached the President yesterday and pleaded for change and offered co-operation after the new chief minister was announced. TNA has been already tamed, at least in the east. Tamil people must learn a lesson; drop racist political parties or down with them. They cannot give Tamils anything, let alone a chief minister.

  4. dhane Says:

    Nobody care about SARATH FONSEKA these days. Therefore once in a way he has to open his guilty mouth for media to boost SF image. This will go on.
    As lorenzo says SF may know something about Lasantha, General Nanda Mallawarachchi, Gen Menthaka Samarasinghe and many other dealings during his period in Army.
    So lets talk about those other than politics.

  5. Sunil Vijayapala Says:

    Dilrook – Although I don’t believe in these PCs, especially the Western Province, Eastern Province council is an ideal setting to test a rotation of Chief Minister among Muslim, Tamil and Sinhala communities – say 1 year term for each. This would be similar to system in Switzerland. We should try out new methods instead of sticking to stupid British crap we inherited and fostered by people such a the Old Fool JR, the root cause of most current problems in SL. This President is silent on corruption as he will lose his support base if he goes after them. Catch 22.

  6. lingamAndy Says:

    Majeed from UPFA as the chief minister of the East is a very wise decision. – Fully agrred !
    another MR’s excellent decision for United Sri Lanka !

    Unit in diversity , NO short cut !!!

    Sunil Vijayapala
    We should try out new methods – Agrred
    We should baned Westminister parliment system .
    9 provision council system (eg Head of state should selected from one of these Chief Minister) is the best solution forever !

  7. Vis8 Says:

    Looks like thick-headed Fonseka finally realized that he can’t stand up to the Rajapaksas.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    “Nobody care about SARATH FONSEKA these days.”


    His popularity bubble burst after leaving prison/hospital.

    Now he has been kicked out of TNA, UNP, JVP and even DNA! Until 2019 he cannot do ACTIVE politics, no elections.

    JVP losers gave into DNA and Arjuna, Tiran busted the JVP. Now the JVP has also sunk to the bottom with SF. Even TNA did well without SF.

    “Divided they stand, united they fall”!!

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Dilrook, Sunil,

    There is no point playing with different jokers. 13 amendment MUST BE SCRAPPED FULLSTOP.

    Provinces are a COLONIAL British concept. It does NOT suit us.

    If more and more people benefit from 13 amendment, it becomes difficult to SCRAP it.

    Will the EPC pass a non binding resolution condemning that dirty film against Islam? If they do, that will affect SL-US relations and now SL-France relations too!!

    If EPC gets down “CONSULTANTS” from Wahabi Saudi for a “housing project”, what can we do? Nothing.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    There are better ways to punish TNA leaders without sinking deeper in racism.

  11. Dilrook Says:

    Sunil and others:

    I too dislike 13A and PCs. My point is damage should be minimised until it is revoked.

    What Sunil says was actually proposed in July 2008 to rotate Chief Ministers in the East every one and a half years. But it never actually happened.

    If not for PCs, $1.3 billion would be saved to the nation. This excludes corruption, election related costs and wastage.

    In other words, every Sri Lanka needlessly pays $62 a year for PCs. A family of 4 pays $250 a year. For 18 years they would have paid (with interest in current terms) $4,500 enough to start a business or get a very good private education at tertiery level for every young adult. What a national crime this is.

  12. lingamAndy Says:

    “Divided they stand, united they fall”!!- King Lorenzo fully agreed
    Yes, We Tamil speaking Lankan should unit to acheive our lasting solution (:-) !!!
    Naalai pirakkum Thamil EElam !!!

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