Application of science, imagination and thinking in the right direction.
Posted on October 24th, 2012

Dr Hector Perera   London

Imagination is very important to make something, invent something or to improve what is already there. I was just wondering, is there any relation between meditation and imagination, sorry I may be wrong. When an apple fell on his head what did the little boy did, he thought why it fell down then only he went to discover gravity. Did Galileo fly all the way up to prove that the sun is the centre of universe? Did Archimedes break the Golden crown to find whether it was a mixture of metals or just pure Gold only? He discovered up thrust when he sat in the bath fully naked, then ran naked all the way to the palace still naked to prove the king about his discovery. This is again thinking in the right direction.

 War and Peace Invention

Haber, a German scientist, a Nobel Prize winner found how to make ammonia that lead to make gunpowder and fertiliser. He used only a meter long metal pipe not an expensive instrument. First he sold the idea to a chemical company may be for £100,000 in 1938 then he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery. Who would have thought a piece of metal pipe would have earned him a Nobel Prize?

 His discovery leads to war as well as peace. He discovered ammonia then made fertilizers to grow food then ammonium and potassium nitrate were made out of ammonia to make gunpowder, so his discovery was for war and peace. All he did was to adjust the temperature and pressure then passed hydrogen and nitrogen over a catalyst inside a metal pipe. This is again, thinking in the right direction.

 Today, the kids are more advanced in knowledge

Today the kids are more science oriented, technologically advanced than 20 or 30 years ago. Just a matter of few years ago the kids of that age, never had these IPODS, IPad 2, MP3, MP4, mobile phones, blue toot, camera phones, digital camera, 3D TV,  DVD and number of advanced games what the present day children have. TV came to Sri Lanka just a few years ago, now how many TV channels are there, may be about 150 or more. The present day children must be addressed in a scientific manner because the time has changed, so it’s time to talk more scientifically.

 Some British TV cooking demonstrations

I noticed some British TV chefs in some cooking programmes just add spices, ingredients without any explanations or quantitative ideas then turn the gas to full blast and cook carelessly. Quite often their open cooking pans catch fire as well. They never gave any scientific reasoning for any of their work, they just cut, mix and toss the food quickly and say, “Cooked”. Sometimes when cooked beef is cut, inside is still red meat, to me it’s virtually raw meat. To me this kind of cooking is totally unacceptable. Entertaining the audience with higher fires but destroys the flavour of food; often the food smells deposit on them while cooking. I feel sorry for some TV presenters smartly dressed up and stand very close to cooking and talk about cooking. I am sure without their knowledge some food smell deposit on them all over the face, hair, and make ups then on clothes. Who would agree that kind of cooking are proper cooking demonstrations to be learned by the general public and by the children?

 No harm to lean basic cooking

You have to teach the babies how to count 1,2,3, add 1,2,3 and take away 2 from 3 etc but not double maths and Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry to begin with! Similarly the kids need to know some basic cooking to begin with, with some scientific reasoning then they can do the rest. I think there is no harm to know some basic cooking than depending on takeaway junks that lead to long term health problems and other related problems such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

I heard even the Education Minister in England is now keen on teaching basic cooking in schools. I have seen so many cooking programmes in the TV for kids as small as ten and eleven. Some are just baking lessons, baking cakes, pastries and cakes. Would you agree too much sugar and fats are good even for the children? No wonder some school children in England suffer from early signs of type 2 diabetics. When I say cooking, they need to use fire at some stage but in my opinion, they must be at secondary school level to handle and learn fire safely, not these ten or eleven years old children.

When these children grew up some of them might get University education in places far from their parent’s home. Then they have to eat campus canteen food or cook at their accommodations. If they have no idea how to cook other than boiling an egg then they might depend on takeaway foods, pre-packed, ready to eat food or frozen foods or canned food and soups. There are too many reasons why these ready to eat; takeaway foods are not healthy and expensive as well. A few more reasons are they are loaded up with too much sugar, salt, saturated fats and oils, additives, colourings and food preservatives. Unlike in hot weather countries, one cannot go always to takeaways or supermarkets for food. If these University students learn some cooking, that would help in many ways.

 Save gas, money and waiting time in kitchen

My method is unique, energy saving, save gas and electricity, very scientific and very easy to learn. I am sure the kids and adults would love to cook using my scientific technique. I will definitely show how to cook and save money, energy and even show how to cut down waiting time in the kitchen. In addition, I will show how to cut down or avoid altogether any food smell depositing on them while cooking. Please tell me which University student would like to wear these food smells on them and attend lecturers?

 Would they give out the secrets?

I have watched so many famous footballers, cricketers, golf players or even tennis players in the TV but I cannot remember that they ever explained how they achieved them. How did they kicked the ball into the goal or golfers put the ball into the hole? That means they have own techniques, top secrets? Here I am prepared to come to any live TV and explain my scientific energy saving cooking techniques.

 Imagine if millions and millions of people save gas every single day that will be a considerable saving on gas and then reduce the energy bills, use that money for something else like eating. I do not blame the gas and electricity suppliers because the price increase may be beyond their control, may be due to world market price increase. They are on business and it is our business to use the energy efficiently than burn the hard earned money in careless cooking. Every person needs to eat some cooked food at home or from takeaways, just cannot depend all the time on eating raw vegetables for healthy reasons.

 My thanks to ITN television in Sri Lanka

Thanks to ITN television in Sri Lanka, I managed to demonstrate it on TV, gave long live interviews in English and in Sinhalese, I am sure millions have witnessed the technique of scientific cooking and energy saving. The cooking demonstrations was done to a programme called, “Wenesa” and an interviewer, Mr Kapila questioned me while cooking. I used gas that brings the system into thermodynamic equilibrium. I mentioned that I applied the knowledge of science I learned for cooking and energy saving. There are many scientific terms and theories that apply in cooking but they cannot be explained unless there was an opportunity like that in actual cooking. Who would try to learn swimming in a bath tub?

 The Sustainable Energy Authority at BMICH office in Colombo uses my technique to educate the public in their energy awareness programmes.

 Thanks to TNL TV or Young Asia Television

I had an interview with TNL service and talked about energy saving cooking. It was broadcasted on 10th November 2011 around 7.30 pm. Again my aim was to help the people save energy, the fossil fuel gas which runs out quite soon.

 Energy Prices are up again

Now even The Rt Hon Prime Minister in England is worriedly talking in The House of Commons about the price increase in energy prices in whole of Britain. I think there is an increase of 9% of energy prices. Energy is required for eating and heating.

 My challenge is still open to any scientist, environmentalist or to an energy saving expert to come forward and prove me wrong, I need them to prove me that my scientific technique does not save energy then I will pay Rs 1,000,000, one million or £5000.  My work is simple, practical and applicable. How did I do that, application of science, imagination and thinking in the right direction? Any comments welcome [email protected]

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